The Daily Movie Quote: Shane

Alan Ladd as Shane
Alan Ladd as Shane

"Shane. Shane. Come back!" - Joey, Shane (1953)

Paramount Pictures, Certified Approved, 118 minutes

Directed By: George Stevens


Alan Ladd - Shane

Jean Arthur - Marian Starrett

Van Heflin - Joe Starrett

Brandon De Wild - Joey Starrett

Jack Palance - Jack Wilson

Domestic Box Office Gross: $20,000,000

Synopsis: An ex-gunslinger, Shane, longs for a simpler life as a ranch hand only to be drawn into a conflict with Ryker, who's hell bent on acquiring the Starrett land. When hired guns are brought in Shane must confront them or step aside.

Fact: Today's quote is ranked as #47th best movie quote all time by the American Film Institute(AFI) and #69 by Premiere magazine. The film is ranked #45 all time and #3 western by AFI.

Trivia: Shane is the only Alan Ladd film to play at Radio City Music Hall.

Movie Mistake: Shane gets a drink on him that instills a bar room brawl. The subsequent shots alternate from Shanes shirt being wet and dry.

My Take: I don't get it. I love westerns and sure Shane is alright, but the #3 all time western? I don't think so. Plus Brandon De Wild is so annoying and whiny that your ears start to bleed when he hollers the final line in the film. I think that's the biggest problem for me, with Shane, is Joey Starrett, you just want to tell him to 'shut up!'

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JBeadle profile image

JBeadle 6 years ago from Midwest

I loved the book and the movie was a good representation of the book as I recall... but I still prefer the book more. Nice review.

Skaditch profile image

Skaditch 6 years ago from Los Angeles Author

Thanks JBeadle! I'm going to have to check the book out and see if I can catch what I missed.

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