The Day John Gotti Got Beat!

When John Gotti was convicted in June of 1992 and sentenced to multiple life terms in prison for an assortment of criminal mayhem and nefarious deeds, the government didn't waste any time in shipping John out to one of the most punitive and restrictive federal prisons in the United States - Marion Federal Penitentiary in Marion, Illinois. Classified as a "super-max" facility designed to house the most dangerous and incorrigible of offenders, Marion was the place for the worst of the worst. And for a guy like John Gotti, who was the boss of one of the largest and most powerful organized crime families in America - the Gambinos - Marion seemed like the perfect place befitting a guy of Gotti's stature in the criminal underworld.

Confined to his tiny eight-by-ten jail cell an average of twenty-three hours per day, and with nothing more than a small thirteen-inch black and white television set and a thin mattress atop a concrete slab of a bed to count as luxuries, Gotti was a world away from the personal luxuries and privileges he had enjoyed as Godfather. But Gotti was still the Boss! Even under the harsh and restrictive conditions of prison, John was in control of himself and his environment. His notoriety and influence transcended prison walls, his supporters said. Other inmates, from murderers to terrorists to common street thugs, gave Gotti a wide berth as he swaggered through the prison corridors. Offending or assaulting the head of a major organized crime family is never a smart move for those interested in good health and prosperity - whether in prison or out on the street! Who in their right mind would want to mess with Gotti, the "Boss of Bosses" of the Italian Mafia?

The answer to that question turned out to be nobdody! At least not for the first four years of Gotti's incarceration. But on a fateful day in the Summer of 1996, during one of those rare moments of "recreation" outside of his tiny cell, Gotti met a bold and violent inmate who dealt the Gotti mystique a harsh blow, and left him with a bloody lip, a puffy face, and a bruised ego. Walter Johnson, a Philadelphia bank robber and small-time hoodlum, was a violent and incorrigible convict who was sent to Marion due to his propensity for mayhem. Johnson, who was an African American, seemed the kind of guy who acted in the moment and didn't really give much thought to any resulting consequences. If he had a problem with another inmate, whether it be a two-bit hoodlum or a Mafia boss, Johnson would handle it. He didn't give two shakes about a guys reputation, something that John Gotti was soon to find out.

The trouble all started rather innocently enough. Walter Johnson and John Gotti, along with an assortment of other Marion's finest, were enjoying a rare moment of recreation time outside of their jail cells, along an indoor walkway between the cell tiers. John Gotti, proving that his cockiness and overwhelming sense of self-worth had not been dulled by his years of incarceration, walked towards one end of the walkway. Walter Johnson, apparently minding his own business, happened to cross Gotti's path, and in Gotti's estimation, didn't hop out of the way fast enough or show enough respectful distance. "Get outta my way you f****ng n***er, don't you know who I am?" Gotti allegedly bellowed. Johnson of course knew exactly who Gotti was, but he didn't much care. The joint can be a great equalizer, and to Johnson, Gotti was just another lifer in an orange prison jumpsuit. But for the moment, Johnson moved enough for Gotti to pass. And the exchange appeared to be over.

But Johnson didn't forget the insult. The very next day when the inmates were again taking a recreation break, Johnson walked up to Gotti and punched him right in the face. Gotti, taken by surprise, fell to the ground in a heap, with Johnson piling on top of him raining blows. Unable to mount an offense, Gotti was protecting himself with his uplifted hands as the guards dove in and pulled Johnson off of Gotti. Startled inmates stood in awe and neither helped nor joined in. Gotti, who was bleeding from the lip and mouth, was taken to the prison infirmary; Johnson, after being restrained, was put in solitary confinement. After Gotti was patched up, it appeared that the whole incident was over. Fights, after all, happen all the time in prison. That's nothing new. There's winners and losers, and Gotti happened to lose. End of story! But John Gotti had other ideas. He wasn't about to suffer the indignity of a jailhouse beating at the hands of a lowly criminal and go quietly into the night. In Gotti's mind, Walter Johnson had committed an unforgivable sin, and he had to pay!

And John Gotti, being an experienced and street smart gangster, knew that every prison tends to have a hierarchy; a group of prisoners that tends to exert more of an influence and reach over the general population than others. And Gotti found that group at Marion in the Aryan Brotherhood, a violent white supremacist-based prison gang that has a well-earned reputation for violence and brutality. The Aryan Brotherhood was alive and well at Marion. And it didn't take John Gotti long to make contact with one of the ruling members of the gang who was housed in Marion. According to law enforcement intelligence, Gotti offered as much as $100,000 to the gang to murder his attacker, Walter Johnson. Gotti's offer was gleefully accepted, and Johnson now had a large target on his back. He was going to find out that you don't assault a high-profile inmate like John Gotti without suffering dire consequences!

There was only one problem though. Walter Johnson proved to be an elusive target. Prison authorities, apparently aware of the Gotti/Aryan Brotherhood alliance, kept a watchful and protective eye on Johnson. He was routinely moved and alternated to various sections of the prison, and the Aryan Brotherhood could never isolate him to make a fatal strike. And, to make matters worse, Johnson was eventually paroled and released from prison. John Gotti and the Aryan Brotherhood struck out! Gotti would eventually develop head and neck cancer and be transferred to a federal prison hospital, where he would die in June of 2002.

John Gotti
John Gotti

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walt235 8 years ago

What a waste of oxygen is this scumbag was!

NATEDOGG 8 years ago


the cathoilic 8 years ago

u got ur information wrong, gotti paid the AB for protection. after 2 years or so he stoped paying them because he thought he could manage on his own. the AB then paid johnson to do that shit to gotti. once he did, gotti came crawling back and asked for protection agaian and a hit on johnson. that's what happen, get ur facts straight

irish 7 years ago

scumbag,pity he didn't rot in jail 4 rest of his life!

Jay rocc rocc with 2'cc'c 7 years ago

Hell yea, John walter, even if you a high ranking mafia member, You don't show respect, You get checked.

Gotti's a Punk 7 years ago

Gotti got punked like the b!@ch he was.

dumbasses 7 years ago

Haha You "Gotti's a Punk person" first off im related to Gotti and if he was still alive i would like to see u go up to him an tell him that to his face.

reaper 7 years ago

Well it seems Walter thought he was a punk and beat him up so..........

WOOPWOOP 7 years ago

@ dumbasses

yeah right you are releated to john gotti

and i am Walter O. Johnson's co-worker and he just told me

that John Gotti was his best-friend

turdmonger 7 years ago

gotti was a pompous, self-obsessed, dim witted, fool who as Gambino boss, was in way over his head. His arrogance was the ruination of the Gambino crime family. Paul Castellano should have whacked this cockroach after it was discovered his crew was dealing heroin.

john g 7 years ago

gotti some tough guy ha! single handedly destroyed ny mob because he was a big mouth idiot

uhin 7 years ago

Than why aint your dady on this site ?

big dawg 1 7 years ago

if your dad was a mexican mafia leader, why did gotti go to the ab for protection? hey son i was there. are you talking about the same mexican mafia who's always doing what the AB tell's them to do like a good little child? say what you want, but truth be told them cats from dc was runing shit at that time. dc blacks and the AB/ dirty white boys were going at it. john gotti was just another inmate.and the AB did not pay walter johnson to fucck gotti up, gotti jumped out there and called walter a nigger, walter waited until the next day and whoop that azz.

irish are dirty putrid scum  7 years ago

gotti was 1 of the most feared mobsters in ny no niggers or dirty red headed irish scum can compete with any la cosa nostra mobster in any aspect money,power,respect

@bigdawg 7 years ago

lol.. since when did the mexican mafia take orders from the AB?? go watch salinas valley state prison on youtube EME takes orders from nobody either roll with the EME or get rolled over!

big dawg 7 years ago

you say watch salinas valley state, son were talking about the federal system, the mexican mafia,eme, the black hand , what ever you want to call them they took oders from the AB. they do what the ab tells them to johnson just whoop that azz, gotti was just another inmate in jail, that paid for protection, how the hell is that tough ? when you're in a control unit, its hard to get away you disrespect some one you deal with it like a man, them dudes the dc blacks and the ab/ dirty /were going back and forth gotti was not shit in marion but a scared inmate he should have paid the dc black for protection, then he would have been ok....

Jason 7 years ago

Walter Johnson had to be placed in protective custody right after he assaulted Gotti. The prison officials knew that there was likely to be some sort of retaliation. With Gotti's money and notoriety, there would have been plenty of inmates willing to attack Johnson for Gotti......But yeah, in Marion Gotti was just another inmate. He wasn't on teh streets of Little Italy any longer -- Gotti was out of his element.

big dawg 7 years ago

hey a word to the wise. first john gotti was just another inmate not a super hero not a bad azz not a trouble maker just another inmate. john gotti called walter a nigger and walter waited until the next day and he beat that azz oh believe me nobody did a damm thing when walt whoop that azz. so many people were at rec at the time the AB were there the mexican mafia were there the dc blacks. so was a couple of his people so to say that AB paid walter to beat up gotti is a damm lie,the guards pulled walt off his azz. hey walter was from phily but he rolled with them dc cats.that's why walter did not care who he gotti was becase he was with them dc dudes. the truth.

wilymilks 7 years ago

even the toughest people get beat once in there life what's the big deal hes was in prison it could have happened to any1 for yall not to realize this shows tha bitch in you

Alphonse 7 years ago

run your mouth on here safe behind your little computer screens cause ur all fukin chicken shits

Gotti was a fukin hero

sammy the bull 7 years ago

gotti a hero? what a joke, i think the family of the people he order to be hit would not agree that he was a hero.. hero or not he got his ass kicked by walter johnson a black inmate at usp marion..and the AYRAN BROTHERHOOD did not pay walter to fucck gotti up. you people have to understand that in marion at that time there were nothing but killers gangsta, and gang members there. and walter was rolling with the DC BLACK'S. SO HE DID NOT GIVE A RATS ASS WHO GOTTI WAS. GOTTIS WAS JUST ANOTHER INMATE WHO WAS SCARED TO DEATH. MAKE NO MISTAKE GOTTI WAS NO PUNK. BUT GOTTI WAS ALONE.. HE THOUGH THAT BECAUSE HE WAS GOTTI THAT HE COULD JUST DISRESPECT WALTER, BUT WALT BEAT THAT ASS IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY....

we r one  6 years ago


Anthony 6 years ago

Walter Johnson was a two-bit bank robber...After assaulting Gotti, he was placed in protective custody and eventually he was moved to another prison. Gotti had clout at Marion, no matter what anybody says...With Gotti's position as a mafia boss, combined with his money and contacts, Gotti was SOMEBODY at Marion. Losing a fistfight is no shame. Plenty of so-called tough guys lose fights and get beat up by other people...What's the big deal? Plus, I think Walter sort of coldcocked Gotti and jumped him by surprise....Either way, Johnson had to be moved to save his skin...The AB were angling to retaliate against this two-bit mellon head...They were even trying to smuggle in a gun and bullets to shoot him with the help of a corrupt prison guard from Brooklyn.......

halftime 6 years ago

if gotti had so much clout in prison, why was he getting punk by the ab for protection money? and to the clown that said that gotti's position as mafia boss combined with his money and contacts that he was someboby at marion. well walter johnson did not think so.look, in prison even you walk the walk or talk the talk, gotti thought he was on the streets he calls the dude a nigger and got his ass beat for it. let that be a lesson to you all.

WhiteUnity2010 6 years ago

Say what you want about the AB. The fact still remains that they make up less than 1% of all prison populations, and yet commit 60% of all assaults and murders.

jjgotti 6 years ago

yea,johnny boy was assaulted , but the guy who did it was the bit#h , he checked into protective custody after words,like the coward he is

ex-guard 6 years ago

A lot of people don't understand how hard the DC Blacks are. I work the yards of USP Atwater (California) and saw some of the crazy things they did (raping, robbing, stabbings, and gunning down male and female guards). But I have to say, they didn't have power on the yard like they did on the eastcoast due to numbers. The Crips and Surenos pretty much ran the yard. I remember when a few DCs transferred to Atwater and started robbing inmates that were running the stores not knowing the westcoast yards rules. Soon after, the Crips, the Bay Area, and GDs talked to them and the next thing I know, the DC shotcallers made those dudes checked into the SHU. One Crip dude told me that DCs and other east coast inmates are tolerated as long as they don't interfere with their hustle. However, they can not walk the yard at Victorville (DCs and Crips went at it in 2007 and a Crip dude got killed).

must be right 6 years ago

@ ex guard. you are right these dc dudes do go hard make no mistake about it. 1992 @ leavenworth they went to war with the dc blacks and lost big time. a la crip name winford brown was killed hit like 45 times. see the thing is that the prison that houses the dc inmates lorton was closed down, and now all the dc inmates are in the feds all over the country. and most of them have life. but gotti he was a nobody at marion. and the ab was punking him foreal

Jason 6 years ago

John Gotti was in charge at Marion....Those low-life, scurvy, scum-sucking vermin at Marion were in AWE of Gotti....Gotti was an ivy-league criminal....Gotti's socks were worth more than all those punks put together......Plus, Gotti had the swagger and the silvery mane of well-coiffed hair -- how could those coons deal with that?

Well, I heard the altercation between Walter and Gotti started over a television set that was on the tier where Gotti was...Gotti was used to having his way as to what channels were on the tv....Walter had some sort of job in the prison, which allowed him to have access to the tv....Gotti threatened to kick his ass if he didn't obey his orders or something like that.........

so fake 6 years ago

@jason, gotti was in charge at marion what a joke! gotti was just another inmate nothing special. but its internet punks like you who defend this piece of ny he might have been something. but make no mistake about it, in marion he was not shit.and the low life scum youre talking about BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HIS ASS. ... ha ha ha. how about them coons now..

Jason 6 years ago


haha....It was only one lowlife scum who beat up Gotti -- not all of them! A lot of people lose fights...Even Tyson and Ali lost fights.....haha even Kimbo, too!!!! ha

Coons are tough in prison..but if they were on Mulberry Street in Little Italy -- ooooooh weeee!

Michael 6 years ago

What's with the anti Irish crap?? The Irish mob never had a problem with Gotti , hell Jimmy Coonan and the Westies even did business with him.

so fake 6 years ago

@ jason... that's all it took was one lowlife to beat the shit out of him. the point iam trying to make is that if gotti had so much pull in marion why was he paying the aryan brotherhood for protection? and please to say gotti was used to having his was with the tv, is a gotdamm lie, listen punk in marion we had our own tvs in our own one man cells, so cut the bullshit out and get off of gottis dick.@michael im not talking about jimmy coonan, the punk jason was trying to be funny in refering to black people as coons. but that coon beat the shit out of that punk gotti...

Momo 6 years ago

so fake:

Where Gotti was housed, they had a t.v outside of the cells, in the cell tier.....That's not a lie....

All Gotti had to do was slip Walter's right cross and counter with a left hook...haha

TTLosTT 6 years ago

"u got ur information wrong, gotti paid the AB for protection. after 2 years or so he stoped paying them because he thought he could manage on his own. the AB then paid johnson to do that shit to gotti. once he did, gotti came crawling back and asked for protection agaian and a hit on johnson. that's what happen, get ur facts straight"

no shit..that's exactly what happened. The AB let Johnson walk too after Gotti came crawling back. all of this has been reported over and over right after the incident. How did homie not get this info straight? LCN is very strong on the streets of the East Coast and Midwest, but they don't control the pens anywhere. Or...that fool Johnson would have been rolled up right away.

Anthony 6 years ago

True, true.....LCN doesn't hold much sway in the prisons anymore. The main reason is because the demograhics have shifted so much over the last 30, 40 years. Italians make up a very small minority in the prisons. Blacks and Hispanics, of course, make up the majority in the prison systems, so it only makes sense that the black and hispanic gangs (criminals) hold the most sway overall.......Blacks and hispanics need to learn how to behave themselves so that the demographics can switch back -- give other ethnic groups a chance to build up strength in prison! hahahaha......Like the chinese, the indians, the albanians, and yes, the italians......

