The Evil Kardashian - Kris Jenner

There is nothing worse than having a mother who controls her children’s lives to their detriment for her material pleasure. From the outer view of things, this best describes the nature and characteristics of Kris Jenner (The Kardashian mama).

Now, I am not saying she is intentionally a terrible mum but it is obvious that her desire for material gains causes her to trade reasons for stupidity.

Looking into this issue from all angles, Kris Jenner runs the lives of all her Kardashian children and is obviously doing a bad job at it for trips and tips. For once, it’s nice to see Bruce Jenner put his foot down when it comes to issues that would or affects Kendall and Kylie. If Kris’ controlling ways were out of the picture, I bet the family would do better.

Over time, Kim has turned out to be my favourite Kardashian, although, it’s easy to hate her especially after watching her sextape with Ray J and how rich she has become since then. But in all, an in-depth look at her life, her world, the things she does and professes over and over again, it is easy to see how nice, sweet and naïve she is and how controlling her mum is.

From inception Kim has always talked about wanting to be married, have kids etc. and on every episode of her reality TV show, she has tried to attain this goal. Even after marrying Chris, she told him she wanted them to start having kids but Kris (her mum) as usual butts in and tells Kim that she wasn’t ready for kids yet, and also advised her not to drop the Kardashian name for her husband’s.

Khloe from my point of view is rude, lousy and most times jealous of Kim. In an episode of keeping up with the Kardashians, she questioned the authenticity of Kim’s butt. I am not a fan of Khloe, I think she’s mean, tries too hard and a Kim wanna-be.

Khloe knew Lamar’s situation before she agreed to marry him so stop the pretence and tell us what your interest really is. Prenup agreement Huh Khloe?!

Kourtney on the other hand is the saddest girl i have ever seen on TV. She’s boring and tries hard to fit in. To be fair, she is a very pretty lady with lovely curves. However, in an attempt to not be like her controlling materialistic mum she turns out to be the direct opposite of her mum. While mum is a materialistic party freak, Kourtney is a sad stay-at-home freak who keeps ruining it for my darling lord Disick. She is always moody and sometimes jealous of Kim. In addition, it is obvious that she is over Scott but is too afraid to let him go. If she ever wants to be happy she will have to undergo severe inner body cleansing.

Rob is a good looking but confused mummy’s boy. For crying out loud, what is wrong with the way he looks? Nothing!!! Some people are born slim then later grow big or become fat, its natural! But, if that isn't the case for Rob then give him time. He will lose the weight at his pace. I actually think he looks great and would encourage him to allow his confidence match his new look. There is nothing wrong with being big, so the earlier Rob embraces his looks the better for him.

Kris Jenner please be a good mum for once and stop meddling in your kid’s life. Leave Kim to make her own decisions, she is a grown woman. Stop meddling in Khloe and Lamar’s relationship, money isn't everything. You are destroying people’s lives here!

Do you think my review of the Kardashians was too harsh?

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ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 3 years ago from Lagos

...bisected, partitioned and classified. I am not a fan of the Kardashians but love the way you categorized each and everyone of them. It is obvious that the Kardashian Dynasty is coming to an end.

Well, I will always go with Kourtney cos she is more responsible than the whole pack... (just ma opinion)

good write... carry on!!

lawretta profile image

lawretta 3 years ago from England Author

Thanks Uba... nice reading from u. cheers

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