The Grey Movie

Do you want to know some good movies that are out this winter? One good movie is the grey in which Liam Neeson has the lead role.

The Grey stars; Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney, Frank Grillo, Dallas Roberts, and Joe Anderson.

In the movie Ottway (Neeson) and six others are trying to survive in the wilderness of Alaska after a plane crash. During this time there they encounter; wolves, freezing and other obstacles that one would face if ever trapped in the wilderness of Alaska.

The movie is filled with suspense and drama. If you are into survival of the fittest than this is the movie for you. It's action packed and is also an adventure movie as well.

If you liked Liam Neeson in 2008's Taken then you will love him in this movie. Once again his acting is great and the movie was very suspensful. See it while it's in theaters. It's a movie not to miss.

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