The Rich Are Gettin' Richer

The Rich Are Getting Richer

 The Rich Are Getting Richer

by Chuck RitenouR

verse 1:

Congressman talking about the price of Health Care

Seeme to me I pay more than my share

the price of gasoline has sored outa sight

think I'm workin' for nothing and that ain't right

those good ole days are gone and let me tell you mister

the poor are gettin' are gettin' poorer while the rich are gettin' richer

verse 2:

My life is on big reality show

and the wolf is howlin' at my front door

make a hundred dollars get to keep a dime

but when they steal 100 million its a white collar crime

gotta rise on up my brothers and sisters

'cause the poor are gettin' poorer and the rich are gettin' richer


the rich are gettin' richer and I'm so broke

seen my dreams of retirement going up in smoke

I'm tryin' to hold on and its breaking my back

payin' the mortgage on my 3 room shack

verse 3:

They turned my power off, now I can't see

got no radio, got no TV

and the battery is dead in my rusty ole Ford

I had to take a cab to the liquor store

they say all that whiskey's gonna ruin my liver

while the poor are gettin' poorer and the rich are gettin' richer.

yeah the poor are gettin' poorer and the rich are gettin' richer. 

the end or maybe not!

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