The Mentalist show on CBS

Simon Baker and Robin Tunney in The Mentalist
Simon Baker and Robin Tunney in The Mentalist

CBS New Fall Show - The Mentalist

The Mentalist is one of the few new Fall 2008 tv shows I'm looking forward to this year and after finally getting a chance to see the pilot I'm even more excited. This is the third US television series to star Australian actor, Simon Baker, and while his first two did not last very long, I think the third time could be a charm this time around.

I've already watched the pilot twice and I'm totally ready to sit through it again when The Mentalist officially debuts on September 23rd.

The show's premise is that detective Patrick Jane has such keen observational skills that he frequently comes across as having psychic powers. If this sounds a lot like the premise of another show - Psych - you're not totally wrong, but it plays out quite differently with this character. While there are plenty of amusing quips in The Mentalist, the show isn't played for laughs. The protagonist is far too damaged for that. So you'll forget anything it may have in common with the other show before the first hour is over.

Preview of The Mentalist

Simon Baker in The Mentalist

Simon Baker as Patrick Jane

The show's protagonist, Patrick Jane, is a reformed professional television psychic. At one point during his past a major life-changing event made him expose himself as a fraud and he now consults with the California Bureau of Investigation.

In flashbacks, the television psychic is right on the nose. If you've ever watched John Edwards or any of the other tv psychis do their stuff, you'll nod you head here.

During the present though, Jane actually reminds me quite a bit of Derren Brown and my guess is he's probably modeled a bit on Brown, as he appears to be using a bit of NLP in his interrogation technique as well as simply showing off his uncanny ability to read people through observation. Plus there's the charisma and the sense of style.

Patrick Jane is one of my favorite types of tv characters - brilliant, charming, caustic, egotistical, driven, and BROKEN. I like my tv characters seriously wounded and Jane delivers in spades, which is why I think Simon Baker is such an excellent choice to play him. On the surface he projects a sunny warmth, the easy wide smile, but you can see all the murkiness bubbling beneath the surface.

From L to R: Robin Tunney, Tim Kang, Owain Yeoman and Simon Baker
From L to R: Robin Tunney, Tim Kang, Owain Yeoman and Simon Baker

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast is rounded out by secondary lead, Robin Tunney, as the senior agent, Teresa Lisbon. Jane is the fly in her ointment, but he's clearly useful to her as well so she puts up with him.

Owain Yeoman and Tim Kang play agents Wayne Rigsby and Kimball Cho and Amanda Righetti plays the new rookie, Grace Van Pelt.

Teaser Trailer for The Mentalist

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Comment on The Mentalist. Have you seen it yet? 18 comments

ajcor profile image

ajcor 8 years ago from NSW. Australia

go the aussies!

desert blondie profile image

desert blondie 8 years ago from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen

Simon Baker! Delicious! I guess I don't watch enough TV, have missed chances to see the pilot... and you've already seen it twice? But thanks for the info. re: 9/23...I'll be watching.

embitca profile image

embitca 8 years ago from Boston Author

The pilot hasn't aired yet, Desert blondie. I've seen a screener twice. It debuts on 9/23.

He is delicious! :)

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 8 years ago

Wow! That looks fab! I love the same kind of leading man! I'll be watching this!!! :)

Skinner 8 years ago

How did you get to see it already???? And can I see it before Sept. 23rd?

embitca profile image

embitca 8 years ago from Boston Author

Isabella, glad you will be watching. It's going to be great! *g*

Skinner, I was able to preview an advance screener. But don't worry Sept 23rd will be here sooner than you think!

Garrick 8 years ago

I'm quite interested to see what comes of this. I'm a HUGE fav of Derren Brown, so I hope this does him justice. Brown doesn't even really like the term mentalist.

Oh, and NLP is a complete joke. They don't use NLP. NLP is a bunch of mumbo jumbo that doesn't do a thing to explain what people of such skill and influence can do. Check your facts, look things up, etc.

michelle 7 years ago

the mentalist "WOW" simon baker is so hot

Grandcru 7 years ago

So Simon is blind and asks Robbin for her car keys then Simon tries to drive Robbins car with instructions on where to go from Robbin sitting in the pasenger seat. What a getaway???? Now tell me who dreamed up that sequence.

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

I saw that one Grandcru. The writers must have fun dreaming up new episodes like that. It is a good I enjoy watching.

vondur 7 years ago

Gerrick says NLP is a complete joke. Bwahahahaha.... I've used NLP techniques, they can completely change your perception of the world. I've messed with my own mind enough to know this for absolute certain. Rapport is the most powerful NLP technique because it allows you to tap into other people's heads.

NLP becomes more useful if you have a solid foundation in psychology, behavior modification and the like, then you will see how the matrix works in your mind.

ratevka 7 years ago

Thanks for this great show. I go to the SF Ballet, and noticed that a principal new charismatic dancer, Popov, looks a lot like Simon Baker. How pleasant to see him lilting, jumping, and looking like one of my favorite TV characters!Thanks, Simon, you rock!

Beepath 7 years ago

Loved Agent Cho...when he was told to get information from all these beautiful women sitting in a bar. It was so much fun to see this gorgeous man talking to various women as he remained in "detective" character. He was able to just be himself and very professionally ask his questions. The women were all smitten, as was I, while Agent Cho carried on his interragation with nary a gleam in his eye....I swear, it was the sexiest scene. It was as though he was the only man who knows how to turn a woman on just by being straightforward. I know, I know, he was an actor but what an actor!

Jeff Kernodle 7 years ago

This is agreat show but moving it to the 10PM slot on Thursday niight will certainly mean I won't watch it any more.

LOVER-of-SIMONB! 6 years ago


victord 6 years ago

The writers got tired on 3/11 episode, The end made no sense. If Patrick set up the fake bio release, why would the real killer escape through the drainage ditch? I don't get it. can someone help?

goingmentalist 6 years ago

My picture appeared in the background of a Mentalist episode this 2009-2010 season. I REALLY AM THE GUY fixing a birdhouse on the picture. Can anyone tell me what episode this is from?

Shirley Baumgartner 6 years ago

Please get rid of Lisbon, she brings nothing to the show. She stands around looking dumb while Jane solves all the cases. Cho, Rigsby, and VanPelt are wonderful.

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