The Fallen -Transformers


Although hints of this terrifying entity were heard in the very first Transformers movie of modern times, we did not shrink in fear from the experience of the Fallen's true range of power until the sequel that bore his namesake in Transformers 2. Megatron was always a formidable-enough foe for what was thought to be the last true Prime in Autobot leader Optimus; the appearance of The Fallen -indeed; the appearance of the mighty Megatron bowing to The Fallen in an Master-apprentice relationship, sent shudders throughout all Autobot fans. How would Optimus and crew deal with such a monstrosity, and from whence did it come?

The Fallen was not actually born as the embodiment of evil, if such a thing is possible anyway. Formerly a Prime, himself, he relinquished that supremely noble lineage when lust for power and willful disregard of the ancient precepts of their order caused him to murder many of his brothers, and force the rest to give up own lives in a bid to stop him from obtaining nigh-omnipotence. The Fallen had always been more powerful than his fellow Primes - probably just a statistical thing - with an internal engine that siphoned energy from the Big Bang, itself. This unique source of energy, reminiscent of Megatron's own (the Decepticon leader is powered by dark matter, unlike any other Transformer, Autobot or Decepticon) apparently left him capable of acts of atrocity and mercilessness; which were doomed to overcome him eventually.

For countless millennia, The Fallen was just another powerful, sojourner Prime, traversing the vastness of the cosmos with his brothers, using a machine they built of almost unimaginable power, t convert alien suns into fantastic but finite sources of their life-blood and source of their immense powers, Energon. The more Energon the Primes had, the more powerful they became. This simple fact was a recipe for disaster, with the latent Fallen in their midst, as it nurtured within him a lust for power that continued to grow through the centuries, until he would be denied no more. By the time he made this fateful decision to turn against his brethren, the Primes had found their way to Earth, only to see that it was inhabited, and so prepared to leave, for they had made an ancient pact that they would never, ever take the sun of a sentient race. But the Sun of the planet Earth was tantalizingly large, and it had been long since the Primes had feasted on Energon, so The Fallen chose this time to act, and waged war on the Primes, that he might solely wield the key to the Solar Harvester (the Matrix). Although he succeeded in killing a number of powerful brothers, so dedicated were the remaining Seven t safeguard the life of primitive Earthlings, that they formed an impenetrable and hidden wall against The Fallen, using their nearly-invulnerable bodies to house the Matrix, and relinquishing their lives in this final, supremely noble act.

Up until Megatron and the Decepticon threat reared its ugly head once again on Earth, and the Autobots did the same t fight them, The Fallen lay greatly weakened in a secret dimension that his brothers had sent him to, by diverting a portion of their final energies to imprisoning him. Revenge of the Fallen would see him rise to full strength under the efforts of his apprentice, Megatron; only prehistory to come full-circle: The Fallen was defeated for the final time by the greatest descendant of his eons-dead brothers, Optimus Prime, with the help of one his former soldiers-turned warrior of light - Jet fire.

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