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My Daily Lie Contest Submission

The Oatmeal by Matthew Inman

The Oatmeal web comic writer has started an contest shortly after the SOPA/PIPA bill day of protest online which several sites blacked out their name or content in protest. The owner of the comic, Matthew Inman, made his content available for free use and encouraged use of the materials to make new comics by users.

The Oatmeal held a short contest where users could use content from a popular comic featured My Daily Lie. All users could enter the contest and which user-made images get the most votes will get prizes.

I made a personal entry just for the fun of it pictured to the right, but check out The Oatmeal for the original comic series by The Oatmeal! View all the user's entries at the bottom of the comic itself to see the links to all the submissions! Hours of fun!

About The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal is written by Matthew Inman who published original content where he often depicts himself an an obese and offensive persona when in reality he is a dedicated runner. Check out the official Facebook site if you read through all the comics he posts new content often and you will be the first to read it if you follow the Facebook page.

Official The Oatmeal 'My Daily Lie" comic

Visit the official site for the full Oatmeal series.
Visit the official site for the full Oatmeal series. | Source

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