The Conjuring Soundtrack by Joseph Bishara

The Conjuring Movie Soundtrack

The score for The Conjuring was composed by film composer and music producer Joseph Bishara. Bishara has made a career creating music for horror films. His latest masterpiece was the score for Insidious, a horror film which was also directed by James Wan, the same director for The Conjuring. His other works include scores for Dark Skies, 11-11-11, Night of the Demons, Doggie Heaven, Autopsy, Unearthed, The Gravedancers, Power Play, The Convent, Jospeh's Gift and Boogeymen II: Masters of Horror. He is also writing the music for the upcoming sequel to Insidious which is scheduled to hit theaters in the United States on September 13, 2013. The sequel will star Patrick Wilson, Ty Simpkins, Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey, Michael Beach, Lin Shaye, Danielle Bisutti and Leigh Whannell.


About The Movie

The Conjuring is a supernatural horror thriller loosely based on Ed and Lorraine Warren, two paranormal investigators who come to the assistance of a rural family in Rhode Island who suspect that they aren't alone in their farmstead. What they expected as just another ghost hunting job, the Warrens soon realize that they are up against something bigger and more evil that they imagined it will be. The film was written by Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes. It's directed by James Wan (Saw, Dead Silence, Death Sentence, Insidious, Insidious: Chapter 2, Fast & Furious 7).

The Conjuring stars Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Lili Taylor, Ron Livingston, Mackenzie Foy, Shannon Kook, Joey King, Hayley McFarland, Shanley Caswell and John Brotherton.

Other Films Scored by Joseph Bishara

1. Insidious - This psychological horror film which starred Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne revolves around a couple who's young son mysteriously goes into comatose and then becomes a vessel for ghosts in an astral dimension. The movie won Best Horror Film at the 2011 Fright Meter Awards.

2. Scott Stewart directed this science fiction thriller from a screenplay that he also wrote. The film starred Josh Hamilton, Keri Russel, Dakota Goyo, J.K. Simmons, Kadan Rockett, L.J. Benet, Rich Hutchman, Annie Thurman, Myndy Crist and Jack Washburn.

Soundtrack Listing

1. The Conjuring (1:01)
2. Dead Birds (0:35)
3. Clap Game (5:23)
4. Witch Perch (2:32)
5. Maurice (0:59)
6. Touring Haunted Planes (1:37)
7. Taped Occurrences (2:00)
8. Black Bile (1:04)
9. She Saw Something (1:10)
10. Look What She Made Me Do (0:35)
11. Sleepwalker (1:34)
12. Wall Searching (0:28)
13. Hanging Drop (2:14)
14. Water Corpse Vision (1:44)
15. You Look Very Pretty (1:49)
16. Souls Pulled In (1:43)
17. Witch Comes Through (1:29)
18. Birds Pulled In (1:15)
19. Murderous Offering (0:58)
20. The Soaring Entities (3:15)
21. Ritual Casting (3:25)
22. Cellar Tone (0:59)
23. Annabelle (3:32)
24. Doll Box (0:48)
25. Family Theme – Mark Isham (4:35)

The Conjuring Official United Kingdom Trailer

The Conjuring Poster One

The Conjuring Poster Two

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