The Dragons’ Christmas

© 2003 by Robert G. Sprackland

‘Twas the week after Christmas and all through the cavern

Not a dragon was stirring, for they were all at the tavern.

Their great cave was cluttered with all their new gifts

Which the dragons tried cleaning by working in shifts.

But so many friends, the bats, birds and more,

Left dozens of gifts stacked from ceiling to floor!

They had played with their games from dusk until dawn

And one little dragon played darts with his horn!

With all these fine things they had so much to do –

There were gemstones and baseballs and a barbeque too.

So all through the night they opened these things,

So by morning there was no room to spread their own wings.

They slept all that day, which is what dragons do,

Then got up and cooked on their new barbeque.

They had wieners and burgers and a great deal of fun,

Then they ate all their chocolates – every last one!

But the cave was still crowded in every last room.

So out came the boxes, the trashbags and broom.

All of the animals who passed by that cave

Saw dust coming out, wave after wave.

“It must be a volcano!” cried a frightened young mouse.

But no, just those dragons cleaning their house.

They all worked together, a mighty fine team;

Packing and polishing until everything gleamed.

And when they were done, each one of them sighed,

Surveying the treasures they’d cleaned with such pride:

Stalagtites above and stalagmites below,

Dinosaur fossils and live mistletoe;

An old suit of armour, a huge slab of jade,

And some beautiful bagpipes (which all dragons played).

At long last the biggest, a great golden beast,

Said, “I think we have earned a great dragon feast!”

So they left single file, departing the cavern

And headed out to the Village Green Tavern.

There they ate and they drank and they sang until dawn,

Then they all fell asleep right there on the lawn.

Back at the cave they wrote all their friends,

Thanking them for all for the gifts they did send.

On the letters they wrote, “You’ll be delighted to hear,

We’re coming to YOUR house for Christmas next year!”

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Comments 3 comments

Tina G. 7 years ago

very nice poem, I like it.

Varanus 6 years ago

Gotta admit, that's the first reptile-based poem I've read hahaha!

Shawn Hefer 5 years ago

A talented man you are indeed Sir Robert!! Loved it!!

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