The Benefits of Virgin Media - A Comparison with SKY

In the UK there is one clear winner when it comes to providing a television viewing service. This has to be Virgin Media. Although SKY has been around for quite a while; the service they offer has been improved upon by Virgin Media. Virgin Media have been on the market for just a couple of years, after taking over from Telewest who failed miserably in good service and also found themselves in a gigantic heap of debt. Since joining the market Virgin Media have invested much time and money into improving the service and in basically being better than SKY. So by saying Virgin is better than SKY you might be wondering if this is controversial or even a bias point of view? Perhaps it is, because I have been with Virgin since they took over - but lets look at the positive benefits and reasons for buying Virgin Media television packages, broadband, a telephone services - and why it is a better buy than SKY.

The Benefits of Virgin Media in comparison with SKY.

  • Virgin are a breath of fresh air in providing services that are continously improving andseem to be getting better and better all the time.
  • Innovative and great new features and designs.
  • More competitve with prices. They have forced SKY to look at some of their packages and drop their prices to compete.
  • On Demand TV is a Virgin Media feature that allows you to watch missed TV any time you like.
  • Virgin plus box does all the important stuff that Sky plus does.
  • Virgin Broadband is a faster better internet and they are more experienced in this field.
  • No Dish on the side of your house. Just cables underground.
  • No consistent loss of signals that are experienced with SKY. The weather does not play as a big a role in the quality of your programming.
  • The Virgin Media Box is far better looking than the SKY box - Obviously this comes down to personal opinion but check them out for yourself.
  • When your box brakes down who wants to have to pay out for repairs?! Nobody! Virgin offer free repair services, that SKY do not.
  • Bigger packages at better prices.
  • Fresh and New. New ideas, new services, new packages....
  • Improving the service at a faster pace than SKY.

When the world cup comes what would you rather have in your home? A reliable service that is much more weather proof - or a service that depends highly on the weather. Where do you want your flag to hang.......because it will not be easy fitting it in with a dish on the side of your house. What would you rather pay? Less for more? or More for Less? .........................

Virgin offer more for your money?

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