The Many J's Of Jazz!

Dance floor gal.
Dance floor gal.
noteworthy music
noteworthy music
Tickle them Ivories
Tickle them Ivories
jazzy lady
jazzy lady
all jazzed up!
all jazzed up!
dressed to the nines.
dressed to the nines.
play me
play me


The J's of Jazz.

Jazz is not

Jabbering, Juvenile Jargon

Jazz Juxtaposes those hip,
who are schooled in what's cool.
Jazz is their Jackpot,
sax spouts are their Jasmine
gleaming brass is their Jewel.

Neither Jerky...nor Jangling
Jazz sets many folks Jouncing
into toe tapping rhythms
with offbeat feet bouncing.

Jazz is Black Velvet Jiggers
it's a Jitterbug's Jaunt
It's tight Jeans on sleek figures
It's what all Junkies want.

Jazz is's a Joint
it's a high with a twist
Jazz is shots of Jack Daniels
served January crisp.

It's what sails from a trombone
wailing Jet streams of Joy
it makes dames shake like Jello
and what Jiggles...."Oh, Boy!!"

it's a Jug, it's Mint Julep
on a hot July day
by the Jukebox...pull a stool up
hear those ol' quartets play.

it's Jams
it's N'awlins... it Jives
it's Jasper...It Jingles
it's alive
It's's Java
hot with creme...sweet, and low
it's a Journey to a Juke Joint
for a Fats Waller show

It's Fitzgerald....Count Basie
Holiday, and Ray Ellis
Makes you sad...makes you crazy
makes you glad, makes you Jealous.

it's tux Jackets, looking snazzy
with top hats, tails and cane
it's contagious when your Jazzy
but you're feeling no pain.

it's a June kiss from Jenny
that sweet girl...Just next door
it's a chance to get Jiggy with it
get your ass on the floor.

Jazz is safe's hot brass
no bullets included
it's six trumpets blown full blast
and it's 8 trombones muted.

it's a Jaywalk to heaven
or it's Jezebel's smile
we'll be swinging till midnight
stick around for awhile.

©-MFB III-2004-Artwhimsically Yours Studio

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