NOOCH 6 years ago

Everybody is forgetting that when this happened Gotti was

close to 60 years old. Walt was twice the strength and

half his age. Walt also took Gotti by surprise.

If anybody cares to research the AB trial that took place,

it talks about this incident. Gotti was paying the AB protection, stopped paying, AB sent Walt to attack Gotti,

Gotti paid the AB to retaliate, and the AB had no intention

of retaliating. If Gotti was surrounded by more of his people, Walt would never have done a thing. It's numbers.

Jason 6 years ago

Johnson did end up getting assaulted many years after the Gotti incident, in fact he almost died from the wounds he suffered. I guess what goes around comes around, for Gotti and anybody else. But back in 1996, Walter Johnson was placed in protective custody after assaulting Gotti....There must have been a reason for that????

Nooch 6 years ago

Yeah, Crips, Bloods, DC Blacks go hard when they got the numbers. If you put one of them alone surrounded by a different set, they would punk out, too. When the guards

asked for a statement from gotti, he said he fell down.

Beaver Stretcher 6 years ago

Ya know? Why don't they lower the standards in prisons, turn them into concentration camps and start a genocide against the total prison population. It can be done, everybody in prison should be exterminated. "We're gonna cut it short for ya motherfuckers, good time anyway"! Sorry fucking pieces of shit, your mothers should have yanked you out with a coat hanger.

Let's act like China. Capitol punishment for everything! I hate criminals, drunks, drug addicts, and street bums/fag hags. They should all be put into mass graves. And if you cheer on a bunch of lowlifes who spend all their time in prison, and are completely worthless, then you should be neutralized too.

Anthony 6 years ago

I don't cheer on Gotti or anyone of his ilk. I know what they were/are. However, there are certain qualities in a guy like Gotti that I admire, notably toughness, self-belief, and adherence to rules and/or a way of life that one believes in. Gotti could have brought down scores of people with him when he got convicted, but he didn't! Sure, Gotti was a lowlife and a thug, but he had his strong points!

Walter_O_Johnson_Didn't_Get'It!!!! 6 years ago


& @WoopWoop Where U work wit Walter Johnson @ in LockUp?! LMFAO @How summa U peep lie 4 Attention R2 make yaself feel "IMPORTANT" I AINT CLAIMING TO KNO DA DUDE... I JUST DID MY RESEARCH ON HIM &FOUND OUT HE WASN'T TO BE F@@ked Wit!!! I don't Condone any of the Voilence "WALTER OR GOTTI" DISHED OUT!!! CUZ AT THE END OF DA DAY THEY VICTIMS HAD "FAMILIES" THAT LOVED DEM!!!

Just thought I Should share wit U dat dude WAS NO "JOKE" &WASN'T 2B F'd Wit!!! But I will say Gotti was a "REAL" STANDUP GUY 2 "NOT SNITCH" & Say he fell down.. Datz "GANGSTA" Cuz he didn't have Sh!d else 2 LOOSE... But he Stuck by da "G" CODE!!!! & YEA HE STILL HAD RESPECT; but @da end of da Day??! "IT WAS PRETTY MUCH OVA 4 HIM... (I'm sorry 2say)

head banger 6 years ago

yeah walter was a good go hard dude. but he was up under thoes dudes from wash dc,the dc blacks. you see walter thing was them banks and he love robbing them banks. and when he got out, he made some moves( bank) and was to hit off a few top good dudes from dc. but he got caught killing that metro police officer down in dc, and didn't hit the dc dudes off. so when walter was locked up over at the dc jail, word came down from the dc dudes that was up marion, and the adx that walter was to be hit. he walter was hit 30 times over at the dc jail. long story short walter is back cool with the dc dudes, it was just business. but yeah walter put in a lot of work with them dc dudes... oh yeah please stop saying that the ab paid walter to do that to gotti its a damm lie .. stop watching the history chanel & and lock up raw that shit is fake and they got all you marks believeing that shit

Jake B 6 years ago

This article has got it all wrong. The whole attack was sep up by the Aryan Brotherhood to get John Gotti to start back paying protection money to the AB. Walter Johnson was an asssoicate of the Black Guerrilla Family he was hire by the AB to do the attack on Gotti. The whole thing about Gotti calling someone a nigger that wouldn't have happened Gotti didn't carry it like that.

Nooch 6 years ago

That's right. Gotti didn't flow like that. Not only was he in his 50's, he was also battling cancer.

what what.. 6 years ago

@jake b ... stop watching lock up and the history channel.. that stuff is fake. the ab did not pay walter to do that. gotti don't flow like that, not only was he in his 5o's he was battling cancer. so what! what about the people who he had killed? and if the ab paid walter to do that why did they sneak a bullet in there to try to kill him? don't believe everything you here on a tv show.

Jason 6 years ago

Gotti being in his 50's I don't think was much of a problem. Gotti was a tough guy, and he was no stranger to violence. He was a tough guy out on the streets, so I don't think his toughness would just evaporate once he hit prison. But everybody loses fights. I'm sure Walter Johnson lost a few fights along the way. Getting beat up by a better fighter, a stronger/tougher fighter is nothing to be ashamed of......Tyson lost, Holyfield lost, Foreman lost, etc...But Gotti was ten times the criminal that this two-bit Johnson was.....And Johnson was placed in protective custody immediately after he assaulted Gotti...

Jason 6 years ago

Gotti being in his 50's I don't think was much of a problem. Gotti was a tough guy, and he was no stranger to violence. He was a tough guy out on the streets, so I don't think his toughness would just evaporate once he hit prison. But everybody loses fights. I'm sure Walter Johnson lost a few fights along the way. Getting beat up by a better fighter, a stronger/tougher fighter is nothing to be ashamed of......Tyson lost, Holyfield lost, Foreman lost, etc...But Gotti was ten times the criminal that this two-bit Johnson was.....And Johnson was placed in protective custody immediately after he assaulted Gotti...

what what  6 years ago

walter was not placed in protective custody, he was placed in locked down! h- unit. what we call the box cars in marion. and to the clown that said gotti was ten times the criminal walter was, what a punk for saying something like that. what made gotti a better criminal than walter ?because gotti told other people to kill someone while walter did what he feel. that's gangsta.

Momo 6 years ago

To what what:

Gotti was a better criminal because he was richer, he had more influence, and he achieved a level of fame and status that Johnson did not...The average joe doesn't know who Walter Johnson is. The average joe knows Gotti. Gotti was a multi-millionaire who ended up on the cover of Time magazine and People magazine, had numerous books written about him, etc...What was Walter????? And Gotti didn't just order people to do his dirty work....Gotti wasn't always the boss....Gotti came up the hard way and rose to the level of boss, so he did his fair share of "hands-on" work....So, get over your love affair with this so-called gangsta Walter Johnson...He was just a two-bit punk!

what what 6 years ago

@ homo or mo mo. you said that the average joe doesn't know walter johnson. question? how do you know walter johnson? i'll tell you how you know walter johnson, because he was the one who beat the brake shoes off of gotti.gotti was a better criminal wtf! they both got caught, they both were locked up,did gotti millions and his face being on the cover people or time magazine stop him from getting his ass kicked. and begin punked by the aryan brotherhood hell no.i tell you this, you get over your love affair with jail, well in marion he was a damm nobody who came out of his mouth wrong and paid for it.his influence ment nothing to walter oh im sorry a two-bit-punk who laid hand on your god now walter will forever be known as the one who BEAT THAT AZZ....

Anthony 6 years ago

What Not:

What a moron you are.....Walter nearly got killed a few years back by some Aryan guys. It was near the time that he was on trial for killing the Metro cop..Walter got stabbed and beaten. During his trial, his lawyers mentioned how the contract that was placed on him by the AB on behalf of Gotti was still likely to be in effect!!!! So, your big tough Walter wasn't immune to anything; he wasn't some Ghetto Superman wearing a cape!!! Walter punched out Gotti so that makes him a better criminal? What are you smoking? How many times did Walter get his ass kicked? You seem to think that losing a fist fight means that you are worthless or a nobody....Nobody is untouchable. If the president of the U.S were to get punched out by somebody, should he just vacate his position as president and hand it over to the guy who punched him out???? YOu are a class An imbecile! hahaha..And after the altercation with Gotti, Walter WAS placed in protective custody. The prison authorities correctly surmised that there was likely to be retaliation from people on Gotti's behalf....That's a fact...Do some more research. Gotti wasn't moved; Walter was moved! You do the math...If you can that is, as only have a 3rd grade edumacationism isn't conducive to being a math whiz for complicated math problems! hahaha...GOTTI FOREVER!!!!

what what 6 years ago

@ anthony ..... stop watching all that fake shit that you see and here on tv. walter was not stabbed or beat by the aryan brotherhood you fool. he was stabbed and beating by the dc black, the same dc blacks that had his back in marion. this happen over at the dc jail when walt was on trial for killing that metro police officer.over at the dc jail, there anit know damm aryan brotherhood at the dc jail even the lil white inmates they have over at the jail most of them check in to get your facts staight and stop reading that fake internet shit. and walter was stabbed and beaten by the dc dudes for not looking out for a few good dudes that kept the heat off of him after he beat gotti. so we know you never been to jail or know what's going here in dc because if you did you would that it anit NO damm aryan brother hood menbers at the dc

Anthony 6 years ago

No, I have never been to jail. And to most people, not going to jail is something to be proud of.Getting locked up behind bars and having basically no freedom is not something I aspire to achieve. And being a tough guy inside a prison is, well, I guess ok for them, but I'd rather be free on the outside.....Anyways, Walter Johnson got a beating, whether from the dc blacks or the aryans....He wasn't Superman like you seem to think that he was. He beat up Gotti, so give the guy a lollipop or something.....If the UFC champ Brock Lesnar or boxing champ Vitali Klitschko had been locked up and the one who called Walter a N***er, I doubt Walter would have retaliated in the same manner. I'm sure his toughness knew boundaries!!!! So, this guy Johnson was a tough guy when he felt that he had the upper hand......Beating up somebody who is weaker than you, not as skilled as you, or who just isn't as good at fighting as you is not really saying a whole lot......Even so, Gotti getting beat up by this bum doesn't mean that Gotti wasn't tough guy himself, it just means that he wasn't as good a fighter or as strong as Johnson...End of story.......There were plenty of accounts of how violent and good with his fists Gotti was as he made his way up the ranks of the organized crime family in New York.....I mean, if Tookie Williams got into a fight with Gotti, I'm sure Tookie would have beat him up badly as well, but that doesn't detract from what Gotti was....

a realist 6 years ago

Jermaine Johnson or whatever his name might be is nothing compared to what John Gotti was. John was not a great mafia boss either, maybe one of the worst actually.

John was a true gangster though. A man's man. He really believed in Cosa Nostra and he lived it. He didn't rat. He did his time like a man and died like one too.

Walter Johnson is a low life and a miscreant. I read the stupid article someone posted a link to. His own family turned him in. Can anyone see John Gotti's family turning him in? Nope.

While John Gotti may not have been a good mafia boss, he was a multi millionare and a very powerful man. Johnson is a crumb. End of story.

Jason 6 years ago

A Realist:

I agree....very good post.....Comparing Gotti to Johnson is laughable.....You have one guy that was like the head of an ivy league criminal organization (Gotti), and then you have a piss ant like Walter Johnson, who was basically nothing more than a sewer rat. Yes, Gotti was not the best Mafia Don -- far from it! But, like you say, he was a true gangster who lived his life and believed in it. He had his faults and his shortcomings, sure, but he was on a higher level than Johnson.

what what 6 years ago


WHAT WHAT 6 years ago

@ ANTHONY.....I NEVER SAID THAT WALTER WAS SUPERMAN, JUST POINTING OUT THE FACTS. IT SEEMS TO ME THAT YOU THINK OF GOTTI, LIKE HES SUPERMAN. hes a better criminal hes got more money hes a don, that's some gay shit to say, gotti was a man as was walter. I BET IF YOU ASK THE family of the PEOPLE GOTTI HAD WHACK, THEY WOULD SAY HE WAS A LOW LIFE THUG. THE LOVE YOU SEEM TO HAVE FOR GOTTI WOULD GET YOU FUCKED in your azz IN THE PEN MY FRIEND. FOR YOU TO HAVE THAT MUCH LOVE FOR A GUY YOU REALLY DON'T EVEN KNOW. THEY WOULD HAVE RAN A TRAIN ALL NIGHT ON YOUR AZZ. I DON'T PRAISE WALTER AND IVE KNOWN HIM FOR OVER 15 YRS. BUT YOU AND JASON AND A REALIST, YOU GUYS WOULD HAVE been FUCKED FOR REAL..Especially you anthony, because if your asking what would happen if brock lesnar or the incredible hulk or klitschko called him a nigger, they would have gotten that shit pushed in them. but naw you would have been to busy washing gotti underwear & scoks and getting fuck by walter....

Anthony 6 years ago

What what:

You sound like a real tough guy, as do so many others...."get that knife wet"? Wow...That sounds so gangster, so cold! lol....oooh!

anyways, FEAR is a normal human emotion, so saying that you can't fear anyone or will not fear anyone in prison is false. Fear is real and everybody feels it.....So, get over yourself Super Hero tough guy!

When you were bragging how Walter assaulted Gotti, you were harping on how tough Johnson was and how much of a nothing Gotti was. Well, when I used the Brock Lesnar or Vitali Klitschko argument, you backed up, you changed direction and said that Walter would have to get a knife.....You proved my point about Walter being the kind of tough guy who is only tough when he has an advantage......So, strength and power obviously mean something in prison, even if you say it doesn't....

And sure, Gotti's millions didn't save him from prison, but it did allow him to place a contract on your hero Johnson....A big contract that was to be carried out by the AB......Walter Johnson knew he made a big mistake by raising his hands to Gotti....He started looking over his shoulder and losing sleep at night....Just like you say you don't disrespect someone in prison, you don't disrespect a well-known, powerful Mafia boss like Gotti and expect to just skate away, without suffering any retaliation.........So, respect goes both ways, whether you are a sewer rat, filthy low-life like Johnson, or a higher class criminal like the Great John Gotti!!!!!!!!!!!

what what  6 years ago

@ anthony im not gonna keep going back and forth with you , but one thing i will say, is that if you show fear in prison you will not make have to understand that people pray on thoes who they think might be say that walter was tough only when he had an advantage? what advantage did he had? they both were men they both were locked up in a control unit, did gotti have the advantage when he put contracts out on people lifes or was he man enough to say hey so and so lets go to war.make no mistake about it your, god gotti was no punk, but gotti was out of hes confort zone, you had gang members, killer, gangstas, and a lot of other good dudes that were there. question to you anthony. what do you think would had happen to gotti if he were going around in marion telling other inmates that they were nothing ,that they had no money that they were low class criminals ,and he was so powerful and had this and had that what do you think would had happen? i think you know what would have happen to him. but as i read your post from 3 months ago, you said that the ab was going to pay a brooklyn guard to sneak a bullet and gun in there to shoot walter? now if the ab paid walter to beat gotti's ass, then why in the world would they try to kill walter????does that make cents, and walter my friend was transferd to the ADX after he beat the brake shoes off of gotti and no one laid a hand on walter the ab or the italians. now that gotti is dead and he was so love, and had so many contact, money and power why didn't the ITALIANS retaliate

Anthony 6 years ago

What what:

I agree with a lot of what you say....I agree that Gotti was out of his element. The main advantage that Walter had was that he had more criminals inside Marion who were more like him than they were like Gotti....The Italian Mafia, or Italian criminals in general, is underrepresented in U.S prisons. The prisons are filled with much more "riff raff" types of criminals than they are with La Cosa Nostra members. Back in the Italian mafia's heydey, like in the 50's, 60's, and early 70's, the federal prison demographics were much different. In prisons like Lewisburg, where Gotti was in the 70's, the Italian mafia held huge sway on the inside. If a guy like Walter Johnson assaulted Gotti or anyone like him, there would have been massive retaliation, and Walter would likely have been taken care of very quickly.

