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the fashionista within the musical star

when she initially began performing her fashion sense hid her face from fans.
when she initially began performing her fashion sense hid her face from fans. | Source
Lady Gaga has an unusual fashion sense that she attributes to David Bowe and a large influence from her mother.
Lady Gaga has an unusual fashion sense that she attributes to David Bowe and a large influence from her mother. | Source
Lady Gaga has been compared to Madonna and Cristina Aguilera with her voice and her appearance.
Lady Gaga has been compared to Madonna and Cristina Aguilera with her voice and her appearance. | Source
Lady Gaga has been outrageous at times with her attire, but she is always speaking out to make a statement for one of her ideologies.
Lady Gaga has been outrageous at times with her attire, but she is always speaking out to make a statement for one of her ideologies. | Source
Lady Gaga has performed for President Clinton.
Lady Gaga has performed for President Clinton. | Source

Lady Gaga was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on March 28, 1986. She was enrolled in New York’s Tisch School of Fine Arts in 2003 and began her early days performing New York City’s Lower East Side in the rock music scene. She was recognized for the future superstar she was meant to be and signed her first contract with Streamline Records which happened to be a hallmark of Interscope Records.

Her early years in the music business were made up of song writing for the company and creating great lyrics for her fellow artist. Although she started out behind the scenes it wasn’t long before the sun began to shine on this little known talent. No one could have predicted the world wide success of the artist known as Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga has a career focused on sex, music and art along with celebrity stardom.

Although New York is where she started her musical career, moving to Los Angeles prompted Lady Gaga to release her debut album The Fame which launched the success that has blossomed and followed her since. Her popularity in the music business is demonstrated by her iTunes selling success as the fastest selling single in ITunes history by selling one million copies in five days on the popular music site.

The Grammy Awards are the single most influential medium used to make a superstar recognize where they stand in the music genre. She has received five Grammys and been nominated for twelve, making her one of the most ever by any musical artist. Setting Guinness World Records by selling an estimated 13 million albums and 51 million singles has moved her to worldwide platforms of music stardom.

Lady Gaga is influenced for her dance, style and grace on the stage by rock stars such as David Bowe and Freddie Mercury with a dash of Madonna and Michael Jackson. She is a fashionista with an ever changing style in fashion and popular well liked videos. She received the Video of the Year Award in 2010 from the MTV Video Music Awards.

Lady Gaga has the vocal range of a contralto and has a voice that has been compared to Madonna and Gwen Stefani and the structure of the music she has produced is said to mimic classic 80s and 90s pop stars.

Fashion and Lady Gaga

Fashion is what drives quite a few of Lady Gaga followers and she recognizes the admiration from her fans in her choice of dress and hairstyles. Lady Gaga identifies her fashion as a major influence from Donatella Versace who she names as her muse. Her own creative productions for fashion are devised from the Haus of Gaga which she handles personally. The Haus of Gaga team creates her clothes, stage props and hairstyles. She points to her mother as the influence over her clothing styles and image.

The infamous meat dress

Her meat dress is one of the most infamous outfits the diva has worn which sparked outrage from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Gaga later stated she didn’t intend any disrespect to the group or animals and the outfit was meant to evoke a statement of human rights to focus on those in the LGBT community. The meat dress was fashioned from the flesh of a dead animal.

Performing for presidents

She has performed for former president Clinton and met with current President Barack Obama at a Human Rights Campaign fundraiser in September 2011. President Obama described Lady Gaga as intimidating because the superstar was dressed in 16 inch heels which undoubtedly made her the tallest woman, or person, in the room.


The Media

Gaga has been interviewed by famous television personalities such as Larry King and Barbara Walters and isn’t shy from the paparazzi or appearing in public places or television shows in her unusual fashions and lashing tongue. During her interview with Barbara Walters in 2009 she stated that she portrays herself in an androgynous way and loves it. She provides interviews to numerous magazines and makes television appearance quite often.

Lady Gaga was interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine during which she stated many of her boyfriends have issues with her bisexuality. Harpers Bizarre published an interview with Lady Gaga in May 2011 where she discussed the recent appearance of horn like ridges on her cheekbones, temples and shoulders were not prosthesis as many fans thought, but they are her bones. She advised she hasn’t had any plastic surgery.

Lady Gaga has even inspired a sociologist at the University of North Carolina to teach a course for students entitled Lady Gaga and the Sociology of the Fame with the objective of unraveling her global fame and relevant dimensions of her fame.

Comparisons have been made between Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera with their hair and makeup. Christina Aguilera states that she wasn’t aware of the similarities and she didn’t even know if Lady Gaga was a man or a woman. Gaga was insulted by the statement made by Aguilera and stated that the news around the statement put her on the map in a way. She welcomes the publicity. Even after the statement from Christina Aguilera the comparisons persist and when Christina released her album in 2010 “Not Myself Tonight” music critics compared Aguilera’s song to Lady Gaga’s music video for “Bad Romance”.

Lady Gaga has jumped into the debate for immigration law in Arizona with her bi-lingual song Born This Way. She premiered her song in Guadalajara, Mexico which was the first stop of her Monster Tour. In an interview with the local press, Gaga said she couldn’t stand by many of the unjust immigration laws here in America.

She has performed for presidents and former presidents and is recognized as Times 100 list of most influential people

Her sexuality

Lady Gaga contributes most of her early success to her gay fans and is considered by many to be a gay icon. She has revealed she is bisexual on several occasions. One of her first television appearances was in May 2008 at the NowNextAwards an awards show aired by the LGBT television network Logo.

When she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2009 she gave Ellen praise for being an inspiration to all women in the gay community. She has stated that her march in the National Equality March on the National Mall in October of 2009 was the single most important event of her career.

This woman attended the 2010 MTV Music Awards accompanied by four service members of the Armed Forces that had been prohibited from serving openly under the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” military policy. She released three YouTube videos asking her fans and people to content their senators to have the policy overturned.

She has a male alter ego that she sometimes displays on stage named Jo Calderone and has performed in leather corsets and “meat suits” as well as blood soaked costumes.

She has performed at numerous gay pride events, including the San Francisco Pride event in June of 2008. Editors of the Advocate have commented she is the real fierce advocate for gays and lesbians everywhere.


Besides being an enormous superstar with her singing career, Gaga is a huge philanthropist that devotes both time and money to various charities and humanitarian works. She donated the proceeds for her January 24, 2010 at Radio City Music Hall to the Haiti Earthquake fund for reconstruction of the country. Lady Gaga makes enormous contributions to the fight against HIV and AIDS with a focus upon education and prevention.

Lady Gaga often refers to fans as her “little monsters” and had this tattooed on her arm that she uses to hold her microphone. This is one of six tattoos that Lady Gaga has on her body.

Lady Gaga has received criticism for her public image with includes her fashion sense and outspoken views on some of her personal thoughts and feelings on a wide variety of subject matter. Although some of her statements have gotten her in hot water, she has continued to face whatever criticism and questions come her way with the grace of a superstar and humility when warranted.

As one of the bestselling music artist worldwide her dancing has been her attraction for many of her fans along with her costumes that take your breath away. Now that she has toned down the outrageousness of her dress and attire her voice and her dancing remain as the attraction for the music pop star admired worldwide.

Lady Gaga is a world reknowned musical artist

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