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Daron Vartan Malakian (born July 18, 1975) was the lead guitarist, songwriter and sub vocalist of System Of A Down until their hiatus in 2006 and now plays lead guitar and sings lead vocals for Scars On Broadway. Like the rest of the Hollywood based band System Of A Down he is of Armenian descent. He's the only member to have actually been born in America. He placed 30th on Guitar Monthly's list of "The Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarist's of All Time".

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Daron Posin' for a photo shootAwesome Concert
Daron Posin' for a photo shoot
Daron Posin' for a photo shoot
Awesome Concert
Awesome Concert

The Early Days

Daron was born on July 18, 1975 as an only child to an Iraqi-Armenian father Vartan Malakian and an Iranian-Armenian mother Zepur Malakian. At an early age Daron got into heavy metal. His cousin played him a Kiss album when he was 4 and he was hooked. He began listening to Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen, and motorhead. He decided he wanted to play the drums but his parents wouldn't let him because "you can't turn off a drum set". Finally they settled for a guitar. As a teenager he got into heavier bands like Pantera, Slayer, and Metallica. He also becomes a fan of the LA Kings and can be seen wearing an LA Kings jersey in the video for toxicity.

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First he was a child...Then he was A star
First he was a child...
First he was a child...
Then he was A star
Then he was A star

Daron and System of a Down

Daron first met Serj Tankian in '93 when they shared a recording studio. Daron was singing lead vocals for a band and Serj was on keyboard with another. The two later formed a slam band called SOIL with Daron on guitar, Serj on vocals and keyboard, Domingo Larino on drums, and Dave Hakopyan on Bass. They also met Shavo Odadjian around this time. One night after a recording and performance Domingo and Dave left because they thought the band was a failure. Tankian and Malakian formed a new band called System Of A Down based on a poem Daron wrote called Victims Of The Down. Shavo thought the word System appealed to a bigger audience that Victims and they wanted to go down in history. Odadjian was originally the bands manager and promoter but eventually joined as their bassist and managerial duties were taken over by Velvet Hammer music management group founder David Benveniste. Daron then asked his childhood friend Ontronik (Andy) Khachaturian to join as a drummer. Andy was later replaced by John Dolmayan due to a hand injury. Daron co-produced System Of A Downs records with Rick Rubin as well as The Ambulance and Bad Acid Trip.(A band on fellow band member Serj Tankians Serjical Strike Records). Malakian is also involved with another band called Scars on Broadway with John Dolmayan. Daron has said in an interview that the band doesn't follow anybody. A lot of bands followed Korn. We didn't.

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whoaBest solo everDaron livin life at its fullest
Best solo ever
Best solo ever
Daron livin life at its fullest
Daron livin life at its fullest

Personal Life

Daron currently lives in Glendale, California by himself. He has relatives in Iraq, and Iran as those are his parents home countries. He has been to both countries. He enjoys collecting skulls, persian rugs, and instruments. He had a son but the mother dumped him shortly after and he has never seen him since. He's been in relationships with Jessica Miller.

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OMGWTFBBQ 8 years ago

Daron had a son? Since when?!?!!

Ari 8 years ago

That's a lie, he has no children.

Stop helping people spread. rumors Joel Toomer

rossella 7 years ago

oh my love

... 7 years ago

everything its lies

ilovehim 7 years ago

a love daron malakian i Love him!! :D he´s great ...What u think about him? I LOVE HIM :D

ilovehim 7 years ago

if he has a son i hope he looks like daroon!!:D

soad_forever 7 years ago

Yeah......... I don't see Daron the "settling down" type. I'd check your sources.

flerida 7 years ago


merve nur 6 years ago

bnce I love you (daroon) ('am turk?sh.ben=)turkeye konser wermeye geln nolurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr chop suey ?ark?s?n? süleyiin bn sej'i daroon'u we dier arkilrnizn ad?n? bilmiom ama gelin türkiyeye sizleri hep rüamda görüom

sayg?larla : merve nur


fjkinurarse 6 years ago

dudde daeon is and alwayz we beh the bestsesporformarh eva !!!!! lov u daron no homo lol jk im a am a homo

Mrs.GabyMalakian 6 years ago

i love daron malakian and i loved the performance at ozzfest although i was sad seeing them perform for the last time. anyways i love you daron!! =)

Henrique Martins 6 years ago

SOAD, are the best !!!

Go Daron Malakian.

Lolita 6 years ago

I´m the mother of daron´s son ;D

jub jerk 6 years ago

He was SOOO CUTE when he was a child!!

abc 6 years ago

daron has a son?!?!?

ds 5 years ago

he does not have a son...he has never had any you need to edit your page

Scarlett Siren 5 years ago

Daron im pretty sure does not have a child, and if he did...I cannot picture him never seeing his son if the mother walked out. Im calling bullshit!

Anna 5 years ago

I´m the mother of daron´s son ;D


t.jacksong! 5 years ago

I hate jessica miller!

Lemon 5 years ago

ME Gusta! Rick Astley FTW

melanie 5 years ago

i loeve u dear daron bt i cant belive u have a child plz write a comment for our and answer it is true do u have a child?

Kelby 4 years ago

LMAO Daron doesn't have a son!! XD

Daron Malakian, my man, you are terrific!! Don't stop being so awesome:)

ALeader 4 years ago

Daron should go back to SOAD

licia 4 years ago

Daron um filho ??? que espécie de mãe levaría um filho de Malakiam embora ???

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