But you are right, Gotti was out of his element at Marion. There were no othe Gambino crime family members or New York city mafia members there at the time. So, Gotti had to rely on the AB for revenge. And today, the Cosa Nostra represents just a tiny part of all the different criminal organizations, gangs, cartels, etc. that make up the prison industry. So, Walter Johnson felt safer than he would have if the demographics were different.

But I think you are wrong about the AB paying Walter to assault Gotti. That is false I believe. The AB stopped offering protection to Gotti. Gotti got assaulted by Johnson, and then Gotti offered the contract to the AB to kill Johnson. The corrupt prison guard, the bullet and gun to be smuggled inside Marion -- that has all been confirmed.

But even details of the assault differ. I read one post from someone who supposedly was inside Marion at the time of the assault that said the Gotti/Johnson altercation was over a tv set.........

Nooch 6 years ago

Listen to me all. A man is his 50's cannot beat a guy like Walt. John was a very tough man, but physically at that age, and believe me I know, because I'm close to that age,

you don't have the same strength. What Gotti should have done, being that he was alone and out of his element, is keep paying the AB, the AB didn't stop offering protection by the way, and kept a more lower profile, which he could never seem to do. The Philly mob boss, Nicky Scarfo, was in the same prison. He paid the AB and never had a problem.

By the way, Gotti is really a Brooklyn boy with an Italian last name. His grandparents were Italian. The real Italians operate differently. What it comes down to is he was out of his element with no real backup.

gangstersSUCK 6 years ago

They all should be exterminated. Or better yet harvested for organs, then experimented on, then exterminated.

Lex Lewis 6 years ago

Anyone who thinks gangsters are heros is an asshole. These punks surround themselves with protection and make sure their victoms are outnumbered, outarmed and helpless. Gotti deserved to take a beating and deserved the crappy ending he took like the piece of crap he was.

fookyou 6 years ago

Gotti had nice hair.....He looked so debonair with his salt and pepper hair and receding hairline that formed a prominent widow's peak.....handsome goombah!

cheekybob 6 years ago

gotti,was the man,but when he got all his capos to meet him every nite at the ravenite,the fbi were rubbing there hands

rustledog87 6 years ago

not to take sides never the least but the guy has been dead for over nine years now. But the fact will always remain in history that he is the ginny faget who got his ass beat in state prison. In i got news for you i am sure it has happened already in the past way before gottis existance hollywood and real life have this like weird way of making things seem like most italians from new york and anywere mobsters that is we as people are supposed to be scared of theme. Any man out there big or small no matter his age is gonna kick the shit out of any person he thinks is got it coming to him i mean what the fuck the fucking feds probably seezed half the fucking guys money for what little was left for the gay reality show the aryans would have got a check that probably bounced in thene they would have kicked the shit out of him. So fucking what if he was a mobster most people do not know from the late eighties on up the mob has died the one thing criminals the world over have in common is money and guns and any person as long as there breathing can be shot and yes killed or suffer pain from getting beat up. It does not matter if they are italian or in the mafia shit now days the russia mafia will walk right in your home and kill anyone it is really a worthless debate or argument.

Anthony 6 years ago

To Rustledog:

You make a lot of good points. I think I agree with about everything you said. Gotti, when he got placed in Marion, which is a federal prison and not a state one, he was out of his element and basically just like any other con. It wasn't like he was back at the Ravenite on Mulberry street surrounded by his hit men and bodyguards. And that's what's always struck me as being kind of perverse when it comes to anybody supposedly powerful, a mafia boss, a drug dealer, a thug, whatever, in that yes, they may be very, very powerful in terms of money, weapons, influence, etc., but when you get right down to it, they are all just men. They are all just flesh and blood, susceptible to the same laws of physics as anyone else. Gotti was a tough guy, I don't think there's any debating that. But he wasn't untouchable or the toughest guy in the world. And I'm sure the guy who assaulted him at Marion has been beaten up numerous times himself over the years......Nobody is immune!!! So, so-called "power" only goes so far......

DeCavalcante 6 years ago

Everybody feared the italian mob back inna day.

Not even the AB would have made a move like somebody stated punk him to get him crawled back. As dumb as he was as a boss, as cold and mean was he. He or any top ranked mobster had possibilities to buy the whole prison bunch to cut his nails and just bow down for no reason.

I bet a lotta people on here wouldn´t talk like that if he´d be still alive.

windelbice45 6 years ago

hey decavalcante not to come down on you but when you simply say a lot of people on here are you sure you do not mean a lot of people in the world. Because i got news for you john gotti was nothing but a man who could bleed and feel pain like the rest of uss. If you along with many other people on here did your homework you would see there have been many times portrayed in media and real life that people of all different calibers have kicked the shit out of mobsters back in the day and even now or yes even shot theme. In i think you are forgetting one thing you always here in all mob movies and that is a war is bad for what business and that means money and you know how the mob is with money. Just for example back in the day when john gotti was alive if he pissed of the wrong people key word being just people in they walked in his joint and shot him and five other guys of his he is dead now and the guys are on a fucking beach in forida sipping fruit with beereds and new identies which is something hollywood never shows after someone of that kind is killed you see where i am getting at. Any person know matter how dangerous can be gotten to and yes the people who in this situation who killed him could even be skin heads. Do not ever underestamate your enemy no matter who he is and how much power he has. If you want to check out something in hollywood that did portray that in are time now check out brotherhood season 3 episode 7 michael cathy shot nazzoli stone cold dead but he survived by the luck of the producers of the show. That is something that could be on the news tommorow.

Ghost 6 years ago

Anybody that goes around attacking people 2 on 1 or more is a fucking coward. One thing I have noticed is most of today's badasses were yesterdays bitches. All you hard muthas if you cant do shit without help you know when you look in the mirror you are looking at a sheep with wolfs clothing on .When you get caught by yourself that's when you get undressed by a real mothrfucker.

Nooch 6 years ago

When Al Capone went to Alcatraz he was attacked, stabbed,

and had more than one altercation with other inmates. He's still the biggest gangster of all time. The mafia,

unfortunately is not dead. If you know anything about

construction, concrete, garbage hauling, and stock manipulation, you will know they still exist. Any other street gang couldn't shine their shoes. They don't need

drugs, gambling, or prostitution, even though they're still involved in some of that. The casinos today

that are backed by Wall Street Corporations are controlled by mobsters. In 2010 a New Jersey mafia crew was put trial and it came out that they were extorting

the Russia mafia. If anyone cares to do their research,

the Russia Mob is an extension of the Genovese Family.

All you assholes, especially the jealous blacks and spanish, should do your homework and don't watch bullshit

shows like gangland or American Me. They say they're true stories, but they are full of shit. They need to

pump themselves up. Nonesenese!!!!! Those shows about Gangland are ridiculous. How do active gang members get

on TV and talk about shit if they running the streets???


A Message for WHAT WHAT:







what what 6 years ago

@ nooch you are a punk

don cornishpastie 6 years ago

im frm clifton nottingham and i know a bloke who is as hard as lard and twice as greassy

whatwhat  6 years ago

@nooch.... you would have been washing my underwear and scoks. are you are nothing more than a internet gangsta. what real man makes a poem about another man.....

what what 6 years ago

@nooch why do you bring race into this? it seems to me that you are the one who watches american gangsta and locked up and all of them other tv shows about jail. i was there atlanta usp marion atwater and leavenworth and i say this not braging but telling facts what about you oh that's right you were on the couch eating popcorn with your boyfriend scared to death.. what a internet gangsta....

what what  6 years ago


windelbice45 6 years ago

personally when people say mafia or the mob it is every single time an intimidation thing. Putting tv to the side just in general people need to realize that there are many criminal organizations with much more power today regardless of yes what tv shows uss. The italian mafia might still have a lot of man power that other criminals don't have and only wish they had but at the end of the day were all just men. The mafia has this code and ethics shit to be scared of i do not know why so many people get terrified and scared of theme.

jamo 6 years ago

like paul castellano said the real gansters are the police bcoz whatever u do, don't matter how much money u have they always get and lock u up in a cage with the other animals. an just like chickens in a cage u'll be pecking at each other in desparation from the hangover of ur gansta past

MoMo 6 years ago

John Gotti was the man! When Gotti entered Marion, all the other inmates parted like the Red Sea......Gotti ran Marion with an iron fist. The Negroes and La Raza stepped aside as Gotti swaggered down the prison corridors!!!!! Nobody would dare f**k with Johnny Boy Gotti!!!!

saywhat 6 years ago

walter johnson, does that name mean anything to yall

Medeshtikah 6 years ago

Gotti got too much info on an inside heroin deal from the DC Blacks, that's the sole reason for the Johnson knockout was to fog Gotti's memory a little's

wallawal23 6 years ago

italians are no different now than they were back in lets say 1965 who gives a fuck you stand up to any man who has it coming fuel and aggression is what gets you by in any guys manhood. From what we see in hollywood we are supposed to be scared obviously even from the russian mob. If i was living in the hay day of the mob at its highest and best i would if not me higher another high ranking mobster not italian to put a bullet in a made guys head becuase once again it is how you handle things in life that gets you by. Everytime i watch annalyze this or the sopranos i laugh at how tough they try and be in terms of making life easier for themeselves just the new york tough talk scares people but why voice is not guns and bullets. Point i am trying to make is doing something the smart way even if not as big as italians you can do anything to any guy no matter who he is in terms of fucking with him in retaliation i mean for christ sakes john gotti was in prison 70 years old just the guards could have kicked the shit out of him and gotten away with it when his faded crew is back east.

Anthony 6 years ago

I agree with you WallaWal23.....Nobody is untouchable. Gotti wasn't, Walter Johnson wasn't, the president isn't -- we are all just flesh and bone. That's why I don' think it pays to walk around thinking that you are too tough or untouchale, because you never know when you will get yours. A skinny 12-year-old kid with a gun and a wild streak could take out a 300-pound hulking montster in seconds. Toughness is all relative as well. a tough guy in one area may not be so tough in another area.

wallawal23 6 years ago

hey anthony i was looking over some old threads on your site page here. It is so pathetic how so many of these people on here of no certain race or caliber think the mob can walk into a backyard and stop a drooling pit bull from barking in terms of intimidation. I don't know i guess it is always a debate of that will go on for decades. I think what would be real funny if not at the same time realistic is if someone went to a prison in upstate new york and actually there was lets just say a son of some big time mobster there and kicked the shit out of him i would really like to see for my own well being what exactly would happen i almost not to sound stupid would would commit a crime get in there and do it myself and yes even back in the fourties i would even share the same cell just to proove yes that the mob as human beings can be defeated once in a blue moon not much but it can happen. Most people also do not realize that in prison unlike the streets there are so many untracable accidents that happen i wonder if one of those people in an accident could be a mobster who knows right.

wesseldog45 6 years ago

word to the wise if anyone wants to know some interesting facts i picked up from my dad today i had no idea about who is i guess you could call some what of a mob buff in certain ways of movies and just reading up on certain kinds of historical events of the mafia in american culture. About five or ten years ago there was a documentary on one of the aryans who was at marion when and still was there when john gotti died. In as i speak on this because this thread is about how tuff and intimidating the mod is italian mafia is we all would like to think so this aryan on camera fifteen years or so later no strings attached that he told john gotti the first day he got there for any other mobster inmate there we do not care who you are we run everything here so lets think now on intimidation turning into imitation we as socciety will never learn what standing up to someone will do for you. In no i do not come on threads to make up stuff to get attention i am sure the video did exist my dad told me when the aryan on camera said it he was pretty proud or sounded like it of making that kind of statement. The video can more than likely be found online like i said it was five or ten years ago give or take. So without the aryans john gotti would have never found a middle ground at marion his money helped but they would have shut him down if they got fed up i would assume i mean what the hell would he have done.

Anthony 6 years ago

To Wesseldog:

Yeah, I saw that exact documentary that your dad told you about. In fact, I think it's still on Youtube! if you want to check it out. It's pretty interesting. There's more than one documentary on the Aryans, but it was either Gangland documentary or a Prison documentary.....But yeah, if I were in Gotti's shoes I probably would have paid the AB's for protection as well. I mean, by all accounts and purposes John Gotti was a tough guy. And he did have the clout of the Gambino mob behind him. But in prison he was out of his element, so no matter how tough a guy is, you basically have to do what you have to do to survive. It's always fascinated me how easily a tough guy can be humbled if you take him out of his element. I mean, if you brought one of those Aryan Brotherhood members and dropped him off in the middle of Little Italy in Manhattan, I doubt he'd carry himself the same way as he would if he were surrounded by his brothers......

GINO MILANO 6 years ago

John Gotti was the boss of the moronic Gambino family and died with a bald eagle hair cut not so dapper aee

Bone 6 years ago

Keep in mind Gotti was sucker punched, so its

not like he got beat up fair and square!

sammy the bull 6 years ago

@ bone life is not fair... the people gotti had killed, shot in the back of the head. was that fair or square???

MacDonnie D 6 years ago

It was a shakedown. The Aryans were behind it from the start.

Ray Barboni 6 years ago

Being a mafia boss doesn't automatically make a guy a tough fighter. President Obama is a powerful man due to his position, but does anyone think he's a tough, strong guy who can kick butt?

Geo 5 years ago

I agree that he was probably out of his element and couldn't exercise his powers but I am surprise that with all the money and connection he had outside including his son he didn't manage to retaliate when the guy that beat him up got paroled and got out of prison, I mean people use to get killed for interfering with much lower rank of the italian mafia even over a simple argument.

Nooch 5 years ago

Everybody keeps saying Gotti got humbled. He got sucker

punched by a kid half his age. I don't think Gotti got humbled.

From what I understand he just went back to being Gotti.

Anthony 5 years ago


Yeah, you are probably right. On prison videotapes showing Gotti visiting with his daughter and brother,tapes which were made a few years after his assault, Gotti seems like the same cocky, tough guy that he always was. I don't think losing a fist fight would change a guy like Gotti.

ICannotBelieveWhatI'mReading 5 years ago

I think the most important thing to realize in all of this is that both men were in prison for committing crimes. I don't really "buy" the idea that there are "low-life scum" criminals and "high-ranking" criminals. A criminal is just that...a CRIMINAL. I DO however; buy the idea that Gotti was able to afford to keep himself OUT of prison better than Johnson could. To presume that there are different levels of criminals is like saying there are different levels of PEOPLE. We are ALL crafted from the same materials. We ALL have our shortcomings, our strengths and weaknesses. To try and say that Gotti was a higher class of criminal makes it sound like he was in the "wrong" he should have been afforded a luxury suite with fine dining instead of the 8 by 10 cell he occupied. To say that Johnson was a lower class criminal makes it sound like he should have been in the 8 by 10 cell with MAYBE bread and water to sustain him....IF anyone cared to make sure he was sustained. It is absolutely ridiculous to try to argue the point that there are better and worse criminals in that genre. They COMMITTED CRIMES....they were INCARCERATED!!! There is no difference there!!! You do a crime, be prepared to do the time!!! I can't believe ANYONE in their RIGHT mind would cheer on a criminal at any "level". What has this country come to with that??? It sickens me. The founding fathers of this great nation would roll over in their graves and puke and play in it if they could see what has become of it. Those were the heroes...the ones who gave their all so that we could be free...NOT some mob boss or some "sewer rat" criminal. It saddens me to think that people actually look up to this kind of people. When did being a criminal become the "in" thing to do?! I love my freedom. I applaud the troops who have lived and died to make America what she USED to be. I applaud those still serving trying to get her BACK to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Bravery is not something that I think should be talked of lightly. Standing up for what you believe in is long as what you believe is within the laws of this great nation. Putting "hits" on people and robbing banks is NOTHING to stand up for...I don't care WHO you are. Although, I am a strong proponent for the death penalty. Why should our tax dollars continue to fund the lives of people who feel that all this crap is worth doing and standing up for?! I mean come on now...Gotti and Johnson were both repeat offenders. Gotti struck out before he ever served a day!! He committed far more than enough crimes to warrant his 3 strikes. Why should good decent law-abiding citizens have to work their rear-ends off to support people like that??? Heck, they should have taken all his money from him and put IT toward all his incarceration costs!!! It is certainly NOT my CHOICE to pay their way!!! I stand up for what I believe in too...that is that if you commit a crime worthy of life in should be given life as long as it takes to put your rear end in the electric chair or to fill that syringe with the lethal cocktail!! America would be in a much better shape if the kind of thugs described herein were not within her borders anyway. And think of the money she could save not having to provide for their food, clothing, housing, recreation, guards, medical care...oh I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture!!! :-) Either way...I think it is WRONG to praise a criminal...I don't care HOW successful you think he or she was/is. They are still at the end of the day just that...a CRIMINAL.

