The Most Beautiful Egyptian Actresses

1. Mai Ezz El-Din: a young, single movie star..a lots of teen's dream girl. cute and lovely, everybody loves her for her cute roles.

Mai Ezz El-Din


2. Ghada Abdul Razek : The Hotshot star of daring movies in Egypt. she's famous of her daring roles and her power as a woman who loves to control. a queen or something!

playgirl !
playgirl !
very innocent!
very innocent!

3. Somia El-Khashab : The Star of the modern times. with great roles in TV to back up her career she seems to be the most Eye-Catching star of her generation as she said about herself before !!

red somia !
red somia !
award winner
award winner

4. Ola Ghanem : The Young star who played action roles. hasn't played a lead before but did a preety good performance in some group movies.

5. Dalia El-Behiry : a former model and a recent actress. used to play romantic and comedy roles.

former model?
former model?

6. Zeina : the cuties young star on TV, playing the romantic teen on more than a film she stole teens heart's and took her place as teen's queen !

hot !
hot !
Penelope Cruz !
Penelope Cruz !

hope you loved ' Who's your favorite :D

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ijaz ali abbasi 6 years ago

i am pakistani ilove egypten girls yeary beautifull

bob-adore Dalia Al Behiri 6 years ago

wow...Dalia Al Behiri is the best...she's a very beautiful, good looking, stunning, striking, attractive, lovely, pretty, gorgeous, exquisite, charming, divine, dazzling, eye catching, startling, staggering mistress...You are my everything...ALL LOVE BE WITH YOU...

noor/light 5 years ago

Dalia Al Behiri and Somia El-Khashabis are the cutest and coolest women ever.

anGel_OnE 5 years ago

The most beautiful Egyptian actresses

phsparky 4 years ago

I love that these gorgeous women all look like women, and not females trying to make themselves look younger by being stick-thin (like most American actresses). BTW, I am an American woman, and, no matter how good the acting is, I have no way to identify with an actress who looks like she weighs 80 pounds -- that is (almost) half my body weight!

arvin 4 years ago

mai ezz el-din is very beautiful!

egy 4 years ago

may ezzedine is the best!

I like her so mush she is cute and beautiful!

juicy roquero 4 years ago

girls of egypt are really beautiful!I love their eyes..!:-)Im a filipina,actually,womens of india,egypt and philippines were almost the same especially with it comes to the eyes,black but impressive,right?

mahmud 4 years ago

all are good but crazy...

nadia 3 years ago

yes nice but crazy

Nourhan 3 years ago

I am Egyptian and I think you forgot a lot of beautiful actresses like Donia Samir Ghanem and Emy Samir Ghanem and Nour and a lot of other actresses but these are really beautiful actresses

mani 3 years ago

Beauty is every were

uzma aslam 3 years ago

Khubsurti. Ko dill sa dakh na ka ankho sa

A.Rehman Dogar 3 years ago

Don't worry if you'r good looking or not just focus on your physical appearance,because anyway,if someone going to love u,he must do it no matter how you look,when you,r 50 your physical appearance will change,but the personality won't and that is what real beauty is...

saima. 3 years ago

i love beauty.

mouna 2 years ago

the moust beautifel is Nermine el fiki

À.Rehman Dogar 2 years ago

Saima is beautiful.

I M 2 years ago

inger bragman

rehman dogar 2 years ago

I agree with I M, elizabeth, sophia loren, audrey hamburn, ava gardner, ingrid bragman, hollywood legendary , hema malini, madho bala, indians, hind rostom, egyptian, zeba, rani, rozina, deba, and now saima, in pakistan, but

these are belong to silver screen

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