TV Commercials Impact on People

What is Wrong With Commercials; Let Me Count Thy Ways!


Is it just me? Am I the only one who is noticing what’s happening in advertisement these days? Am I the only one bored enough to actually watch commercials and then dissect them?

This has been irking me for years actually, but I have finally found the words and the time to voice it.

Why is every portrayed mother or wife in every commercial, skinny, pretty and smart, and their commercial husbands, ugly, fat and stupid?

This is my first complaint. If you don’t believe me, start paying attention. It’s true. The woman is always classy and beautiful, smart and sexy, while the man is a complete goon.

I am bothered by this for a very simple reason. I have yet to see a fat or ugly woman with a beautiful man. Who is making these commercials anyway and why hasn’t anyone said anything about the absolute wrongness of it?

Women have been trying to turn this prejudice around for so many years, but we are being ambushed at every corner by a media who cannot bear to see a bulging middle on a woman, or a wrinkle around the eyes, or a less than radiant smile.

So why is this acceptable for the male?

Another commercial that should be taken off the air is the one for AA. Do you know the one? The first scene shown is of a turbulent ocean and a storm that is brewing off the coast. The narrator asks if this is how you feel when alcohol has a hold of you. Next switch to a beautiful, serene white sand beach, waves lapping gently onto shore and palm trees swishing their branches against a pale-blue sun streaked sky, and the narrator states that this is how their life can feel after AA helps them.

I don’t know about you, but that serene scene that is supposed to induce inner peace to an alcoholic soul, makes me want to drink umbrella cocktails all day long and soak up the sun on a vacation in Hawaii. I’m pretty sure that’s how an alcoholic would feel as well. I don’t think that that was what AA was aiming for, but seriously, what did they really think? Imagery is powerful, and they just completely ambushed themselves by that beach scene.

And has anyone seen the new lottery gaming commercials? There is a woman sitting at her computer playing slots, when her hair is suddenly swept back by an imaginary wind from the computer and her face lights up in rapturous delight as three cherries line up on the screen and she is apparently a big winner. Following directly after are the words; ‘Feel it!’

Now maybe this commercial means nothing to the recreational gambler, but there is a reason for that. That commercial was not made for the recreational gambler. It was made for addicted gamblers who are unable to resist the pull of the slots and the rush of winning.

Some marketing strategist spent a lot of time researching gambling addiction and knew that that kind of commercial would be virtually irresistible to them. The wind indicating a rush, and the words ‘feel it’, well, that is self-explanatory.

Whoever made that commercial should be ashamed for obvious reasons.

It reminds me of the marketer who decided to put candy and chocolate right at a child’s eye-level in the grocery store while at the checkout. Though it may be profitable, it is also cruel. Not only to the parent who is doing his or her own best to stay sane juggling three children, but to the child who is experiencing anger and anxiety because that piece of candy is out of reach. And everyone knows what it feels like when you want something and aren’t able to have it. It can be downright agonizing.

I know it’s not the end of the world, or the biggest problem we are dealing with. To me, it’s more like an insult. I’m insulted that I am expected to be perfect but that my husband is fine as is.

I’m embarrassed that AA didn’t realize that their commercial would make alcoholics want to drink, and I’m also ashamed that the media would allow such blatant marketing of gambling to mentally sick people.

We would never see a commercial about smoking and how it can give us a ‘rush’ and how we should get out and buy another pack. So why is it all right to promote gambling that way?

Something to think about.

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gramp wade 7 years ago


welldone and true

love to you four

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

We have to be a ware with TV commercials. Just use the best for us.

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