Lucifer 5 years ago

Have any of yall ever done real hard time I have don't run your mouth if you aint got the years to back it up the aryan brotherhood has always reigned supreme the badest of the badest thomas silverstein and clayton fountain were killing the shit out of the dc blacks dc blacks that's a joke ab are killers and are willing to die

so fake 5 years ago

@lucifer..... it punks like you who don't know a damm thing about the federal system ,except for what you read or see on tv.the ab and the dc blacks has been going back and forth for years. killings on both sides...... now check this out, walther johnson ran with them dc dudes why didn't anything happen to him? the aryan brotherhood are only aggressive when they have like 10 on 1. but going to war, all out war they are cowards. now the dc dudes go hard when they don't have the numbers. yeah silverstein and clayton caught cadillac coming from the shower, but what the punk lucifer aint telling you is that from the time cadillac came to marion he was trying to kill both tommy and clayton

BOMP 5 years ago

Aryans weren't behind SHIT!!!! That gangland crap is a crock of SHIT. The fight was over a TV. And Johnson didn't retaliate til later on. Anybody from the street is ready to throw down at any moment. This guy went back

to his cell, listened to some wannabe gangsta rap, got psyched up, and sucker punched Gotti. Look at the picture. There's one gash on the mans head. If you read reports they say swollen face, fat lip, bloody mouth. That's all bullshit. If they left Johnson in the regular population, he would have been shived. Plain and Simple. All the brothers make me laugh with that Wup Ass. Big deal.

Gennaro 5 years ago

the guy was half his age as well, i would have liked to see that happen in the 70s

Gennaro  5 years ago

Johnson can go fuck himself, just a worthless scumbag who beat up an old man battling cancer... real "gangsta", he was nothing compared to gotti come on.

yardie 5 years ago

this thread has made me laugh, you all seem experts when he comes to Gotti and Walter...funny lol

Youwouldneverbelieve 5 years ago

First if all, you should know the facts and nit just repeat what you read. Gotti was incarcerated in Marion, he was alone in there without his people... He was arrogant and thought that just because he was boss of a crime family that would be enough, but in prison respect is everything, and if you disrespect someone you must be prepared for retaliation. Also Walter sucjerpunched gotti, not that has any relevance , Walter did the only thing he had to do to maintain his self worth in prison status but he suckerpunched gotti because he was known as a fierce street fighter but of course Walter was younger, stronger and better fit and by definition the out come might have still been the same. Also gotti NEVER went to the ab for protection but rather understood that the ab had control of the prison and had access to most prisoners and not to disrupt the ab's authority in prison, he aproachex the ab for them to murder Walter for his actions. Gotti was in prison for life and what would be the difference if he sacked out Walter and received another life sentence? Plus gotti was a killer, the reason he went to the ab was solely because of there control of the prison and would be able to execute this matter effectively. Gotti was no punk whatsoever but he was delusional and he thought that he was bigger than even the street code of respect, and got what was coming to him because of disrespecting another inmate who lived by the sane codes.

MONELLO 5 years ago

Youwouldneverbelieve you are correct, gotti was not a punk, and so what if Walter beat him up? If you live in a violent society someone always beats some one else it's no big deal, but Walter was younger than gotti and he did suckerpunch him which gave Walter an advantage... Ok gotti was beaten up by Walter so what!? Gotti did not knuckle down after the incident instead he tried to get him killed, and the only reason he approached the ab, was because he was locked up 23 1/2 hours a day with only half hour for "socializing", and the ab were in control of Marion state prison, that's it... Also gotti NEVER EVER WENT TO THE AB FOR PROTECTION, it was a hit plain and simple. Gotti was known as a ferocious street fighter, and everyone from the westies to other black inmates when he was incarcerated in lewisburg were intimidated by him because he was a genuinely tough guy. Walter attacked gotti because he had to retaliate because gotti was disrespectful to him the day before and in matters of respect it does not matter if you are a low life or a boss, respect must be given and if it is not than you must exact it. So to what what instead of bragging about Walter who's only fame is he suckerpunched an older, physically weaker inmate and before and after that has not amassed NITHING else, you should be complimenting Walter to have the balls to defend his honor even if it meant attacking a boss of a national criminal empire. Know the facts instead of just repeating what you read because not everything you read is right!!!

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 5 years ago from Southern California Author

That must have bruised Gotti's ego tremendously to get smacked like that in front of other inmates. But I agree, just because Gotti got punched doesn't mean that he wasn't a tough guy. Like a few posters above stated, Gotti was a genuinely tough guy. I've read to many stories and heard too many accounts from people to think that Gotti was anything but a tough, tough guy who didn't think twice about getting his hands dirty. I'm sure Walter Johnson has had his share of losing battles. Anybody can get beaten up.

MONELLO 5 years ago

Anthonyj33 you right!!! In a violent society everybody at some time gets beaten up, I can imagine gotti was humiliated when he got beaten up, no doubt about it... Especially with that ego of his, and A lot of others got beaten up like Ali, Frazier, Tyson but that does not mean they are any less or punks... Instead they are real brave because after receiving a whopping they still came back for more... In the event of Walter and gotti it was nothing but an arrogant man who thought because he was who he was can impose and disrespect anyone and get away with it, and that is just not so... Walter was younger ands stronger than gotti and had no choice but to retiate against gotti for his disrespect, prison rules . The strong survive the weak will perish... But I guess the fact that Walter beat up gotti who happened to be older makes some from both races proud, that somehow this affirms once race as superior, instead of being proud of men like Ali, Martin Luther king or Leonardo da Vinci, or Machiavelli as men to emulate, these small minds choose to recognize negative role models!!! Did Walter beat up gotti? Yes. Was he more able in the criminal world? Hell NO!! gotti for all his mistakes was the undisputed kin of the volcano, was a genuine tough guy, was a killer, and rose from the depth of hell to living well. Also he had more fame than just suckerpunching a older inmate, maybe that's why this debate is about gotti and not of Walter Johnson , if any body wrote "the day Johnson got his" I'm confident there would be not one comment since noone would be interested in him, anybody can suckerpunch another but not everyone can claim the highest criminal throne in America which at that time was the gambini family !!!!

Cosimo 5 years ago

WHATWHAT you are a moron!! Not only what you wrote proves you have no idea of what is going on and you repeat what you read... If you can read, or saw on the discovery channel. You will make a great parrot some day if you ever evolve. You probably sit and listen to gansta rap and get pushed around wherever you go probably because you have are a terrible fashion icon, and wear your pants half down your butt, just because you saw it on a video not knowing that this "fashion trend" comes straight from prison where homosexual inmates wore there pants that way to advertise that they will exchange ass for protection, but that's another story!! Walter was a lowlife no doubt about it, a junkie on crack, could never hold a candle to hottie exploits in the criminal world, and a garbage pail for having so many children with so many women and was not able to or just did not care about supporting his children, wow what a man, a mans man!!! Gotti on the other hand was it, the top, the complete opposite of Walter, he had style, cash, a lovely family, cash, was not on dope, respect and did I mention cash?? The only thing ever that Walter Johnson did to gain him his 15 minutes of fame is that he suckerpunched a man twice his age with cancer, one day later AFTER gotti disrespected him and he had time to think, and listen to his rap songs and get up his nerve, if he was such a badass like you claim he would have attacked gotti immediately.... And did you see the pictures you incoherent, ignorant little man?? Gotti DOES NOT LOOK LIKE HE GOT BEAT UP SO BAD!! my grandmother could have done more damage you imbecile!!! So your Walter Johnson the badass could only injure gotti even though gotti was twice his age and suffering from cancer??? You are right Walter Johnson was a badass...... For the brothers!!!! Hahaha

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 5 years ago from Southern California Author


You make a lot of good points. Gotti, in reality, doesn't look that injured. Some of the reports made it sound like Gotti got thrashed. He obviously didn't get that banged up. And Gotti obviously didn't think much of Johnson. He talked trash right to his face and insulted him. And after Gotti got punched, he didn't rat or go to the authorities. Even though Gotti was a criminal, I'd much rather be associated with John Gotti than a Walter Johnson. I'd much rather be Gotti's neighbor than Johnson's. Two different classes of people!

Cosimo 5 years ago

Anthony you are so correct!! Even though gotti was a criminal, I would much rather be associated with him than this low life Johnson, exactly like you said 2 different class of people!! Plus being neighbors with gotti would have been the safest neighborhood. Can you imagine for one instance Walter Johnson moving Into your neighborhood!? Good god the property values would decrease dramatically, plus in no time there would be crack house all over the place!! At least with gotti we could enjoy great food and good wine, and guaranteed the best cigars available (cohiba robusto for me), with Johnson it would be sloppy joes and koolaid, forget about it!!!! Plus at least with gotti since he was an avid reader of roman history we could have enjoyed debates of worth and not discussing who is the baddest rapper!!! You hit the nail dead on, 2 different class of people ......... One a dirty low life gutter rat, the other royalty and the top drawer!!!!!

Cosimo 5 years ago


1. An unexpected punch

Read the definition of what a sucker punch is according to The Oxford dictionary and you will notice the middle word of "UNEXPECTED". the act of sucker punching someone or to deliver a quick blow to another who is unexpecting this, by definition is contrary to a courageous man's actions, but rather that of a COWARD. Any body with a right sense of justice would not argue this.

Gotti thought very little of johnson when he insulted him.... What did Johnson do? Did he seek retribution immediately? Did he avenge his honor right there on the spot as gotti WOUKD have done to ANYONE that would have disrespected him to his face? NO, HELL NO....he went back to his cell and thought and thought, and was faced with the dilemma that he had to, not wanted to but rather had to attack gotti to protect his reputation.

And once he was with gotti again did he let gotti know a beatdkwn was coming? NO, LIKE A RAT HIDING IN THE SHADOWS HE "SUCKERPUNCHED" GOTTI, andets not forget that gotti was almost twice his age and with the initial stages of cancer... So think this logically, Johnson gets insulted by the great gotti, whom Johnson should have been honoured because that is the only way a great icon like gotti WOULD even adress a gutter rat like him anyway, but nevertheless gotti insulted Johnson, and Johnson went away to brew and think, and not UNTIL the next day did he return to attack a defenseless man who was unexpecting of the immanent attack upon a much older man with cancer, and to boot he did NOT beat him to a bloody pulp, pictures don't lie, gutter rats do. The pictures clearly show a gotti with a smirk and a small injury that he could have een gotten banging his head..... Come on be realistic and call Johnson for what he really is, A COWARD, A LAY DOWN SALLY!!!

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 5 years ago from Southern California Author


Good post. Yeah, sucker-punching someone is not the same as stepping up to someone and fighting with them. Johnson was(is) a low-life. And I know John Gotti was far from being a model citizen, but he lived the life that he believed in till his dying day. There are certain things about Gotti that I admire, and of course, certain things that I detest. But overall, I'd rather be on Gotti's side than on Johnson's. For all Gotti's faults, I'm sure he helped more people than Johnson ever did. Living next to Gotti you'd have a clean neighborhood and more civilized surroundings. Living next to Johnson, you'd have rap music blaring, trashy, dilapidated homes, Impalas with 20" rims clogging the streets, and utter chaos! Just as there are different classes of people, there are different classes of criminals.

Cosimo 5 years ago


You make a lot of sense to me, gotti was far from a model citizen, but I also find slot of his characteristics admirable. There is the movie coming out on 2013, which is called at least for now Gotti: three generations, and it has been given it's blessing from his son jr.

From what I understand it is being produced with the consent of the gotti family, his sons and daughters, and they will attempt to adequately portray gotti as he was at home, and shed light on his generosity.


MONELLO  5 years ago

I read all the posts, and I will mention something I think was overlooked, since when did we evaluate a persons worth if they got beat up? We are returning to our elementary school days where we would talk after school on how so and so lost a fight! Gotti was attacked by Johnson and he suckerpunched him, also gotti was twice his age and suffering from cancer. Does not the fact that Walter beat up a older man who suffered from cancer make anyone cringe? Gotti by any means was no slouch, and he had a PHD in violence, and I'm quite confident that if gotti knew he would be engaged, the out come "might" be different... From the pictures showing a gotti with a smirk and not looking that banged up, I wonder if Johnson could not injure gotti that bad by attacking him by surprise, perhaps he is the one who would be hurt if Johnson was a real man and atleast challenged THE man straight on!!

For the Johnson fans, all I am saying is to think outside the box, and awknoledge what I am saying than make your own conclusion. The fact remains gotti was a physically tough man and this is why we are posting our opinions.... If this was about how Walter Johnson beat up Carlo Gambino a frail but POWERHOUSE of a man, there woukd not be one person(unless they are insane), that would be hooraying for Walter!!!!

Italianrule 5 years ago

There both fuckn ideots they both were cought at there game!!! A real gangster never gets caught.

Italianrule 5 years ago

There both fuckn ideots they both were cought at there game!!! A real gangster never gets caught.

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 5 years ago from Southern California Author

italianrule: Ever win a spelling bee?

jonathan kajer 5 years ago

john gotti was the man R.I.P John all u people don't know shit let the man rest i wish he was here you wouldn't be talkin like that u wouldn't be talkin at all go sleep with the fishes bitches 187

whatwhat 5 years ago

@ cosimo....... you're a straight punk. you no nothing about the federal system! only what you read. if you were there with me, i would have made you check in pc you coward! i don't care if gotti was 100yrs old. in the feds you DON'T disrespect nobody unlest you're ready to go to war.if walter had not kicked gotti azz them dc dude would have killed his azz! you punks talk about gotti being old .that shit don't mean nothing in prison. what if a race riot broke out are you to say i cant hit this dude because hes old? GTFOH. OK gotti was having people killed that's ok, its all part of the game right? well the same goes for gotti. don't nobody care who the fuckkk gotti is . gotti was not a punk but in the feds you tal that shit you get delt with....

Dr. Realism 5 years ago


I guarantee you that if you were on the OUTSIDE with John Gotti, you would definitely care who "the F**k" Gotti was. For all your tough talk, you wouldn't act or talk like that with Gotti on the outside. You sound like one of these inner city tough guys who go out of their way to strut, stare, swagger, and act all loud and obnoxious in an effort to convince the whole world how tough you are. As you have said about Gotti, you are only human; you are only one man. No man is invincible. Just like Gotti, you could easily get swatted down or killed or maimed just like the next guy.....Remember that tough guy!

same old stuff 5 years ago

its the ni@@#rs that talk with that ebonics crap, at least with gotti he would speak the english language correctly and not with dis, and dat, being stupid claiming they are gangster when in reality they are just little punks that think they are bad because they let their pants sag down and put words together that can sound the same

Cosimo 5 years ago

TO WhatWhat, it's better to stay quite and let people think you are an idiot, than open your mouth and remove any doubt!!! Maybe you lack the capacity of reading proper English, because you are hooked on Ebonics! If you read what I wrote you imbecile and and incorrigible waste of a human life, you WOULD realize that I was merely pointing out that your hero, Walter Johnson "sucker punched" a senior citizen who suffered from cancer... I never said the great Gotti was justified in doing so, but I guess by telling Walter off he did not think to much of him, because he was a gutter rat! The fact that you were incarcerated does not surprise me one bit. So I shall return to my splendid meal of spaghettit alle vongole, veal Marsala and enjoy a fine glass of red wine from the tuscanny region, while you instead will settle down for a sloppy Joe and cool aid.... Enjoy your night.... Btw whatwhat remember the rent is due and your government check SHOULD arrive any day now!! LOL!!

whatwhat 5 years ago

@cosimo.. are you in love with gotti? i can tell by the way you keep worshiping him like hes a GOD or something. and when you cowards talk about gotti being OLD so what. he order people to be killed young and older people. what im sayin fool, is that no matter how old you are you don't disrespect no one or allow yourself to be disrespect in prison.yeah cosimo go ahead and act tough at your computer you punk!@dr realsim you sound just like a lady. no one is untouchable even gotti he bleeds just like the rest of us. wasn't gotti the one who was doing all the tough talk? and he got his beat for it. action speaks louder that words. just like you cowards turn into super man behind your computer and talk that same shit that got gotti lumped up for. say what you want nigger this nigger that, it was a nigger that beat his azz is that why you punks are so mad

Guido 5 years ago

@ WhatWhat:

You would drop dead of a heart attack if John Gotti gave you his death stare! If you were on Gotti's turf, you'd tremble and mess your pants if Gotti were mad at you!!!! The Dapper Don was a FORCE of Nature....You, dear sir, are a moron!!!

unknown 5 years ago

mr gotti is truly missed and still loved.....4th of july will never be the my friend

whatwhat 5 years ago

@guido.....You would drop dead of a heart attack if John Gotti gave you his death stare! If you were on Gotti's turf.. WTF... are you a fag or what? jonh gotti death stare. look, its never how many you kill ,its who you kill. and gotti was not untouchable. you ghost writers kill me . its ok for gotti to order people to be killed even if he were old and had cancer. but its not ok for someone to beat his azz for disrespecting them. gotti should have thought about that before he diss walt.

