The New Conspiracy Theories Movies

Food Inc. / King Corn

These movies focus more on the empire built by food companies to control all the food supply and demand. Ever wonder why you have $1.00 Mcburgers and $1.30 / pound broccoli? Watch these movies and you'll find out.

Esoteric Agenda and Kymatica

These two movies focus on the "Secret Societies" trying to rule the world by means of economic and military domain. What I really liked about them, besides all the information given, is the proof of the relationship between feelings and the structure of our DNA.

I like Daniel: Goldstein's quote (watch the movie to find out why I'm writing his name like that):

To be truly free, you need to conquer your fears and master your emotions

Zeitgeist Saga

The "Zeitgeist" documentaries were my first entrance to the new conspiracy movies. I first saw Zeitgeist - The Movie a year ago and much of it makes sense at first. The Addendum movie found the author moving to the subject of a resource-based economy, in which he will address more in detail in the most anticipated Moving Forward movie, coming up Jan 2011


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    Zeitgeist The Movie

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