The Pawn Stars of Las Vegas, Nevada - The History Channel Show!


I love the Pawn Stars of Las Vegas, Nevada.  This is one of the coolest shows on TV these days.  The episodes are shown on the History Channel.   The episodes feature the daily operations of the Gold and Silver shop.  On any given show episode, you can see multiple items being purchased or negotiated for purchase.  In addition, you will learn great tips about spotting fake antiques.  Let’s look at the Pawn Stars of Las Vegas, Nevada – as featured on the History Channel TV show.


Rick is the co-owner of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop with his father, The Old Man.  He is one of the main stars from the shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.  On any episode, Rick can be witnessed negotiating on items, sometimes even items of incredible historic value.  I suppose that’s to be expected from a TV show on the History Channel.  Rick gets more face time on most of the show episodes than the others.  In most shows, he can be seen laughing and smiling.  He’s a great member of the Pawn Stars from Las Vegas, Nevada, located on the strip.

The Old Man:

No, The Old Man isn’t a slight, it’s his nickname.  Everyone on the show calls him it and he answers to it.  He is the co-owner of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop with Rick, his son.  He is certainly the grumpiest of the stars from Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Old Man has been depicted as a cantankerous guy, but he can be seen having fun from time to time.  Having watched several episodes of the show on the History Channel, I can assure you that he gets the final say in most disputes that occur at the shop.


Corey is the son of Rick and grandson of The Old Man.  He is being groomed to take over the business.  Here’s a main character on the Pawn Stars, doing business from Las Vegas, Nevada.  Corey does a fair amount of the negotiations at the shop, and can be seen on many of the show episodes.  On the show, he’s often referred to as Hoss or Big Hoss.  Corey has been known to bend the rules a little, from time to time.  For example:  He has a $10,000 buying limit, with no approval needed from his father or grandfather.   That didn’t stop him from dropping almost 40k on a hot air balloon.  I don’t know if that hot air balloon sold.


Maybe everyone’s favorite character on the Pawn Stars of Las Vegas, Nevada on the History Channel is Chumlee.  Chum, as he’s often called, is the goofball of the show.  On most episodes he can be seen making simple mistakes, or coming across a bit peculiar.  It’s tough to say if that’s his real personality, or just the way he’s portrayed on the Pawn Stars TV show from Las Vegas, Nevada.


She hasn’t been featured on too many shows, but she can often be noticed in the background.  In the first season, she was featured for always coming in late.  Rick and The Old Man put her on graveyard shift, where she was forced to work with Chumlee, who, according the TV show episode, is madly in love with her.  Apparently, the feelings are not mutual.  She’s one of lesser featured Pawn Stars from the History Channel TV show, airing from Las Vegas, Nevada.

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diane 6 years ago

we would like to visit your shop, but r having difficulty finding the address. Please reply to frautz thank you

jim Dubee 6 years ago

I am 62 and look older than baseball. Pops, you look great. Love the show. The Pete Rose cards were fab. Back to this coin I have to have it. It is a 1916 Morgan Dollar. I know the down time, melt years etc. and both 21s; but this 1916 Morgan I have to see. His daddy was a Morgan and was born in 1916. His dad gave it to him in 1916. He said he had an old Greek coin dated 79 B.C. Now "we" ain't stupid our family came over on The Magna Carta.

melvin panek 5 years ago

i'll be in las vegas in march 2011. iwould like some info on some silver dollar coins that i have accumulated from vegas casinos in the las few years. i have these coins from several close casinos such as westward_ho, sands and the frontier. are they worth anything or should i bring them in when we visit11

Gerald Mejzak 5 years ago

I recently saw an episode where they passed on buying plans for the attack at Normandy during WW II because it could not be displayed. I thought you could buy a case with a filtering quality that would permit you to display these documents without degrading the document. That museum guy is very very good but does not know everything.

Delores Mota 5 years ago

Hi, my husband as well as 2 friends are all driving up to Vegas on Sept 5 for a few days and would love to stop by and meet you all, especially Rick. What is the best time to catch you. You are very popular by so many here in San Diego and every one tells me if you do nothing else at least go and see Rick, We watch and enjoy your show all the time. We know you are very busy and will not take up much of your time, We also want to take a look at your pawn shop. I have never been in one so what better one to go in as my first than yours. I hope we can meet you all. Great show by the way and very entertaining

alfred pinedo 5 years ago

we have several El Rancho casino poker Chips before the fire that destroyed the casio. believe the year was in the 1930's. would like to know how much they are wrth. llplease write me back. 3 years ago

Your show 05/04/13, today indicated purchase of a leather jacket worn by a 365th - Hell Hawks world war ll fighter pilot. The website has tremendous references pertaining to this group. I believe this information could help add tremendously to the jacket's value. There is also a published book about this squadron,

Respectfully, G. Larry Eaton - Sun City, Az.

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