The Double (2011)

Plot twists in movies are usually reserved for the ending of a movie or at least half way through the movie. But the twist in The Double directed byMichael Brandt is reveled thirty minutes in, that is if you haven’t seen the trailer for the film. This is a prime example of why I don’t like watching movie trailers as they simply reveal too much. But in the end it doesn’t matter as there are a few more twist to come.

Paul Shepherdson (Richard Gere) is a retired CIA agent who is brought back to hunt down a Russian spy who has just killed a US senator. Shepherdson is adamant that it is not Cassius a Russian spy who he chased as a CIA agent but a young and ambitious FBI agent Ben Geary (Topher Grace) who believes it is Cassius because of the way senator is killed, his throat slit. The two men then begin searching for the man responsible for the senator’s death.

The movie is fairly interesting at first but it quickly swirls into a mess of pointless scenes and an illogical plot. For example the very first scene is pointless as it shows a group of Russian spies sneaking into the US through the US-Mexican border. The scene has no weight to it as most of the men are not shown again, only two of the men are shown again with one of them being involved in another pointless scene as not only is he not caught but he is never mention or seen again. The logic of the film is another major issue. Example, Cassius only killed people by slitting his targets throats. Now I’m not much of a fan on movies or books that deal with spies but I highly doubt that the only weapon a covert Russian Spy would use is a garrote.

With the bad out of the way the movie has some good qualities most notably the acting. Topher Grace puts on a good performance as a young FBI agent and Richard Gere is fantastic as always. There aren’t much action scenes of note other than a cool throat slitting kill that takes place in a crowed sidewalk and a car chase at the end of the film. Overall the movie is a good time waster if you’re willing to turn your brain off for a while I recommend watching it if you pass by it on television or Netflix stream, 3 out of 5.

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Steve Orion profile image

Steve Orion 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida

Ha I only watched the trailer and I think I'm pretty sure the "twist" was revealed. Unless it's a double twist... and then that's just dumb. I'll avoid this film, thanks for the review.

mothman633 profile image

mothman633 4 years ago from Stockton, CA Author

Yeah the movie wasn't all that good and the trailer did reveal the twist which is a dumb move anyway thanks for reading.

loveofnight profile image

loveofnight 4 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

Twist revealed or not this movie looks like a must see for me....thx 4 share

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