The Most Anticipated Movies Of 2013

If you're a film lover, you're going to love the movies that 2012 has in store for you. Below is a list of the most anticipated movies of 2012. These are the upcoming movies that are getting the most buzz from fans and critics alike.

Prometheus by Ridley Scott

Not much is known about this film since its development has been masked in secrecy. There are rumors that it's a prequel to the 'Alien' series. On the contrary, some are saying that there won't be any aliens involved. One thing is for sure though and that is we are all excited to see Ridley Scott's return to sci-fi thirty years after making 'Blade Runner' which is without a doubt one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time. The synopsis of the movie describes it as 'a journey to the darkest corners of the universe'. The film stars Guy Pearce, Michael Fassbender, and Charlize Theron.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey by Peter Jackson

To be released on December of 2012, this is just the first of two films. Part two of 'The Hobbit' which is called 'There and Back Again' will be released on November 2013. This is like Lord of the Rings all over again. Peter Jackson will be directing. Christopher Lee, Ian McKellen, and Andy Serkis will be back on board. This movie does have a lot to offer and millions of film enthusiasts especially LOTR fans are looking forward to see it. This movie is a sure winner.


Frankenweenie by Tim Burton

According to various reports, 'Frankenweenie' is a remake of a short film that Burton made way back in 1984. The short film was reportedly shelved by Disney on the same year. 'Frankenweenie' is about a little boy who learns of a way to bring his dog, Sparky, back to life after it got killed in a car tragedy. 'Time Out' reported that the film's made in the tradition of Tim Burton's previous animated films, 'Corpse Bride' and 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'.


Django Unchained by Quentin Tarantino

Taking place during the time of American slavery, 'Django Unchained' is the story of a slave who turns into a bounty hunter. The titular role will be played by Jamie Foxx. Will Smith was set to play the role but he withdrew so it passed to Foxx. Foxx will be joined in the film by Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz, and Kurt Russell.


World War Z by Marc Forster

An adaptation of a book of the same name by Max Brooks, 'World War Z' is about a zombie uprising. A zombie apocalypse movie of sort. It stars Brad Pitt as an envoy for the United Nations who travels the world listening to the stories of the war's survivors. The script for the film was leaked online way back in 2008 and it got a lot of favorable reviews. Also, the movie is in good hands as it's being directed by Marc Forster ('Finding Neverland' and 'Monster's Ball').


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