The Great Spam Recycling Cartoons

"To identify yourself better with your masculine gender," he thought...

"You have to increase its main characteristic!"

Do you hate spam? I love it... if I can recycle it in some really dumb cartoons! It's all talking about sex here, I am afraid... But nevertheless, here are some great quotes from those spam mails about the products that will help you regain control of your masculinity or a new amazing way of male enhancement to outwit Mother Nature! These doctor recommended products will enhance your masculine virility and length, with great results for your lovemaking life. The new Karma (sic!) Sutra skills are coming within your reach with the herbal products of the love doctors. If you don't get instant satisfaction... you simply get your money back! So what are you waiting for? There are some Great Pills of Fire here!

And oh yeah... Of course it's about Britney Spears and Paris Hilton too!

(To my knowledge, all images used in this Hub are in the public domain. If I've made a mistake here, please let me know.)

He demonstrated gladly...

... how a bigger manhood would result in greater pleasure.

They all were very impressed!

It was devastating Breaking News!...

Paris Hilton:

"The Day I Found Out Gary Glitter Is My Dad!"...

BREAKING NEWS! - Professor Admits:

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Constant Walker profile image

Constant Walker 8 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

Funny, Dutchman. Please do be careful when opening that Spam mail. You risk viruses, worms, trojans, and worse.

The Lost Dutchman profile image

The Lost Dutchman 8 years ago from Flanders (Belgium) Author

I appreciate your concern, Walker!... But don't worry, I don't open them, just lending the titles!

Kiki Stamatiou profile image

Kiki Stamatiou 8 years ago from Kalamazoo

This is some very funny stuff. Great cartoon photos and captions too.

Take Care,

Kiki Stamatiou

jim.sheng profile image

jim.sheng 8 years ago from UK

Have you ever tried to recycle spam Email? I came across a blog which claims to dedicate to Email spam recycle, here is it:

Chris Stonecipher 7 years ago

This is quite funny. I enjoyed reading it.

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