The Future of Google Television

The Future of Google TV is Bright

What's in Store for Google Television Set Owners?

Google TV is making a splash across the nation as retail stores begin rolling out their newest google televsion set product line, including phenomenal internet TV's from manufacturers like Sony and Logitech. 

Google television has already made headlines for its bold concept: if the web is intelligent and infinitely searchable, and if the television is more clean and more fun to watch than a computer screen, why not combine the web and your tv into one high tech viewing experience? 

Google TV's key features include:

the ability to search across all channels for shows and movies to watch

the ability to create your own google tv homepage and pin your favorite webpages and channels

The ability to record shows using DVR functionality 

The ability to browse and web and e-mails as if you were using a computer!

What Will Google TV Offer in the Future? 

All these wonderful current features beg the question: what can we expect from google television in the near future? Google has already stated that they, too, are excited for Google Television because they don't even know what's going to be the coolest part of all yet! 

  Meanwhile, google television is slated for being opened up to third party developers after its first year. Just as previous google products, like the google android smart phone, were eventually opened up to third party development, google tv will also enjoy the innovation of motivated and talented developers that are not currently employed by google. We can expect a tremendous amount of competition to design the first few hot apps for your google television set and to get the next wave of google tv apps out in the market place where audiences with untold spending power could be sitting with a google tv remote control linked to their credit cards!

The Future of Google TV

What Do You Want to See from Google TV in the Future?

  • Multiplayer Games!
  • Chat Functionality
  • Video Conferencing
  • Specially Priced Content Packages
  • I'm Not Going to Watch Google TV
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Pwarlick 5 years ago

I would have to say that video conferencing would definitely be a hit.

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    Likely Developments for The Future of Google TV

    The Future of Google TV - Likely Developments

    Though it's often difficult to predict the future development of a given technology, there are a couple of google tv apps and google television transformations that are almost inevitable. Once google tv opens up to third party development, we can expect a strong focus on internet based google tv game apps and google tv multiplayer environments.

    Exactly what shape they will take remains, at this point, unclear. However, if we can take other multimedia entertainment platforms, like Microsoft's Xbox or Sony's playstation as possible portents for the gaming future of google tv, we can likely expect the usual genres to surface: Role-playing games, puzzle games you can idly play with your friends in the corner of your google television set, and certainly action and arcade google tv gaming apps are sure to begin making their appearance.

    It also remains to be seen exactly how this content will be delivered to google tv users. Will the owner of a google television set be required to login to a google tv app marketplace, similar to that used by apple, in order to browse and purchase google tv apps? Will google provide further innovation in terms of content delivery and free trial periods for google tv gaming apps?

    It will be interesting to see exactly how closely the progression and development of the google tv app and google tv gaming app marketplace will mimic that of apple's massively popular and insanely lucrative iPhone and iPad app store. Google would be wise to allow third party android publishers to design and release google tv apps and google tv game apps that consumers could obtain via micropurchases of 99 cents or a few dollars here and there. Maybe google will surprise us with a totally different business model specifically tailored to the strengths and capabilities of the google television platform.

    Google TV - A Google Gaming Console?

    How Likely Do You Think It Is That Google TV Will Become a Gaming Powerhouse?

    • Not Likely At All - The professional console makers already have that market locked down
    • Maybe - We'll See
    • Likely - google is in a unique position to produce and distribute multiplayer gaming content
    • Inevitable - google will reign supreme in this market as well
    • Don't talk about Google - it's listening.
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    How Much Does The Google TV Remote Suggest

    Is The Google TV Remote Built for Gaming?

    Taking a look at Sony's new Google tv internet television and the accompanying remote has many entertainment insiders speculating that google tv is going to receive a concentrated burst of momentum from gaming studios and google tv app develops that want to create and market google tv games. Google tv games could potentially represent one of the most exciting overall prospects for google television, due to the inherently connected nature of google tv technology. Imagine playing a game of chess with your friend who is sitting in his own living room and playing along on his own google television set. Or, could we even begin to see the emergence of Massively multiplayer online role playing games made specificially as google tv games?

    Could Google TV Games Become the Next Big Thing?

    With the MMORPG's market being quite popular and faring well throughout the computer gaming world, it would only seem natural for a google tv game to feature all the same functionality and depth of a PC MMORPG, especially given the google tv accessories like the logitecth wireless keyboard.

    Check out this close up shot of sony's newest google tv remote control and see what you think!

    The Sony Google TV Remote

    What Do YOU Think of all This!?

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