The Call movie review

Are you in the movie for suspense? Do you want to have a movie night at home with; your guy, friends or even your suspense? If you do then try renting The Call.

The Call stars; Halley Berry, Abigail Breslin, Evie Thompson, Morris Chestnut and Michael Eklund.

911 Operator Jordan (Berry) receives a frightening phone call from a young girl Leah (Thompson) that someone is breaking into her house. The criminal is halfway gone when Jordon makes a mistake of calling the girl back. The criminal hears the phone ring and goes back into the house. He ends up attacking the girl.

It is months later and Casey (Breslin) is in a mall parking garage ready to leave. A car backs up almost hits her and the driver (Eklund) gets out. He apologizes and then abducts Casey. Casey has her friend's disposable phone and calls 911. Jordon answers and talks to Casey.

Will Jordon save this girl's life? What will happen. Find out by watching The Call. It Is not available on Redbox and demand. It is full of suspense and drama. It is a must see movie, so check it out.

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