The Sacred Way of the Ming Tombs

The Sacred Way of the Ming Tombs is one of the most important tourist sites near the city of Beijing. A UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the entire Ming Dynasty Tomb complex, construction first began after the construction of the Forbidden City by the third Ming Dynasty emperor Yongle in 1420 A.D. Emperor Yongle was also responsible for moving the capital city of China from Nanjing to Beijing. The Sacred Way consists of a red entrance tower and gate that leads to a long path lined by willow trees and statues of animals and "guards" of the tombs themselves. Located about an hour's drive north of Beijing, the Sacred Way and the Ming Tombs are easily visited in combination with a trip to see the nearby sections of the Great Wall of China. Some of the most popular Great Wall tours include a visit to the Sacred Way and the Ming Dynasty Tombs in combination with sightseeing at the Juyongguan, Badaling or Mutianyu sections of the Great Wall.

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Extremely interesting- terrific pics. Nice hub!

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