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Best Mixtape Sites

Top Mixtape Sites Online

This just a little research that I did on the best Hip hop mixtape sites that are online. This will help you upload your mixtapes quicker to these great free websites. By understand theses sites for the information I have provided, you will have a foothold in promoting your Hip hop mixtape online.

It must be easy to know by now that The Best Mixtape site online is that of Datpiff. With one of the most attractive website designs on the net this site has risen to the top of Online Mixtapes. Its ease of use makes it absolutely basic to navigate and upload you mixtapes here.

Its easy to sign up and create a free account and place your mixtape online to distribute to your fans. This Mixtape Sites gives you a datpiff player that makes it easy to embed your player code on your own website to boost your plays and downloads. Its the social hub where rap artist's and singers and dj's can create Free Online Mixtapes to display to fans. The home page its so clean looking and the white backround makes it clear for lots of mixtapes to be shown. The popularity of the mixtape market with current industry rap artist's makes it easy to benefit from the traffic generated by the popular mixtapes being released.

You can upload video's which are displayed daily, these will increase your online presence and marketing of your new music and mixtape by getting more exposure online. Datpiff offers it own service of sponcered mixtapes which is $50 but it will give your mixtape more plays and more downloads. The sponcered mixtape service also allows people who are not signed in to datpiff and don't have an account to download your mixtape, unsponcered mixtapes don't have this feature as many people don't like signing up to site so if your serious about your online mixtape campagin I'd strongly sugest you get this feature.

Datpiff has over 450,000 members and a highly active daily visitor count. Its all kitted out with all the social network button's in order for your mixtape to get the best exposure. It has affiliate partner new's from top site like vladtv, and which is great to see your daily hip hop news. This mixtape site offers the front page rotation of mixtape promotion but at quotes over $300 you'd want to be serious about your mixtape quality and music before you available of this feature. Datpiff is the best place to start with Promoting Mixtapes online. But if I had to be honest this site is great but has the potential to be so much better from where it is but definitely start promoting mixtapes here. Verdict 9/10

This site doesn't have the volume of traffic as datpiff but the attaractive layout of this website is only going to make this mixtape site one of the most popluar site's in the future. Ease of use for everyone to Upload Mixtapes makes it easy to nativagte and get promotion started on your mixtape. It has a step by step guide for those un-computer savy to help with how to upload their mixtape on the site.

Surprising to me is that because this site is new you can achieve large amounts of downloads here. The lower amount of competition here gives you a more advantage to promote your mixtape online. You can upload video's and gain a more presence online.

Again this site has all the social networking content that you need for quick and easy click promotion and maximize your online prescence and help drive new fans to your music. The top rated and top viewed mixtapes get premium site exposure on the homepage. Get the right music also provides added promotion to the top users.

The home page is very eyecatching nice use of the red, white and black plays of each other very well and this is very attractive feature. It has a nice chart system of new mixtapes upcoming mixtapes and popular current mixtapes. Try every thing you can to get on the this page you'l get great promotion and find a large amount of mixtape downloads.

The top 100 wall has current top popular artist's mixtape which is the reason why traffic comes to the site and help benefit new artist's by plugging themselves to the top from this traffic. Verdict 8/10

This site is up there with datpiff on the traffic count. Within the last 2 years Hotnewhiphop has catapulted it self to the top mixtape sites online. It's layout differs to that of datiff seem to promote current new popular artist's more than the underdog coming up. Very little exposure on the front page for a new artist like datpiff but has large amount of traffic due to popular artist's mixtapes.

Nice layout here the draw back of the white backround and black and orange color's mixed in gives it's a sleek look for the visitors to look at. You can upload a playlist here of your own tracks and make a mixtape from it. You can upload indavidual tracks which datpiff doesn't have if you wanted to release indavidual tracks rather than just an upload mixtapes.

This mixtape site also comes with similar feature of social content buttons and vidoes upload's which capture more audience attention while promoting mixtapes online. Hotnewhiphop offers cpc promotion but this can be very expensive make sure you music is hot and well presented with artistically and visually or you get barage of hate from people and waste your time and money in the process. This promotion can be highly effective you got a soild product.

The news feature gives your the current happenings of the Hi Hop world and entertainment industry. Its good to come here particapate in the comments with relevent information and people may come to your page to check out your profile. I think Hotnewhiphop is great site and has a nice layout but if they want to be the top mixtape site on the internet I think it would be wise for them to offer more exposure for up and coming rap artist's like datpiff dose. Verdict 7.5/10

Along with datpiff and hotnewhiphop Livemixtapes has defined itself with it's own independent online mixtape site presence. It is a completely free website used to quickly stream and download DJ mixtapes in the Rap / Hip-Hop / R&B music industry. Users are able to search for any track in the database. You can also create custom playlists or just listen out to the newest releases. Easy to use and updated daily this site is a great alternative to paying for mixtape downloads. Just stream and download them for free instead!

But unlike the later you need to have large fan base and web presence to get a mixtape online on livemixtapes.The best way for you to get a mixtape on here is to find a qualified DJ online twitter or linkdin and hit them to host your mixtape and upload it for you. If you're just a regular street rapper the chances of you getting mixtape up here are slim so don't even waste your time.

This site is really only for premium current artist's or artist's that are backed by and indie label so if your signed to a indie label get at your provider to hook you up here and reek the benefits of the exposure that you can avail here. The sites layout it great with the whiet back round and sleek blue makes it and an attractive website visualy too the listener eye. Disapointing that its not easily open to every up and coming artist but if you can achieve some industry backing you get top downloads and exposure here. Verdict 7/10

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RapGeek 4 years ago

Don't forget as well. There is less competition there and is geared toward the underdog.

univox 2 years ago

Best for PROMO you also escape the crowd

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