The Royal Kate Middleton Photos

Okay, so, from I have seen from Chi and Closer magazines online, the hoopla about the Kate Middletown topless photos is really nothing. I mean, REALLY nothing. Yeah, I get it about the privacy issue and that the fact that Kate is now a "Royal family member", a Duchess, right? What exactly is that? Why is that remotely important?

I am sure my attitude, being American, is perhaps a bit too aloof about this, but Kate was being naive and stupid, yes, even a "royal" can be that, I mean, they are mere human. Did she actually think going topless in public, semi-public or secluded, that a paparazzi photographer was not assigned to follow them? Granted, Kate is new to being in the spotlight because is just a "commoner" married to a "prince". Call it a learning curve. Still, she is suppose to have common sense.

Phillip is equally naive. You know, maybe privately, they did not give a shit. Maybe, they said, "let's give them something to talk about", maybe, despite what they say in public or how the "royal family" spins this PR, personally, neither care and laugh about it all.

So, now the Royals are filing a lawsuit, what, they have nothing else to do? As for Kate's boobs, well formed but she is too skinny. I have see way better. Sorry, but I do not think the Royals are exempt from any special treatment when they fail to think before they act in public or semi-public.

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QudsiaP1 profile image

QudsiaP1 4 years ago

The human condition; to want what they do not have... :)

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