Cosimo 5 years ago

To whatwhat, I honestly believe you are challenged... You either are to stupid or are not taking the time to read the posts correctly, so I will "try" to reexplain it to you in very simple terms. Nobody said gotti was just in disrespecting your lowlife Johnson!! But you should know the facts before you comment:

1. Gotti obviously did not think much of Johnson when he insulted him.

2. Johnson did NOT retaliate immediately, instead he went back to his cell and replayed the incident over and over again, knowing full well the only action he could do, to keep his self respect is to confront gotti for his lack of respect.

3. The next day he did not confront gotti like a man, instead he "sucker punched" gotti, why don't you read what sucker punched means in the dictionary.

4. He did not beat his ass like you claim but rather just attacked him, if you look at the pictures of gotti after this altercation (fight to you in case you did not understand that word), gotti has a smirk and has a small injury not a beat down!!

5. Gotti was a senior citizen at the time.

6. Gotti was suffering from cancer.

Even your incorrigible, low life, scum of this earth, lay down Sally Walter Johnson wanted to forget this incident after it happened, and did not want to recount this chapter in his life for fear of retaliation or to ignite a revenge killing! The fact remains that Johnson sucker punched a man twice his age with cancer, how different the out come would have been if gotti was in his prime or even knew he was going to be attacked!!! In the event you did not know when gotti was incarcerated in lewisburg and when he was roughly 30 years old he was in charge of keeping the BGF (black guerilla family) in check, and according to it's leader who happened to be a much more violent, ruthless, intelligent and feared murderer than your incorrigible Walter Johnson stated after a meeting with gotti about prison rules, "today I met a wop who is tougher than us!" so whatwhat know your facts before opening your mouth, and be proud of someone who has accomplished something not because a younger man injured a senior citizen who suffered from cancer!

wallstreet 5 years ago

gotti was old at the time so i don't give points 4 beating senior citzens but u no wat italins refer to us as moolies and when u add that 2 da pot well dats a recipe 4 azz whippin in da joint i don't care who u r unless ur a soft nigga n n da joint trust u don't want 2 b labled a softie so give da nigga his props he handled dat gueni wop regardless of who he was being he was gotti dat nigga had heart hands down

whatwhat 5 years ago

i don't care if gotti had one leg and was 1000yrs old. you dis respect you get what gotti had cancer so what he was old, that does not give him the right to disrespect anyone.cosimo you would have been somebody girl in the feds foreal! you act just like a women. don't believe everything you read. gotti was a noboby 30yrs ago he didn't do shit in lewisburg the BGF had nothing to do with the dc blacks. wtf are you talking stop watching that fake tv shit. the same thing make you laugh makes you cry.gotti was no fucking king.

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 5 years ago from Southern California Author

Gotti was a nice dresser. And I do believe he added a little bluish tint to his hair. A nice touch to set off his prominent widow's peak!

BigD10..Nostra 5 years ago

The ol"black guy sucker punch." That dates bacc to Moses in short pants.Sidewalk sissys

moolie 5 years ago

so was the guy suppose to let gotti disrespect him because gotti had cancer or because gotti was old? GTFOH.... if gotti was able to disrespect they guy ,aint no sense of crying like a lot of fake computer gangsta on here talking about gotti was a man of honor, gotti was a better criminal, gotti was a smooth dresser,gotti got his azz beat for one reason and one reason only, he gotti choose to dis the guy walter and walter did what he had to do! all of that gotti was old gotti was sick gotti still disrespected the dude period.


There is a difference in repecting somebody and honoring somebody. You can respect someone because of what they do on the streets but you don't have honor a man because everyone is a man of respect.If gotti was alive and younger and called me a nigger,my reaction is no man will disrespect me i don't care how many people you have killed or paid to get people killed and i will loose total respect for you. When you are in prison there are no guns,so you see what will men are about. See people don't undersatnd,guns kill people not people so where im from here in chicago,a real killer is someone who does not use a gun but someone that will take a knife jam you 10 times and like to hear the whoo whoo whoo sound if you know what i mean.Gotti was an old man with cancer i undersatnd that but was johnson suppose to say yes gotti whatever you say gotti. If you ever been locked up you would know there is a time and place for everything so when johnson was ready to attack gotti should have been ready. When gotti shot dudes in the street are you going to call it a sucker gun shot like when they wacked paul C.If John Gotti was in Cook County Jail here in Chicago when he was younger waling around on deck calling people niggers it would be nothing nice.Mexican gangs in mexico are killing each other because there is billions of dollars involved,Gotti could get you killed because he had money but if he was broke would those guys kill for gotti? I have shook hands with a lot of killers more than the people that are dead and respect is before honor, you don't F#$k with me,i wont F%^k with you.Black people can fight one on one and when you locked up there are no guns just your fist and you are around people that don't have to honor you like your neighborhood or you friends did on the streets.Could gotti beat up every black man in a New York Correctional Facility when he was younger? or if i beat gotti ass he going get somebody to kill me? The bottom line is Gotti was a Gangster loved by many but he was not everyone boss and he could not just go into any neighborhood in NYC,Chicago and say you have to Honor me because im gotti because if he did he would be the HOOD GOD

Johnny-Trenton NJ 5 years ago

John Gotti was class personified.

And, believe it or not helped a lot of people that were not "in".

Point in fact a Dominican girl with a newborn who needed to provide. Gotti stocked up her apt with food and GAVE her a few hundred to get by.

Wanted, accepted nothing in return.

This brother sucker punching Gotti was point blank a coward.

Still, at Gottis age and failing health even if he went toe to toe the outcome may have been the same.

Gotti may have been a Mafioso...but he had a good heart when it counted.

sammy the bull 5 years ago

to all the little girls crying about a sucker punch get real. look ,you're in the federal prison system where anything goes. what was the dude suppose to say gotti, hey gotti put your hands up we are about to fight. you guys are funny as hell. that's why if you ever make that wrong move and end up in here, you're more likely to be raped.... and did gotti tell the people that he had wacked that they were about to be killed, or did he have someone shoot them in the back of there head? was that fair?

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 5 years ago from Southern California Author

A lot of good posts here. I enjoy reading all of the posts! Being a big-time mob boss like Gotti was, getting punched like that had to hurt Gotti's pride more than it did his person. I know if I were Gotti, I'd do EVERYTHING in my power to have Johnson whacked. I'd try to get messages to my buddies on the outside, try to find a corrupt guard, enlist the Aryans (like Gotti purportedly did). There's no way I would allow a punk like Johnson to get away. If I were Gotti's son or one of his brothers out on the street, I'd wait for Johnson to get sprung. I'd have a nice little welcome home party waiting for him!

italiaman 5 years ago

And Gotti was Italian. nuff said.

SAMMY THE BULL 5 years ago


pauly d 5 years ago

you people act as if gotti was some type of GOD or something. he wasn't shit in the federal system. the AB puncked him,walter fuccked him up. don't care about how old you are or the fact he had cancer. did gotti care about the people he had killed? and to the dude that said gotti was running shit lewisburg,that's a damm lie.the bgf was sacred of gotti gtfoh them dc dudes was not having it at that time at a matter of fact one of the dc dudes who i wont name was fucking a few wops. them wops don't run shit now in the feds,they just take orders.they had there mafia's row there at lewisburg but to say they were running shit is a lie....

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 5 years ago from Southern California Author

Saying Gotti wasn't the God or the toughest is fine, but you have to say the same things about all the other guys in the pen as well. This guy Walter Johnson wasn't untouchable or a God or some mythical tough guy that was head and shoulders above everyone else. I'm sure this punk got a few beat downs in his time. So don't kid yourself into thinking that simply because he got the better of Gotti that he was SUPERMAN.....Nobody is!!! Some of these "brothas" on here get a little too excited with this Johnson's so-called toughness!

jb 5 years ago

Lucifer is right about Tom Silverstein and Clayton Fountain though. Tom killed a DC Black member by strangling him with wire while he was sleeping because his head was too close to the bars, then a year later, Tom and Clayton killed the leader of the DC Blacks and dragged his body along the tiers, the guy had been stabbed 67 times. A year later, Tom and Clayton each killed a prison guard on the same exact day, the first time that 2 guards were killed on the same day. The AB aren't very kind to most white inmates either. I would shit myself if I had to go up against any of these prison gangs because I'm not a violent sociopath with no sense of right or wrong and no conscience.

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 5 years ago from Southern California Author


I agree with you. I can't fathom what life would be like living under the conditions that the AB (or other prison gangs) thrive under. So many posters on here act like they are the second coming of Godzilla, a giant, awe-inspiring mountain of terror that can squash any and all things in its way. But a lot of that is simple immaturity combined with the male characteristic of wanting to be tough and strong and masculine. I see it all the time on the streets, especially the younger crowd. So much fronting, so much bragging, so much strutting, but in truth, so very few legitimate tough guys! But even then, what does being tough really bring a person? We all die in the end. We all breathe the same air, suffer the same pains and problems etc.

Dan smith 5 years ago

I wish they would have killed that niger. And I wonder if it was Barry mills that he paid to kill the niger. Hasn't he always been the top leader of the brand ?

king 22 4 years ago

hey dan are u a nazi

walter johnson 4 years ago

hey dan smith why didn't you kill that ni33er? because that ni33er would have dipped that knife in your azz that's why!

irish mobster 4 years ago

to correct something said earlier fuck john gotti and walter what ever his name was the most ruthless gangster of all time and till this day is still james f coonan gotti's crew was afraid of the westies those words actually came out of gotti's mouth read the book the westies even gotti and his crew feared them cause they were so ruthless go run ur mouth in smiths bar on 8th ave in hells kitchen to this day and ul get ur teeth kicked in ur probly noting but a spoiled punk from howard beach a lacky of gotti's i knew jg and he was noting compared to big paul his proticessor

Giuneas are putrid scum... 4 years ago

John Gotti got imprisoned by an Irish American judge and the Irish NYPD...go figure...then he got an ass whippin in jail...then he got cancer...chequered career for the so called King of New York...

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California Author


Yeah, but Paul wasn't as street smart as Gotti was. If he had been, he would have realized just how big of a threat Gotti and his crew were. A smarter, more wily mob boss such as Carlo Gambino or Tony Accardo or Chin Gigante would have recognized Gotti's ambition and power and would have either demoted him or whacked him!

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California Author

Walter Johnson's career high was that he punched out a big-time mob boss. Gotti was on the cover of magazines, had books written about him, and went to jail a multi-millionaire. And Johnson's lucky the Gambino's were in such disarray after Gotti's conviction and Gravano's defection; otherwise, Johnson would have been tracked down and dealt with after he was paroled. A gutter truant like Johnson wouldn't be hard to find!

john gotti jr 4 years ago

my father got his azz beat,in jail it happens. the aryan brother hood was punking my father,walter johnson didn't care nothing about my father.he was just another man in jail. my pops was good at having other people do things for him

ICannotBelieveWhatI'mReading 4 years ago

SERIOUSLY?! How long has John Gotti been deceased now?! ALMOST 10 YEARS! Yet people are STILL talking about what he "would do if he were here". He's NOT here anymore, nor is his ability to have people murdered, get beat up in jail, help the underprivileged, etc.; why can't he just rest in peace & not have people second-guessing what he would or wouldn't do?! I'm guessing that IF he were still here, he would probably NOT take the time to read any of our comments & IF he did, even if some of us are mistaken about him, I doubt ANY of us would be so important in his life that he would have us hunted down to correct us! Somehow, I just DON'T see some mobster really CARING what is posted on a website about him! (Unless of course it was some sort of direct threat or absolute LIE that would undermine him somehow.) I left a comment about 10 months ago & just realized it's been awhile since I checked in to read any new comments. I find that the more recent comments are just like the older ones; hits on the posters of the comments rather than legitimate "facts" about the incident where the guy "sucker-punched" John Gotti. Who really CARES if he got punched or not? He survived so it couldn't have been a REAL beating. The photo to me is almost laughable...looks like HE HIMSELF was about to laugh about it. (Or maybe he had just FINISHED laughing about it!) I say that if you weren't there, seeing it with your own have NO IDEA what you are talking about because you are strictly going on hearsay & a photograph. I believe John Gotti's BEST attribute was his looks...he was a very handsome man in his day. (I would have dated him if he were a really nice Italian young man!) :) (Oh! And IF I had been born a few decades earlier than I was! LOL!) I have no use at all for criminals..."high-class" nor "gutter-rat". To me a criminal is a criminal as I stated before in my previous comment. Too bad all his efforts weren't spent toward bettering the country...he had a personality that got people to do what he wanted...he could have made a REAL difference in a better direction. He had what is needed to delegate responsibility...too bad it was wasted on crime.

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California Author

Speaking strictly as a heterosexual who can comment on a guy's handsomness, I think John Gotti was better looking as a middle-aged guy than he was as a young dude. Sort of like Charles Bronson, who sort of became more distinguished and less "greasy" looking as he aged.

STFU!!! 4 years ago

It is soooooooooo funny to hear people talking about things they really know nothing about. None of you people were there, none of you know him or his family or any of the people involved, none of you know jack shit except what you read in the papers and hear on the news!! And as for the person who says he is related to Gotti...STFU!!! No-body ralated to Gotti would get on this site and say they were. I can't believe you idiots are really arguing and calling people out of their names, especially Gotti and his family. You don't know them. Who's family does not have a black sheep or a friggin dumbass doing dumb shit!?!? NO-BODY'S, that's who's!! So shut your judgemental ignorant asses up. What if it was your father!?!? Your family!?!? My brother does dumb shit but you know what...he's my brother and I love him just like they love their dad. And I wouldn't dare let any one talk shit about him. Just like I am sure most of you wouldn't either. We live in a really judgemental, holier than thou society and it makes my stomach turn. Every one has some stupid shit to say until it is their own asses on the line!!! So shut the fuck up...and thank God your loved ones are all in tact!!

Brooke 4 years ago

Lol @ nutball italian men that are on here defending this murderer. So what he was on the cover of magazines. He was a scummy, lowlife thug who not only ordered murders but hurt his own family by dragging them into this lifestyle i.e. his oldest son.

Forget the fine clothes and his "rep". Where is his soul? I hope he knew Christ and repented before dying.

Brooke 4 years ago


I agree that john was handsome as a young man. His oldest son was gorgeous when he was younger. The kind of "fine" that would break my heart when I would have to drop him if he continued to live a mobster's life. A lot of these italian mobsters were handsome and smart i.e. salvatore Testa but totally caught up in a horrible, lazy, criminal lifestyle.

