The Place Beyond the Pines Soundtrack List

The Place Beyond the Pines movie soundtrack features music composed by Mike Patton, an American multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and music producer.

Patton is the lead singer of the rock band Faith No More. He also led the experimental band Mr. Bungle during the band's active years.

As a producer, Patton has worked with the likes of John Zorn, Melvins, Kool Keith, Sepultura and Melt Banana.

Patton has written the film score for the Jason Statham action flick Crank: High Voltage. Other films he scored were A Perfect Place and The Solitude of Prime Numbers.

He has also worked with several video games including Bionic Commando, Portal and The Darkness game series.

The Place Beyond the Pines Soundtrack Album


The Place Beyond the Pines Soundtrack Listing

Song Title
1. Schenectady
Mike Patton
2. Family Trees
Mike Patton
3. Bromance
Mike Patton
4. Forest of Conscience
Mike Patton
5. Beyond the Pines
Mike Patton
6. Evergreen
Mike Patton
7. Misremembering
Mike Patton
8. Sonday
Mike Patton
9. Coniferae
Mike Patton
10. Eclipse of the Son
Mike Patton
11. The Snow Angel
Mike Patton
12. Handsome Luke
Mike Patton
13. Please Stay
The Cryin' Shames
14. Miserere Mei
Vladimir Ivanoff
15. Fratres for Strings and Percussion
Arvo Part
16. Ninna Nanna Per Adulteri
Ennio Morricone
17. The Wolves (Act I and II)
Bon Iver

The Place Beyond the Pines Reviews

  • David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter describes the film's narrative as choppy and mentioned the film's not smooth flow of events as a weakness. He however described the film as somber and striking, praising the cast's performances especially Gosling's which he called charismatic.
  • Henry Barnes of The Guardian gave the film three stars out of five. He said that the film started well and good but lost its steam towards the end.
  • Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly called the film an "inauthentic indie-style American movie".
  • Tim Robey of The Telegraph praised the visual allure of the film, calling it swaggering.
  • Kaleem Aftab of The Independent gave the film two stars out of five. He described the final act as too reliant on chance.

The Place Beyond the Pines Release Date

There is no specific date as to when The Place Beyond the Pines will be released. However, it's expected to hit the big screen this coming 2013.

The Place Beyond the Pines Official Movie Poster

The Place Beyond the Pines Cast

  • Ryan Gosling - Only God Forgives, Gangster Squad, The Ides of March
  • Bradley Cooper - The Hangover Part III, The Silver Linings Playbook, Hit and Run, The Words
  • Rose Byrne - I Give It Year, Unity, X-Men: First Class
  • Eva Mendes - Fast Six, Holy Motors, Girl in Progress
  • Ray Liotta - The Iceman, Killing Them Softly, All Things Fall Apart

The Place Beyond the Pines Movie Clip

The Place Beyond the Pines at the Toronto Film Festival 2012

Ryan Gosling as Luke Glanton

Bradley Cooper as Avery Cross

Eva Mendes as Romina

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