The Last Child tv movie



MICHAEL COLE.............................ALAN MILLER

JANET MARGOLIN........................KAREN MILLER

HARRY GARDINO..........................HOWARD DRUMM


ED ASNER.......................................BARSTOW

VAN HEFLIN...................................SENATOR QUINCY GEORGE

this TV movie is set in the United States during a time of great over-population.

Married couples are only allowed 1 child and people 65 and over are not given any medical care when they become ill, they are only allowed painkillers. The laws are an attempt to by the government to lower the population. Birth control is barely mentioned in the movie.

The structure of the government seems to be the same as today's United States, so the restrictions must have been agreed to by people, but maybe without thinking it through.

Alan Miller comes to the attention of the police when he tries to help a pregnant woman who is being taken into custody by the police. She is arrested because she already has a child and is breaking the law by being pregnant. It was foolish of Alan to help her because he has now brought himself to the attention of the police.

Police Get Information on Alan

Alan and his wife, Karen, have recently moved to New York City from upstate, to try to escape detection. They had a child that only lived for 15 days, but that is long enough to make it illegal. The law states that any child that lives longer than 10 days counts as a couples 1 allowed child. At the time Karen should have had a mandatory hysterectomy but her health didn't permit this.

Karen became pregnant soon after and the couple are determined to have the baby in secret. They think that once the baby is born the government can't really do anything to them.

Karen Miller

During the investigation of Alan the police find out about the pregnancy and Karen is taken to the detention center to await the birth of the child. Alan, who is a reporter, goes to a newspaper editor for help but he can do nothing for him.

2 Scenes from the Movie

Karen's brother, Howard, works for the government and reluctantly helps his sister to get out of the detention center.

The Millers go on the run to try to get to Canada. They meet up with an elderly senator who tries to help them, but the police are still on their trail.

The movie was from the early 1970's and was an unusual subject for a TV movie. Birth control had really only been readily available for a short time. Abortion was becoming a hot topic and this was after China had initiated it's 1 child policy.

Aaron Spelling is more known for his glossy soap operas than serious work but this movie shows he sometimes did more serious work. The movie is not currently available on DVD, but there are some unofficial copies floating around and Ebay is a possible source if you remember this movie fondly.

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Jorge 6 years ago

Great movie. I really enjoyed it back in the day !

Jorge from Canada

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