Very sad

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California Author

John Gotti Jr. looked nothing like his old man. Junior was sort of puggish looking.

ICannotBelieveWhatI'mReading 4 years ago

At AnthonyJ33...LOL @ "puggish looking"! I do believe that the majority of Italian men are handsome...I dated one who was born in Chicago but FORTUNATELY he had NO TIES to the crime families! (Especially since I had my first daughter by him!)

REALLY!?!? 4 years ago

@Brook You say you wonder if Gotti knew Christ and repented before dying. And in the same breath you call Gotti a scummy low life.'s a hint sweetie...judge not lest ye be judged. Read the bible much!?!? Any one who really knows Christ would not be so friggin judgemental. However, you do make a valid point...he did hurt his family .

red mafia 4 years ago

your all full of piss the real mafia is coming,the red mafia ,run by the richest most powerfull people in the world the jews look at all the major financial instatutions they run the lot .Italian mafia is astreet gang hustling for small change compared to them

Who cares 4 years ago

He got out of life what he put into it! PAIN AND MISERY

Patsy 4 years ago

Yea this black guy sounds real tough, sucker punch a 60 yearold man then jump ontop of him and give him some more. Congratulations to everyone on here routing for the black guy he just kicked a 60 year old man’s ass! Now that he is out of prison he can shakedown a wealthy retirement community to get his rep back.

jjgotti 4 years ago

first off all yous guys talking shit, john gotti made it to the top in his world witch is more than yous low lifes can say yous hide behind your key boards & tv screens talking shit & it just shows how much of a bitch yous guys really are

who cares 4 years ago

john made it to the top in his world alright. He died in prison you fool. That's just a brilliant statement jj.

unknown 4 years ago

i like john gotti he gave to the poor i met the guys partner who wire tap john gotti am gona put him on blast he was a waiter in a restaurant were john gotti used to eat he work in coneyisland his best friend is steve fob drives a mercades benz convertible lives in bensonhurst front plate says fob he hangs in casacalamarie his friend is rocco from casa calamari bensonhurst there all rats

sammy the bull 4 years ago

did gotti care about the people that he had whacked? did he care about how old they were or that they had families? when you punks say that walter johnson sucker punched gotti,i say gotti sucker punched the people he had killed. gotti didn't say hey so in so you know that im about to have you killed.@pasty walter johnson is NOT out and will never be out. he is at adx supermax in colorado. gotti wasn't shit he brought down the mob with his big mouth. he should have been whacked! only cowards look up to punks like gotti.... walter should be rewarded for bitch smacking gotti!!!

Exe 4 years ago

Can't believe all the bullshit on here from Gotti fans regarding the AB. Take it from one who knows, the Teflon Don like all other Mafia bosses paid the Brand for protection. Either in cold cash or by way of favours or services on the outside. Fact, Gotti was due to hire a defence attorney for Barry Mills but fell short on the deal so his protection was revoked and Gotti got his ass kicked. John was a tough guy but he was nothing compared to the AB, like Manson, he was just another con to protect for cash.The Cosa Nostra is not the well oiled ivy league of crime everyone likes to make out, most of them were just plain ignorant stret thugs with no smarts. Gotti himself was the least likely candidate for the Boss job ever. Not smart or educated enough to follow in Castellano or Gambino, he was too vulgar, garish and stupoid.In prison however, he was just another mobster, The Irish, The Blacks and Hispanics treated him as they treated everyone else, they had no fear of him and the Mafia had already lost its grip

Sorry to say but some of the Italians on here really need to stop believing everything they see on TV, The Italians inherited organised crime from the Irish after the paddies had made enough money to go overground and comntrol the police and politics.

Cc 4 years ago


You are so right, in all of your points. My husband happens to work for the department of justice, more specifically the fbop (federal bureau of prisons for you laymen). He is a gang and homicide investigator who is considered an expert at what he does. Gotti in fact did pay the AB for his protection. Another point I want to agree and comment on that you made; the Italians in any department of corrections whether it's at the state or federal level are primitive at best. Do your homework kids, while the "mob" might be prevalent in your northern DOC's, it doesn't even come close to representing a significant percentage of who is running the prisons as a whole.

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California Author


Thanks for your input. Yeah, the Italian mob is a minority in the entire prison system. Back in the mob's heyday, they ran entire prisons. But as demographics shifted, and as the mob came under increased fire from law enforcement, other criminal groups emerged. Rats and informants within the mob also played a huge role in the mob's demise. For Gotti, it must have been a culture shock for him to be stuck in a joint where he was just another fish in the pond. I'd love to hear more stories about your husbands work in the FBOP, and any other stories he might have about Gotti or any other organized crime figure.

Nooch 4 years ago

The Irish didn't give the Italians nothing. They were on top when the Italians and Jews came on the scene. That's a fact. The Italians were like the Mexicans: Fighting each other because they came from different regions, but once prohibition came into play, they joined forces (Sicilians and Neapolitans), and they took over. As far as the Westies are concerned, after Coonan went to jail Gotti put an Albanian in charge of that crew. There are no more Westies today. As far as corrections, does anyone know who Bernard Kerik is? Oh, yeah, he's that guy who President Bush was going to put in charge of Homeland Security and he was the Police Commissioner of NYC, but he ended up going to jail. One

of the things that came out in his trial is that when he was the head of corrections in New York State, he was on the Gambino payroll, and did favor for high level mobsters that were locked up. I guess it may depend where you are. As far as mobsters paying for protection when they are locked up, Henry Hill mentioned in his book that his boss Paulie paid the blacks to keep things cool. What he really meant was Paulie paid the blacks off so they wouldn't fuck with them. Prison populations changed in the late '60's. That's why a lot of whites rat out, because they can't handle the time. The Westies

were a fucking joke. They all turned rat before it came into style. They were Paul Castellano's bitches. If you want to know why Italians sometimes use outside people, it's because they want to leave the other families in the dark. Not everything is broadcast.

Whitey Bulger was another bitch. The only way he could take down the Italians was by ratting on the side and having a special relationship with the FBI. The guy he helped take Gennaro Anguilo was worth 100 million. Check out his funeral on Youtube. Not one Irish mobster ever came close to this. Mafia originated in Sicily and sourthern Italy. No one taught or gave them anything.

And if anybody wants to starting about Meyer Lansky, he was Luciano's bitch, too. Accept the truth. Anytime anybody on this website buys any product from a supermarket, a couple of nickels goes to the mob. They aren't dead yet. I'm not a fan. I'm just stating the facts. The New York corporations that take over Las Vegas with junk bonds are controlled by the mob. Everytime there's a mob bust it's the case of the century. The truth is a lot of these guys getting bust aren't even that big. That's what the papers make them out to be. The mob has gone deep underground again. Don't be fooled by the stupid documentaries. It's all bullshit.

Big Dick Johnson 4 years ago

Your all bunch of dumbasses. Gotti was as disgrace to his ethnicity, no one oe is afraid of the Italian Mafia, it's all a joke now. Gotti is gone and that's great, he and his entire family including the bull are all cowards anyway.

Warrior Princess 4 years ago

Wow at some of these comments. I would give neither one of these men respect but let me jus say this.....

A. yes gotti was old and he may have had cancer at the time. But you choose your battles wisley and for him to call that man a nigger was way outta line and RULE #1 get disrespectful AND get disrespected!!!

B. Both these men took brothers away from sisters and sons away from mothers so we are really gonna get in a debate about who is better when nither of them got away

C.If a white man would have beat up Gotti then y'all whole argument would have been about the sucker punch right smh

Get it together people

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California Author

Being a high-ranking organized crime figure doesn't mean you are immune from street-style justice!

Animal Kingdom 4 years ago

It's a known and accepted fact that white male prisoners are severely brutalised by the black male majority in prison. The blacks choose to rape white inmates rather than their own race, and the white inmates do not rally to protect each other the way the hispanics and blacks do for each other. If young white males are especially vulnerable in prison then it makes sense that they only be sent there as a last resort. The jail experience will utterly (psycholgically) destroy them yet the reality is that black inmates are more likely to survive the jail experience because they are less victimised and have a better support system within the system. A white boy in jail is fresh meat for the tribes.

Animal Kingdom 4 years ago

The AB are especially vicious cos they are the minority and have to fight twice as dirty not to get swallowed up by the black thugs. What's disgusting is that the blacks are raping whites but the whites are also raping whites - cos they don't want to take on the blacks cos they're are just too many of them. Jails shouldn't allow a majority to rule. Its an unfair fight that cant be won.

White boys really need to stay out of jail.

Draco 4 years ago

@Nooch, yeah you just lap up that Jerry Capeci shit and Italian Bullshit. The nature of the Sicilian Mafia and the American Costa Nostra are two different things. The Irish had already left the Underworld behind by the time, the castellammarese war had ended and had elevated themselves to running the police and politics, all that was left was the dumb and the feckles.

Lucky Luciano used to say "Who's looking after the Irish" meaning have we paid the cops and politicians. the mafia did all the work and the Irish taxed them, its as simple as that.

Any racket that an Italian had a hand in was developed 60 years earlier by the Irish but most importantly , political graft.. the art of greasing palms and gaining political influence. This is the frame work that was the Irish gift to the Italians and the Jews. The Sicilian Mafia were no better then chicken thieves and extortionists, Black Hand sound familiar. hence never making any significant international impact until they adopted the American model as perfected by the Irish.

The Irish were in business from the 1860s until the 1980s, the Mafia from 1902 until 1997, there is no real point in drawing on the Sicilian history as most of the LCN didn't honour the original codes.

As for the Mob today,they're a spent force, trailing behind the Mexicans and Colombians who simply make more money for less work. The domination of New York ended long ago and as for junk bonds and Vegas, sorry, boiler room scams yes but other then that the mob as it once was is a spent force. As for trials of the century headlines, you must be in a time machine, Outlaw Bikers, the Cartels and the Russian have dominated the headlines since the 90s, the mob stories are just the usual, mobster turns rat. Those other outfits made 100s of millions in less then half the time , it took the Italians, they are also better with the old omerta.

Joe Valachi turned rat long before any Irish man and was the first of many mob rats long before the Westies.

As for Bernard Kerik and his mob favours in the correction system, his mob links were tenous, he did business with a stock scammer called RAy but his main mob claim was using his influence to help get an alleged mob tied businessman some gambling licenses.

You may not want to hre=ear but its true, the mob were myth then reality and the reason for all those documentaries because the dumb fucks get caught, rat and the write a book.

The Governing body of Crime in the USa though, will always be the same, the Good ole boys and Wasps that have pulled the strings of power for centuries. No Criminal organisation has the reach, firepower or wealth of the Establishment.

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California Author

It's amazing how far and how fast the American mafia fell. It went from controlling large portions of many major cities to basically being relegated to just another crime group in a few decades or so. In Chicago the change was amazing. During the Capone/Giancana/Accardo eras, Chicago crime was basically owned by the Outfit; all other crime groups were subservient to the Outfit. But today, the Outfit controls, what, like two or three streets? All these ethnic gangs and transplanted crime groups have taken over.

Nooch 4 years ago


You make me laugh. Did you ever hear of the Ndrangheta?

I won't waste my time. You know who Steve Wynn works for? I live in the big Apple, brother. Everyone in NYC knows that half the borough of Queens is still owned by

the Gotti's legimately. ONCE AGAIN, I'M NOT BRAGGING OR GLORIFYING this shit. Just stating facts. The Ndrangheta is the world's biggest mafia. The Gambino's were making 500 million a year when Gotti was on top and that's only what they could trace.

Lipstick Traces 4 years ago

But seriously.. Why are some Italian men so gorgeous?? Is it the thick dark hair? The olive tone skin? The way they love hard especially when it comes to their families. I agree with another poster in regards to John's son. He was cute when he was younger. Sadly his father helped to destroy his life.

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California Author

I never realized how chunky John Gotti was. He obviously didn't get much physical exercise....hehe

Lipstick traces 4 years ago


You're right. Lol He wasn't a muscle man. Eating those heavy pastas, sausages, etc will put weight on ya. He wasn't the tallest of men either.

But even with The xtra pounds he was a good looking guy. If he wasn't a scheming scumbag mobster, I wouldn't have kicked him out of bed.

I wonder what his sons do for a living now?

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California Author


Yeah, but even though John wasn't a body beautiful, I still wouldn't want to fight him on the street. By all accounts, he was a legitimate tough guy, unlike many gangster who are only tough with a gun or with a lot of back up. John was a guy that didn't mind using his fists and scrapping. I think I'd rather fight Carlo Gambino than John Gotti haha......

butt bluff 4 years ago

hey Anthony

erase this!!!!

blow a sausage up your toot!

all I wanted was an Italian beef and you keep deleting me!!!


AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California Author

butt bluff:

There! Are you happy now? Pork sausage is better anyways!

diony 4 years ago

Who fricken cares

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California Author

Lots' of people; hence the number of replies to this topic!

JOHN SAMMY BULL 4 years ago


AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California Author

@John Sammy Bull:

Italians are White!

Lipstick 4 years ago

I have known some Italians who don't consider themselves as "white"

The funny thing is that some Italians are so swarthy that I have mistaken them for Puerto Ricans so I can understand their feelings solely based on looks.

I guess everyone has their own Racial categories

jason 4 years ago

Yeah, I never used to consider Italians as being White either. I used to lump them into the category with Latino/Hispanic due to their swarthinness. But, in reality, Italians are European. So, they are Caucasian/white!

Butt bluff 4 years ago

Is Anthony italian or is he just a big sausage butted man!?!

Guttie 4 years ago

U guys better be quiet or else

Guttie 4 years ago

So u guys started shutting up now

Nooch 4 years ago

Only 20 percent of the mob is muscle. The rest are hustlers and business men. MOST OF THE TIME, they have no choice. They gotta pay or else, because they are an automatice target. White is the minority in the joint.

Some of these mobsters use gangs and blacks to take care of some of their shit on the street. Not all Italians is soft in the Feds. There are some heavy weights that dont' get fucked with. Mike Rizzi in Cali had a double cell with his own kitchen in it. Chin Gigante died peacefully in the Feds. Lot of guys getting raped or beat is because they step outa line and gotta get checked. There's blacks and spanish getting raped, too. Ain't no use in the Italians starting a prison riot because they would lose fast. They ain't stupid they know it. They used to living large on the outside. They ain't no more Italian ghettos. As far as Gotti being the number one mob man on the street or the big boss. That ain't true. Gigante was number one in the mob, not Gotti. The TV movies and history channel hype it.

But you can always do what the tough Irish did. Get the white badge of courage and join the poleece. That's what people do when they can't handle the streets or the joint.

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California Author


Good post! I agree about Gotti not being the ABSOLUTE mob boss on the street. Due to media hype and Gotti's charisma/posturing, he was built up into being the Godfather of the entire mob. Plus, his younger age (45-ish), made him appear to be more of a cooler, hipper, yuppier Mob boss. But guys like Chin Gigante and even Joseph Massino were powerful guys who were much more low key and guarded.

In terms of prison, Italians lost any type of majority decades ago. Gone are the days when mobsters ran entire prisons or had cell blocks deemed "Mafia Row" under their command. Changing demographics, my man!

But I still think a lot of mob guys carry a lot of weight in the joint. Just because a mobster is in the minority in prison doesn't automatically mean he will be easy pickings. Being associated with a mob family still carries a lot of weight, and most prisoners won't want to start trouble with a mob guy just for fun. The mob can always retaliate or even a score against someone once that guy gets released.

And blacks are a majority in prison, but they are only like 13 percent of the U.S population. So, blacks are a small minority overall. They are toughest in prisons; outside of prisons they are way overmatched and outnumbered by whites and hispanics.

