The Forum of Afkar-e Shia

The Forum of Afkar-e Shia

The Forum of Afkar-e Shia

I have the great privilege of having founded on 24.1.2010 a forum under the name of Shia Afkar to project ‘Shia Thought’ on all related matters of religiosity, politics, ethics and cultural aspects of the Shia Muslims. And there from raise voice against all injustices and suppressions in the world.

This forum claims to represent all Shias and all Sunni Muslims who take Imam Ali (a) as their Maula and the rightful Caliph who if was placed, the very first time as the first Caliph as was the dictate of the Prophet (S) and God’s will, the world today will not see fundamentalist Muslim and will see progressive Muslim. And no extremism and no slaughtering of fellow Muslims would have been the daily recourse, if they differed in taking their guides from guides other than the extremist will approve.

There has been a very great need of such exclusive forum as the Afkar-e Shia. This forum will take up in particular cases of atrocities against the Shias and will pursue if justice was done and track it. And if justice was not implemented who was guilty, the criminal’s lobby or the country’s system. The forum will also look outside of the borders of Pakistan and affix responsibility of terror. For example the al-Qaeda are announcing on their tribal website in Yemen to kill the Americans. What moral authority have they to do that. And to what extent they have polluted the mind of the simple Yemeni. Similarly Sheikh Adnan Ar`ur a Salafi from Syria is sitting in Saudi Arabia and he is asking Israel to protect the lives of the Sunnis in Syria. In other words he is inviting a foreign power to invade and intervene in a sovereign country and it is because Syria is ally of Iran - which is a Shia country, who though help Palestine, a Sunni country, but are disfavoured by the Wahabi world. What moral basis has Sheikh Adnan to ask Israel to intervene in Syria.

All willing volunteers for the sake of God’s suzerainty are invited to join the forum and contribute under their name using the name of the Afkar-e Shia. There is no need to obtain membership, only they declare their intent to have joined with the date of joining conveyed to the forum.

The Afkar-e Shia takes up the cases like of the assassins Mumtaz Qadri who murdered Governor Salman Taseer , pumping in his body twenty seven bullets from his dirty weapon in broad day light who though was sentenced two death sentences is still freely lodged in the jail with his breakfast service on time and he is singing Naat for the inmates all this is conspiracy against law abiding citizens. He should be hanged by the neck but the lawyer’s forum wants him treated kindly and the Sunni extremist declares him Ghazi. The Afkar-e Shia is against such lawlessness be it from lawyer’s forum or from brother Sunnis, since its consequence is disarray in the society, if the murderer lives lavishly among them and he is given protection, the whole country and its population is committing sin.

Please write on such topics using the forum of Afkar-e Shia. Afkar-e Shia will only have right to expunge or trim the write up of an individual if it is against the Afkar-e Shia precept and is based on prejudice and heresy.

Ali Abbas Sayed or any participating member must advise to me on the launching technique of the forum.


Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)

Founder: Sayed Athar Husain




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