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Naruto is probably the most talked-about anime of our generation. The story revolves on a young ninja who pursues his dream to become a Hokage, the leader of their village. However, the road won't be easy especially with an evil beast trapped inside him. Probably the best thing about this anime series is that it also focuses on friendship. Aside from stunning fight scenes, you'll often see situations where the meaning of essential virtues in life such as trust, loyalty, bravery, unity, peace, love, and friendship are portrayed. This made Naruto perfect even for kids. Nevertheless, never leave your kids alone while watching this anime series because some of its fight scenes are moderately violent. Nevertheless, Naruto is surely worth watching. I'm not really good in coloring manga but I'm trying to learn. This hub will host naruto wallpapers that I will personally make. I know they are plainly colored manga pages but I'll do my best to bring out the beauty out of them through colors.

Control the Beast Within

This Naruto wallpaper illustrates the scene where Naruto finally controlled the Kyubbi. This form makes him faster and stronger. The most interesting fact about Naruto's Kyubbi form is that even his clones also carry the same power.

Gold and Silver Brothers

The Gold and Silver Brothers are heinous assassins from the Mist Village.They are now resurrected to help Madara defeat the Ninja Alliance and be everyone's ruler. This Naruto Shippuden Wallpaper HD focuses on the brother's ability to control rare weapons as they have enough chakra provided by the Nine Tails.

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