The Daily Movie Quote: Singles

The Cast of Singles
The Cast of Singles

" Desperation - it's the world's worst cologne." - Debbie Hunt, Singles (1992)

Warner Brothers, rated PG-13, 99 minutes.

Directed By: Cameron Crowe


Bridget Fonda - Janet Livermore

Campbell Scott - Steve Dunne

Kyra Sedgwick - Linda Powell

Matt Dillon - Cliff Poncier

Bill Pullman - Dr. Jeffrey Jamison

Domestic Box Office Gross: $18,471,850

Synopsis: In the 'Grunge-era" Seattle a group of twenty somethings try figure out relationships and love.

Fact: The film is riddled with cameos that include the director himself as well as Eddie Vedder, Tim Burton, Eric Stoltz, Chris Cornell and Paul Giamatti.

Trivia: Alice in Chains is the band playing in the bar.

Movie Mistake: The 'Expect the Best' clerk calls Debbie her name before she reveals it to him.

My Take: It's a fun movie that just reminds everyone that meeting that special someone is a ton of work. I will say that, because of this movie, I will bless anyone who sneezes. Call it hedging my bets!

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Andy Webb profile image

Andy Webb 6 years ago

I've only seen this once, a couple of years after it came out but remember enjoying it, even more than I enjoyed Crowe's previous movie "Say Anything..." which is pretty darn good. In a way it's a shame that Cameron Crowe edged towards mainstream as his earlier movies real spoke to a generation, much more than his later ones.

Skaditch profile image

Skaditch 6 years ago from Los Angeles Author

I still think Almost Famous is one of my favorites.

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