The Daily Movie Quote: The Sound of Music

Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music
Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music

"When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window." - Maria, The Sound of Music (1965)

Twentieth Century Fox, Rated G, 174 minutes.

Directed By: Robert Wise


Julie Andrews - Maria

Christopher Plummer - Captain von Trapp

Charmain Carr - Liesl

Heather Menzies - Louisa

Nicholas Hammond - Friedrich

Duane Chase - Kurt

Angela Cartwright - Brigitta

Debbie Turner - Marta

Kym Karath - Gretl

Domestic Box Office Gross: $163,214,286

Synopsis: After a failed stint as a nun, Maria signs up to be a governess to seven mischievous children, who's father, Captain von Trapp, runs their home like a military base. Maria eventually wins the children and the father over only to face the family crises, join the German military or flee into the Austrian mountains.

Fact: The Sound of Music is based on a true story and the real Maria von Trapp makes a cameo as Austrian peasant during "I Have Confidence".

Trivia: Maria never uses the Captains name in the film, which is George. She calls him Captain, darling and sir.

Movie Mistake: Salzburg is on the German/Austria border not Swiss as portrayed in the film. In reality the von Trapps took a hiking vacation, 100km, to the Italian border and crossed freely. The border was shut down the following day.

My Take: I'm a sucker for musicals and this, along with The King and I, were my favorites as a child until Grease came along. I would encourage parents to screen this for their children so that they can see real life musicals as well as the standard Disney/Pixar animated ones. I also love the inspiration that comes from the film, as well as the quotes, today's quote is one of my favourites and I try, though not always successfully, to remember it.

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