Nooch 4 years ago

Hey Anthony, you're right. Two wiseguys come to mind. First, I'll start with Joe Watts. He wasn't even a made guy because he was half German. I still don't know what he did for the warden or whoever, but

when he got locked up, he got his own cell block and picked who he wanted on his cell block. It cost him some big bucks, but I don't know

who he paid. Another guy is Mike Perna, a Jersey wiseguy. He had his own cell block also, same thing, with the people he wanted around him. He threw his own holiday parties. Now that I'm writing this, Nickie Corrozzo also comes to mind. He never stood in line to get his food. He always had a table ready with a table cloth. He just showed up to his table and the food was brought to him. Some of these guys

pay a gang for the extra protection. Not because they're scared and crying in their cells. Not every Italian inmate is a mobster. They may

congregate with other Italians because they wanna get in. Some of the younger Brooklyn guys are the worst. They got big mouths and like to

put the blacks down just because they're black. That ain't cool and the real mob guys like Chin, Perna, and many others don't approve of that shit. They want to do peaceful time. Heard a story, don't know if it's true, but when Gotti was locked up in his early years, he used to get either a black and Hispanic to clean his cell. An older mob guy smacked him and told him to clean his own cell. It's best to show equality in the joint.

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California Author

Hey Nooch:

Yeah, I heard about those guys, Joe "The German" Watts and Mike Perna. And I also read about that guy that supposedly smacked Gotti in the 1970s. It just goes to show you that nobody is SUPERMAN. There was another mob guy that supposedly smacked John Gotti on the outside, sometime in the late 70s or so; I forget his name. But he's still alive and well, and at least to my knowledge, is still in the crime family. Oh, wait, wait: I think the guy's name is Michael Paradiso, "Mikey" Paradiso. He's an old-timer now, but he came up about the same time as Gotti. The guy must have carried a lot of weight to be able to raise his hands to a violent guy like Gotti and live.

Leslie 4 years ago

Anthony, how many mobsters have you kissed?

Dark 4 years ago

I see the word "NIGGER" being thrown around here allot. First off, none of the people throwing it around would do so outside on the street, or in prison, that's for sure.

Two, no one cares who you are in prison, unless you are a high level gang member on the streets and in prison.

Third, people keep saying Gotti was a feared and well respect mob boss, that may have been so years before, but when he was in prison, he was old, and did not have the pull he once had, so you can stop saying he was feared, because in prison he wasn't.

Is anyone afraid of the mob anymore? I really don't think so, the Blood's Crips, Latin kinds, Mexican Mafia, AB and other gangs have taken over that void, they are taking that crown now.

So to the guy who says he is related to John Gotti, No one cares I am sure, also to the guy who has the name *NIGGERS AND DIRTY RED HEAD IRISH* both would beat your ass, so your screen name doesn't mean a thing, because no one knows who you are, and you know that, so you hide behind you monitor and keyboard, we all know you don't say those things out side of the internet. ;)

Lipstick traces 4 years ago

Well put Dark. The mob is still in operation but on a much lower scale. They're fractured and outdated. But alas people want to live in the past and act as though these big bad crminals are still important....

Lol look at how most of them wound up... Dead or in jail. So what was it all for?

Nooch 4 years ago

The FBI still considers the Genovese family the ivy league of the underworld. The busiest port in the country is located in Newark, NJ,

and in January 2011 about 15 wiseguys were arrested for infiltrating

the ports in New Jersey. You see, if you understand, the mob charges

a tax on merchandise coming into this country by extorting the unions and companies that unload merchandise. The added costs gets

taxed onto us, the taxpayers. Years ago Brooklyn was the busiest port.

The Feds got involved and companies moved to Jersey. Unfortunately,

the mob moved with them. One would like to believe the mob is fractured and outdated, but that's not true. The Chicago outfit may

not control many streets as they used to, but they don't have to. According to the FBI they are the most heavily involved in Internet gambling then any other crime organization. As far as the Mexican Mafia is concerned, they do what the Mexican Cartels in Mexico tell them to do, and the Mexican Cartels are partners with the Italian Mafia. Traditional organized crime is changing - five families and all that. Euros are worth more than the dollar. In the 1980's when the Colombians came on the scene they thought they could just go to Europe and take over. Didn't happen. They had to partner with the Italians and the Mexicans are doing the same thing now. There's two Sicilian brothers in Monterrey Mexico that represent Cosa Nostra, the Gerardi brothers. The Albanians tried the same thing and got their heads chopped off. The Calabrian Ndrangheta, the world's most diverse and biggest mafia has been intermarrying their children with Colombian Cartel families. The Gerardi brothers schooled Mexican Cartels on being diversified and laundering money. Anyone can Google this information to see it's true. In the 1970's, it was the black mafia, in the 80's it was the Cubans and Colombians, in the 90's it was the Russians, now the 2000's it was the Albanians and the Mexicans who were supposed to take over. It hasn't happened. Most of these people work together to make money. Italian organized crime in America and all over the world is changing, but I don't think it will ever disappear. I think a lot of people on this site only know about the mob from watching movies and documentaries. The majority of that stuff is bullshit. There was a time the the Italian mob was supreme,

but they didn't go out challenging everybody and saying BOW DOWN,

WE THE BIGGEST BADDEST!! That's the movies.

As far as the joint, some black dude stepped out of line with his crew,

they gang raped his ass with a broom stick. I saw a Spanish guys

face collapsed. I don't know what for. Sometimes people just crazy and do something because they know they can do it and get away with it. In Sing Sing there's an old Italian man doing 25 to life because he killed his daughter's husband for throwing her massive beating. Everybody likes that guy, even the muslims, and nobody mess with him. Prison is survival of the Fittest. Terre Haute is home to the gladiators. Albanians thinking they Italian get cracked because

they think Italians hold weight in the joint, but many times not.

There's a lot of young people on this site. I been around a while.

A lot of this shit is funny, but a lot of people don't know what they

talking about. Don't know if anybody knows who Tito Puente was.

He was a famous Puerto Rican percussionist. One of his bodyguards

did some heavy time. He was Puerto Rican too and I seen him school some Latin Kings years ago. Eventually this dude got locked up and when he did, he made it a point of protecting some big wiseguys without charge. Today this man has his own night club in South Beach Florida. You see, it's not about the fear and respect. It's about money.

If you're street smart, you see an opportunity you jump on it. But this man was no joke, he was as big and dumb as you can find them. He kicked ass in a heart beat. I got a lot more stories but I'll save them. I'm sure somebody going to start cursing me for this post. People need to stop with all the nigger crap. There are good and bad in all raises. If it came to a prison war, I put my money on the blacks.

Keily 4 years ago

Nooch you seem like you can make a mean baked zit. :)

If so, what's your special recipe? I'm sure one of your mob cronies taught you how to cook in the pen.

jeff stickter 4 years ago

what a coward both of the gotti's,anyone who pc's from us hideing is s scumbag.

MEXICAN RULE 4 years ago


Lil Scootie jones 4 years ago

If any of you only knew about what goes on in the federal prison system,my dad worked in terre haute usp for 30 years some of you real gangsters might have heard of the name Scootie jones.i could write a book on all the real stories I've heard about real gangsters in the gladiator school.

Nooch 4 years ago

Mexican Rule -

I would destroy you. You don't know me.

mexican rule 4 years ago

@nooch. you're so far up gotti's azz,i can tell that you're nothing but a fag boy. be a real man, and understand that anything can happen to anybody at any given time no MATTER WHO YOU ARE. and i do not care if gotti was 100yr old if he disrespected someone then he gets what coming to him. did you have a problem when gotti was having people killed? the mob aint shit in the feds now and you are what we call a batty boy. i would make you my bitch in the feds!

mexican rule 4 years ago

@nooch you would be my b8tch in the feds. i can tell that you like talking about gangsters,well i will have a story for you boy!

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California Author

Lol.....It's amazing the intellect of some of these people. I can see a person being proud of family or personal achievements or philanthropy work, etc., but to beat your chest and feel strong because your own ethnic group holds sway in a particular criminal world or because you think of yourself as being some hard-on or tough guy is crazy......LOL....It's almost like watching man's evolutionary history go in reverse, from civilized, cultured people to knuckle-dragging, ignorant oafs.....The bottom line is this: No one group has a total monopoly on anything in life. I think it's safe to say there is good and bad in every ethnic group. And if your claim to fame or reason for living is based on how good of a criminal or psychopath you are, then I hope for the sake of the rest of humanity that you are quickly eliminated from the gene pool!

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California Author

Mexican rule would rule, at least until a better more ruthless warrior came along; then he'd be relegated to butt pirate!

Nooch 4 years ago

Mexican Rule - you ain't nothing but an Internet gangster. Real gangsters aren't wasting time typing this non sense. I don't care about Gotti. I'm just stating facts. I grew up with gangsters my whole life,

but was smart enough not to get involved. Today I make six figures

and live a nice clean life. I can tell you're a lowlife loser.

mexican rule 4 years ago

you know it's amazing the intellect of anthony j33, a man ,who seems to have a thing for gotti or he's just infatuated with him. i dont know how a real man can keep talking about gotti like he's GOD on something. you and nooch would really get fu3ked in the feds praising another the man way yall do. @nooch you say you make six figures, i cant tell the way you stay on a site blogging about another MAN. you say you grew up around gangsta's, yeah internet gangsta's like yourself!

mexican rule 4 years ago

@nooch!!!! now looking back at some of your other post, i can tell that you have too much time on your hands. you have a thing for the gangsta life. you think you know everything about the mob,but you're nothing but a fan boy of the mob. you're one of the guys that got beat up and picked on growing up. so yeah go ahead and read some more mob books and act nice and tough nice and safe behind you computer. but for the record nooch,PLEASE WHAT EVER YOU DO DON'T GO TO THE FEDS ,BECAUSE THE WAY YOU PRAISE THE MOB,LET'S JUST SAY YOU WONT HAVE A PROBLEM USING THE BATH ROOM TO MAKE A BOWEL MOVEMENT!!!!

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 3 years ago from Southern California Author

Gotti was the top dog at Marion......Accept it!

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 3 years ago from Southern California Author

Nooch: I enjoy reading your posts, as you have a lot of great insight and feedback. I hope you keep on posting.

Andrew 3 years ago

If he was beat up, why is there only a small trickle of blood at the top of his forehead? He obviously wasn't beaten up in that photo.

REALDEAL1 3 years ago

I agree with Andrew. Also, MEXICANT RULE is a fool. Sounds like

he talkin from experience about is butt problems.

DC Blacks and AB was going hard at the time. Gotti got caught in the middle. Mexicants was kissin his azz and also was the bitches for the AB.

MEXICANT is upset cause Nooch put his ducats on the brothers.

Nooch 3 years ago


I will post when the need arises. Thanks.

lindsay 3 years ago

Anthony, your PATHETIC. your just a .....joke. watching you go on and on and on praising this piece of shit that was a cancer to the mafia and loved the limelight so much that he brought down the most powerful family is nauseating. get a life! also, all the people talking about "niggers " are so funny and it is SO obvious that it's usually weak jealous white boys. (I am a white female btw) blacks are without a doubt tougher and more feared than other races and everyone knows it, even if they don't want to admit it. of course it took a black guy to beat gotti and that pisses people off, but deep down inside, they knew if it could happen, it would be someone black. and it was. why do you think there's so many white guys that talk shit on the internet ? because they know theyr'e safe! they sure as hell couldn't do it in real life because what happened to the chump gotti would happen to them and they know it! LOL people can talk about their baggy jeans, their music, them being deadbeat fathers ect but when it comes to intimidating people, black guys run shit. look at almost all celebrities bodyguards, they are big black dudes. why not big white dudes? because blacks are more intimidating! look at the best boxers from Muhammad ali to mike Tyson to Floyd mayweather. they're the biggest, the best and the baddest. period. their might be some good white or Hispanic ones but the blacks are the top dogs and always have been. also, if rap music and baggy jeans are so repulsive, why are the copied by EVERYBODY? also, look at all the white women (like myself) that date nothing but black men. (and there are LOTS of us) people talking shit about blacks are jealous of that macho, intimidating thing that blacks have over other men (especially whites, who are regarded as the weakest)

mexican rule 3 years ago

@lindsay... i agree with everything you said. truth is the truth. oh by the way anthony j 33 and the geek dude name nooch would be in protective custody in any federal system. you dudes respect gotti way too much he was nothing but another inmate at marion, who was getting punk by the AB. the dude walter johnson ran with them dc black dudes and they didnt give a fuck who the hell gotti was.

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 3 years ago from Southern California Author


Well, in all fairness, you sound a little pathetic yourself. I'm pathetic for glorifying a guy like Gotti? Well, I never glorified him; he was a thug. I just state facts. But getting back to you: You berate me for talking about John Gotti (and supposedly glorifying him) but you do the same thing, only you are glorifying the "Big Bad Black Man" and the ghetto culture that so many black guys (and girls) adhere to. In your mind, it's ok to glorify all that, including the baggy pants, rap music, deadbeat dads, etc., because, as you state, the black man is superior, is good at intimidating people, is the strongest, etc. That's the criteria that you use to deem credible your worship of the Almighty Black Man? Give me a break....Oh, how proud your mom and dad must be of you! Haha

And I really hate getting into racial stuff, because it's so childish and inflammatory. There are good and bad in all races. I simply wrote an article about a mafia godfather in John Gotti, and you chose to inject race and supposed black superiority into your response. I guess it makes you wet knowing that a black man punched John Gotti in the face while in prison. If your father got punched in the face by a black thug out in the street, would you ask for the guy's number and take him to bed afterwards??? Doesn't take much to impress you, huh?

Moving on: If you want to get down to racial basics, your theory of supposed black dominance over the White man is faulty. I'm not a pro-White fanatic, either. I'm no White supremacist. But if you do research (something that educated people are good at doing), you will find that in terms of pure brute strength, the White man is universally considered the strongest. And when I say white man, I'm talking Scandinavian/Easter European Whites; the guys that always win the world's strongest man competitions. Ever see how many black guys win those competitions?

And believe it nor not, the countries with the largest (biggest) people are not African countries.

But not that it matters. Blacks excel at sports, especially sports that involve a lot of fast-twitch muscle fiber movements, explosive movements. And when I say 'black,' I'm talking "African American," not the mainland Africans. African Americans are a small subset of the larger Black population.

And all this talk about how Whitey is always scared of the Big Black Man is BS!!! Pure and simple BS. You watch too many movies and watch too many rap videos. And John Gotti getting punched out by a black convict means nothing. That black convict has probably lost many fights himself. People lose fights all the time. Plus, Gotti wasn't the youngest guy at the time, either.

So, go back to worshipping your Black heroes for the behaviors and personality traits that result in so many blacks going to prison. What is the African American male population in the U.S, like 7-8% of the total population, but they make up about 70% of the prison population. WTF?????

NO offense to the decent, hardworking people of color. But I'm talking about the kind of blacks that you obviously admire.....

Futamarka 3 years ago

Рис. 88. Гвоздевое крепление планок. Идеальной кожей обладают единицы, поэтому тональный крем и пудра должны быть в косметичке любой женщины. Это основа для безупречного и естественного макияжа. Но как выбрать их правильно, чтобы они не просто придавали коже сияющий вид, но и омолаживали ее? ХОЧУ раскрывает секреты безупречного тона...

gotti jr 3 years ago

@anthonyj33...what do you do go around and ask to see every blackman muscle? go around around and ask to see every black man di3k? you're nothing but a fat fag, who sit behind a computer and fantasize about the blackman! you get all but hurt because a white woman has love for the brothas and tells it like it is. for you to even keep thinking about gotti the way you do is gay, you would have been the very first one the brothas ran a train on you ,because you're too much in love with a guy who had people killed, and not once did you every say hey that was wrong what gotti did and when he gets his azz beat you want to defend him by saying he was old and had cancer GTFOH batty boy! lastly you wrote a whole article on the brothas because a white woman told you what she like and how she feels about the black go back to worshipping your hero mafia boss the dapper don john gotti. why dont you put this energy in talking about a beautiful woman????

REALDEAL1 3 years ago

After Walter cracked Gotti he be in protective custody Gotti was back in general population. That fight was over a tv that walt changed the channel and didn't give a fuck of Gotti. Gotti got in his face, but Walt crack him the next day. Gotti took that beat down like a man ain't rat out Walt. All the mexicants step out of Gotti way.

