The Game TV Show ~ Watch The Season Finale Right Here Now (2009)

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"The Game" Series finale (2009) Watch All (4) Parts Below Now.

If you missed the season 3 and show finale then catch it all below. Tasha Mack gets knocked out by Kelly Pitts while Melanie gets too excited about the wedding. Sad to see the show go but at least you can catch all the episodes daily on B.E.T. I watched it all weekend and I caught up with all the old episodes I missed.

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The Game ~ 1st and 2nd Season DVDs

The Game Season 3 Episode PART 1 OF 4 FINALE

The Game Season 3 Episode PART 2 OF 4 FINALE

The Game Season 3 Episode PART 3 OF 4 FINALE

The Game Season 3 Episode PART 4 OF 4 FINALE

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Comments 24 comments

Paris W 7 years ago

OMG!!!that was beautiful. I can't believe they cancelled my show

Ruffin 7 years ago

that is some bullshit i didn't know it was a season three. But it was a good ass show.

Samantha 7 years ago

I love this show. I love all the cast and my favorite couple is Jason and Kelly. I wish they get back together!

samantha 7 years ago

The Game should not be canceled,cw was wrong this is the best show on tv,some the shows that on on the air now should be.The black tv shows don't get a fair deal.I'm mad as Hell!

sad 7 years ago

i want my show back

Mikia 7 years ago

The Game is a wonderful show that makes you laugh and teaches you things and I think that the game shouldn't be cancled

mary 7 years ago

LOVED THIS SHOW...DIDN'T KNOW THEY CANCELLED IT. I can totally relate to Melanie and Derwin....reminds me so much of me and my significant other. Gorgeous couple!

Trini fan 7 years ago

i watch the game all the time i cant believe u cancelled it thats the whole purpose of cable. now i need direct tv

Michelle 7 years ago

Please bring back The Game. Its one of my favorite shows.

Simone 7 years ago

I Love that show. Please bring it back it was difinately my Favorite.

Jellz 7 years ago

I love this show Oh-mm-Gee can't belive Tasha did that to kelley!! I love this show they shld not cancel it cus it's way better than the other shows they have out now

Veronica 7 years ago

WHAT!!!! They cancelled favorite show?!!!! WTF? So i guess all the other shows are being cancelled aswell because none of them are as good as this one! UGH!!! IDK, but i am very p****d and im sure im not the only one!

ef 6 years ago

I love love love this show. its dramatic and funny. I can so relate to the relationship problems, especially melanie and derwin. they go through so much bs but still cant be apart becuz of their love for each other. I loved the episode when melanie finds out derwin cheated, she is a great actress, I felt her sad this show has been cancelled.

shaun  6 years ago

This time I want it all, Melanie and Derwin relationship is nothing but the truth. I've walked in their shoes for the past 13 years. I just got it all on 01/17/2010. I wish they would bring this show back

Dactal 6 years ago

dam i love this show

cristina  6 years ago

i love the game it is the best show ever please dont cancel it....

Reesiesgirl 6 years ago

I can't believe they canceled the show. I think it would have done better at a different time. It aired on friday nights. Really, who's home to watcch then. Maybe they should try again and change the time. Seriously!

stacies29 profile image

stacies29 6 years ago from Washington DC Author

thanx Reese u r so right, that was not a good day to air a good show if u were going off ratings.

globaby 6 years ago

wooohoooo they bringin it back!!! right on BET for recognizing a good thing when its gone! i love the game n im super excited for the new season...i do hope all the characters are still with the show because i've read about new cast members hmmmz

stacies29 profile image

stacies29 6 years ago from Washington DC Author

I am happy too globaby

ManiBee 6 years ago

- hey ppl thee show is comming back the twins were on 106 and Park and she said it should be comming back out in September so look out ppl I can't wait .

stacies29 profile image

stacies29 6 years ago from Washington DC Author

yeah!!!! thanks ManiBee

6 years ago

Melaine and Derwin are the best ever!

JM40 6 years ago

I'm glad the game is back, and I'm looking forward to the new 2011 season.

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