HuH 3 years ago

Walter Johnson like other blacks - hard hitted and they think they're the toughest. Learn how to respect Mafia leaders! You people make me sick.

mafia leader 3 years ago

hey anthony j33. dude the way you look with those glasses on you would have to check into PC AS SOON AS YOU HIT THE POUND! I CAN SEE THE DC BLACKS, THE AB, THE MEXICAN MAFIA, CRIPS ,BLOOD, ,BG NLR,NF, AND EVERYBODY ELSE FIGHTING FOR YOUR LITTLE PRETTY AZZ.

girly john 3 years ago

did anyone see american gangster about barry mills and the aryan brother hood? yeah they played old gotti for a fool. after walter beat gotti azz the ab paid another black to beat gotti again to force him to continue to pay for protection.

sammy the bull 3 years ago

i told you cowards that gotti was getting punked by the aryan brotherhood. walter johnson beat gotti azz and then the AB paid another black dude to assault gotti again to get gotti to continue to pay the ab . walter was part of the dc blacks at marion. yeah its one thing to order a hit but its another thing to be in an control place where dont nobody give a rat azz about john gotti

KARA 2 years ago


Nooch 2 years ago

Nobody mentions how the AB street operations got a big boost after

Gotti arrived at Marion or how the council of the AB were getting annoyed that Barry Mills started acting like Don Corleone after hanging with Gotti.

the real 2 years ago

or the fact that gotti was being bitched by the AB!

The Real Truth 2 years ago

Or the fact that Gotti, the AB, the Cartels, and all the hardcore gangsters

will be trembling and crying on Judgment Day and will be sent back to

hell. Get a life people! Our life on earth is a glass of water while eternity

is an ocean. Repent and follow the Lord Jesus Christ, the only real tough guy!

NOVICE 2 years ago

I know nothing of prison politics, but can anyone explain to me why the AB would take a contract from Gotti to kill Walter Johnson when they are the ones who sent Walter Johnson to assault him? Sounds a bit fishy. I skeptical about these stories and TV and even more skeptical about the FBI.

the watcher 2 years ago

@novice : thats just it and thats why NOTHING happen to walter johnson. gotti was being played big time but the truth is the AB didnt pay walter johnson. gotti talked that sh3t and he got his azz beat! walter was apart of the dc blacks. now every usp federal prison that has problems you can rest a sure that the dc black's are the one's thats behind it! as a matter of fact the AB cowards are always trying to ketch a lone dc black by himself because a full all out riot the ab cowards would lose big time thats why they hooked up with the mexican mafia the dirty white boys nazi low riders and the rest of a holes because they were getting the sh3t beat out of them by the DC BLACKS and thats real!!!

sammy the bull 2 years ago

@Nooch say's::::::::::Nobody mentions how the AB street operations got a big boost after

Gotti arrived at Marion or how the council of the AB were getting annoyed that Barry Mills started acting like Don Corleone after hanging with Gotti.' well if barry mills was acting like don corleone what does that make gotti?? fredo corleone yeah a nobody in marion. ha ha ha.

Common Sense 2 years ago

This article forgets one important thing:

Gotti was an old man who had cancer at the time of the attack. He did NOT develop cancer after the fight; he was battling it for a while before the incident. Just look at the photo after the assault - you can clearly see what the cancer was doing to him.

Besides, if it wasn't for law enforcement/prison guards getting wind of the hit placed on his attacker, than his attacker would have definitely been killed.

Lipstick 2 years ago

lol @ people still praising and making excuses for Mr. Gotti. Mob lovers and sympathizers.. please wake up. Your god Mr. Gotti ran up on a man and got dealt with. That's life. Take the L and move on.

Was the money and power all worth it? I'm sure he asked himself that question a million times toward the end of his life. How sad

OnceAGangsta 2 years ago


You are thinking of this as a normal person. All gangsters no matter what race they are, at least most of them, love being gangsters and take the bad with the good. I think Gotti loved being a gangster to the very end. Word has it as he was about to die he waved off the prison priest and went back to being Gotti. I am not praising the man, but I think he has the record of having the longest stay in Marion. Usually, you are sent elsewhere after four years. The prison couldn't break him. He definitely was a sick in his head. He didn't run up on nobody. He got set up. I see many people praising Barry Mills and the AB as well. If Barry Mills was in Gotti's shoes, he would have gotten a lot worse. The DC blacks would probably have put lipstick on him and gave him a pair of high heels to wear. I think Gotti would have been better off getting protection from the DC Blacks. I don't believe that the AB is all that either. They always have to sneak up on the blacks it seems. Gotti was a victim of his own self. There was another mob boss named Scarfo in the same joint older than Gotti. He paid the AB and was left alone. These old guys are out of their element. I think the Feds know this and send them there to break them. Gotti just didn't care. I think the people on the blog are losing sleep over Gotti than he did his self.

old timer 2 years ago

gotti wasnt shit!! he was getting punked by the ab's in marion. he had power in the street's, but in marion, at that time it was run by the dc black's and the ab's. thoes were the two most important gang's there and they were at war! the ab's are cowards that would try to have 9 -10 member's run up on 1 dc black where the dc black's would go all out and the dirty white boy's or the ab wanted no part of it. yeah its easy to run up on a dc blk who is handcupped and the guard is in on it and let 5-6 members do their thing. but a all out war in marion the dwb and the ab were getting their ass handed to them by the blks!

Nooch 2 years ago

I said it before and I will say it again. I put my money on the blacks. If you took all the weapons away and had the DC Blacks and AB (without Mexican help) meet in the prison yard for a show down the AB would no longer exist. Out on the street the AB as business people are a joke as evidenced at their trial.

Nooch 2 years ago

Sammy the bull (computer gangster) says if Barry Mills was acting like Don Corleone then Gotti was Fredo Corleone, and if Sammy the Bull (computer gangster) was there with them, he would be Connie Corleone. Ha Ha Hee!

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 2 years ago from Southern California Author

Why brag about which group of cons is bigger and badder than the next? Does it really matter which prison gang is more powerful or 'in control' inside a particular prison? Unless you are an inmate inside that particular prison, I don't see the relevance. And if Gotti were getting 'punked' inside Marion -- well, he was only one guy; he wasn't part of a gang inside prison, so does that make Gotti a coward? That guy that assaulted Gotti -- put him in a majority AB-run prison made up of mostly white cons and he'd probably get beaten down as well. The same for any one of those legendary 'DC' blacks; take one out and put him in a prison with a majority white population and see what happens…….Anyways, this topic has turned too much into a child-like argument; like two kids on the playground arguing about whose father is strongest, or whose superhero is the best! LOL…….

sammy the bull 2 years ago

well anthony, was you that much in love with gotti that you wrote a whole piece on him and when someone makes a comment that you dont like you get your panties all in a bunch? adx supper max nothing but white works there beaumont tx whites works there and a lot of other high security pen and a lot of whites work there the dc black's still hole their own. hey punk i can tell by your picture that you would have been the maid, cook,lady of the night and forced to do things and have thing's stuck where you would not have want them. so stop crying like a baby this is grown folk talk.why even write an article about gotti he wasnt choir boy,he was a criminal!!!

BIG DAWG 2 years ago


John 2 years ago

Interesting that Gotti (an Italian) had a problem with Johnson (a black)...I always thought that Italians and blacks were the difference.

Ernest Garrison profile image

Ernest Garrison 2 years ago

I think that boy Anthony had a crush on Gotti. #faggyboy

14 yr vet 2 years ago

After reading through all these old post. I have to say, it's very easy to see who has been on the inside, and who hasn't. And it's also easy to see the author is fanning the flames with his "rock star "portrayal of what a MOB Boss should a been. The Italians lost control of influence in the prisons of america back in the late 70s. Like somebody said, those guys were Ivy league criminal types. Street wise in the Italian sense, but street weak, once the Latinos and Blacks started flooding the prisons. Walter Johnson: the funny thing about that incident is this. If the AB has a hit to take care of, you can't duck that in a prison. Walter went to the hole. Definitely not a hiding place in jail. Not with $100 large on your head, and the AB to carry it out. Then, they sent him to another prison. What, there wasnt no ABs there?, bullshit. The ABs knew what is was to fulfill that hit. Shit,I can pull 4-5 dudes off the corner that can walk you down, for $100 large. The AB kept his $. His rep and connections didn't move them either, why? Because they are not Italian, nor are they New Yorkers. The Mob, Italians and all that are TV Gangsters to the kids of today. Like the FBI said, if El Chapo went up against John Gotti, it be like a Pitbull vs toy poodle. Those guys kill without rules. A made man is just a man outside of the Italian life.

The ABs, Man, they get so much press, but in prison. In this day and time, they are not what people think they are. Matter of fact, Some other white gang ran the AB off Lewisburg yard, The ABs, so pressed for #s, started allowing snitches and child molesters in the brand. They already was weak because they talk to the COs. Oh they tell to stay in the mix. In the time I did, the AB made wine, sold dope to each other and ran the gambling for the Nascar races. The DC Blacks, the most hated of gangs that run around america's federal system. These guys are nothing like the the OGs of the 60s, 70s and 80s, or the 90s. However, their reputation is the same where ever they are. You Fuck with 1 you fight all of them. Walter wasn't from DC, but he has family there, he is from Philly. They go hard too. But in the feds when shit goes down with black inmates vs White, the DC guys will be there. If you beef with a east coast dude and we're in the midwest, or west coast, The DC dudes probably gone pull all east coasters together, and roll! They are the Game Dogs of the prisoners.

Nooch 2 years ago

14 year vet,

Yeah. I saw that FBI doc, too. Thing is street smart people don't believe everything the FBI has to say. What about the Italian run gang that got arrested in Chicago about six months ago for raiding El Chapo's stash houses in Chicago. For five years they was putting GPS's under the Mexicans cars to find their stash houses and then they would raid them and take all the $$$ and the dope, even cutting off ears of the Mexicans who "speekie no engleesh." Now, I know that wouldn't go down in Mexico, but in the USA the cartels are still interlopers. They pay the Eme for protection when they locked up. What would happen to them if they stopped paying for that protection? The only crime group that can go in and out of Mexico is the Calabrian Ndrangheta of Italy who can be just as vicious. They are the world's biggest drug movers, not the Mexicans. Some was just arrested with Mexicans in New York with some Gambinos. Even the Colombians are still in the picture. It's all about the $$$$. The world's biggest drug broker was arrested there last year and he wasn't a Latino. He was an Italian from Calabria. You say that Italians are street wise in the Italian sense. The same can be said about any crime group. Latinos are street wise in the Latino sense and Blacks are street wise in the Black sense. Each brand brings their own flavor to the street. Italians didn't get street weak with Latinos and Blacks flooding the prisons. They got out-numbered, but nothing a little $$$ can't take care of. Majority rules. One thing is for sure, Blacks and Latinos are street weak in the business sense. There is not one major black crime group in the USA, just Bloods and Crips, and if they were smart they would stop killing each other and join together, but then to what end? The most they would accomplish besides pushing dope is creating a rap label. If the Latinos in the USA had any brains, they would control the whole labor force. If every Mexican, legal or illegal, stayed home for a day, the USA would crumble like a cookie, and then the Latino gangs could name their price, but they lack the street smarts to pull that off. Only Italians could do something like that and they did and are still doing it to some extent. The government still has the Genovese family clocked as the most powerful mafia in America. Why? Because they have influence in every phase of industry in the USA, and by doing so they have their hands in every citizens pocket. The Latin Kings thought they could do the same thing and fell apart as fast as they got started. You were crystal clear and right on about the AB's. Where are they today? Even Capone caught a couple of beat downs, but it never stopped the Chicago mob from rising, and even now the feds say that they wrote them off too soon. I'm not trying to glorify no mafias, because they scum bags. I'm just stating pure facts. It's true you can tell who has been locked up and who hasn't on this blog, but you can also tell who has been on the inside of organized crime and who hasn't, and I can tell no one has been on the inside of real organized crime on this blog, just some lucky fellows who did time and were lucky enough to come out in one piece. There is a whole other world outside the prison system and low-life mafias.

nochie 23 months ago

@Nooch .. you big fat fake wanna be tough guy, you know damn well the mob aint sh3t no more. they are nobobies in the feds.

django 23 months ago

@AnthonyJ33 .. stop bitching about gotti having cancer and being old, he didn't care who or how old a person was that he had whacked. you talk crazy about the dc blacks ,but they are just a group of guys thats from washington dc that stick together and don't go for nothing. as a matter of fact i can see the dc blacks fu3king you right now if you were to ever go to the feds the way you worship gotti. you would have been a sweet woman in jail. the ab didnt and wont do a damn thing to walter johnson he's up at the ADX he's not hiding from the ab and the ab has a strong present up there, but guess what so are the dc blacks deep as hell up at the ADX.

Nooch 23 months ago

Nochie, fake wannabe tough guys are the ones who make all kinds of threats and insults from behind a computer screen. The AMERICAN mob is not what it used to be, but it is still the most profitable criminal organization in the USA according to government statistics. That is fact. The transinternational italian mob is the world's biggest. I agree the American mobs are nobodies in the federal prison system depending on location, but the ones that got bank don't really have to worry. The mob has been paying black gangs in New York and elsewhere since the 70's to watch their back and even paying them to kill people inside. Gotti's biggest mistake was sticking his nose where it didn't belong, trying to organize the AB and thinking by paying the AB that they were his boys when really he was their boy. A Philadelphia mob boss named Scarfo was in the same predicament before Gotti at Marion and may have been there during Gotti's stay. This Scarfo paid the AB, laid low, minded his own business and never had any problems. He had just as many connections as Gotti, but in certain places connections don't mean a thing. Look at Capone in Alcatraz. Capone till this day will be the biggest gangster that walked the planet, but at Alcatraz he still caught a couple of beatings by people who didn't give a crap who he was. Gotti paid the AB, because they was running the place at the time. A&E and history channel prison docs are all hype. Talk to some veteranos and they will tell you the guys that get banged out are the guys from their hoods; they don't have the whole system tied up as the TV wants you to believe. A couple of years ago a high ranking Philadelphia mobster was used to settle an on going dispute between a Latino and black gang. Borgesi is his name. So, you are wrong in your above statements. The No. 1 gangster in Chicago right now is Albert Vena. The crew that was out gangstering the Cartels answers to him.

Nooch 23 months ago


The contract on Walter Johnson died when Gotti died. Nobody cares about the Gottis anymore. The new people in charge of the Gambinos always hated the Gottis. Some people even give Gravano a pass because of Gotti's big mouth. His big mouth only accelerated what would eventually happen. The American Mob got too big and reached its highest level. Once you peak the only place to go is down.

dana 22 months ago

@AnthonyJ33, historically not all italians are white. Alot southern Italians have north african arab bloodline in them. If go to southern Italy a lot italians are dark they can pass as a Latino person. Compared to ppl in northern Italy. Ppl northern Italy look more white and they like to say their mixed with German. They look down on southern Italians because of there dark skin. When italians first start coming to america they labeled northern italians as white and southern Italians as dark skinned ppl.


Nooch 22 months ago


There are plenty of red headed and sandy haired southern Italians, and even southern Italians with blue and green eyes, and there are northern Italians that are dark as well.

Nochie, you said the mob guys are nobodies in the feds these days. As Anthony has stated as well as myself, it's all about the numbers and being outnumbered. I mob guy might not have that much pull in south Texas or in L.A., but look what happened at the federal lockup in Danbury Connecticut. There a large number of mobsters housed there and they started and won a huge jailhouse brawl against Albanian gangsters who are considered the worst in the business. It's all about demographics. I will admit that latino and black inmates turned the feds into slums like they do any neighbhorhood the infest.

MR LEWISBURG 21 months ago


harley 12 months ago

A PUNK is a loud mouth who never been in prison but will get on a form to run his sissy mouth about someone who is dead and not able to defend himself. If Gotti was alive standing on a street you wouldn't open your big mouth...thats why he was in prison...killing as-ho-- as yourselves.

walter johnson 11 months ago

@harley.. gotti was a punk in marion and was getting punked by th AB.

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