The Sandusky and Trayvon Martin Trials

Ex-coach of Penn State Sandusky
Ex-coach of Penn State Sandusky
Trayvon in younger days
Trayvon in younger days

I don't know which is worse, do you?

Sandusky's trial on the sex charges he did to 10-13 yr. old boys while he was Penn State's football defensive coach are sickening. How he stalked and planned and groomed the boys as pedophiles do. The victim testimony is riveting and disgusting when the sex details emerge and the victims (now young men) relive it in the courtroom that brings tears to everyone in the room-except Sandusky, the pervert. It is totally unbelievable his wife had no idea he was like this, some of the crimes and abuse happened while she was upstairs from the basement! How can she even stand by her man? During the testimony, reporters indicated that Sandusky simply stared at the victims, trying to intimidate them while admiring them in memory. Sick, sick, sick.

Why are we wasting money on this trial? There may be some presumption of innocence because it is our legal system, yet , in this case, there is not one (probably not even his defense attorney). Who truly would find him innocent on some mental defense? It is impossible for refute the testimony of five victims providing similar details that are common to them all. The victims have never talked to one another.

There are exceptions to everything. In the Sandusky trial, maybe someone will take a gun to him. He has already ruined many lives. Time to ruin his.

The Trayvon Martin case is equally disturbing. It remains more of a mystery, as who is telling the truth? Evidence tilts in Zimmerman's favor, but now, after the arrest of his wife for lying about defense funds in court, and the judge revoking his bail, tarnishes his veracity, or does it? Bail and murder are two very different things. Documents exist to support what Zimmerman has said about injuries sustained during the 90 seconds when it is anyone's guess as to what happen because only Zimmerman was there. Witnesses were near before and after, but that does not clarify matters. The other disturbing thing is to see all of the racists come out of the woods, it really is a black and white case for many. One suspects that even if Zimmerman is acquitted or not guilty, some racist will take a gun to him one day for revenge. If Martin wins, the same could happen to Zimmerman inside jail.

If you had to choose which case made you more angry and livid, which one would it be?

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Raul 4 years ago

I think we're also going to find out that marijuana played a critical role in each of these tragedies.

Jimmy 4 years ago

I am absolutely certain that Jerry Sandusky WILL NOT be convicted for Sex Crimes against Children, the same way John Edwards was not convicted for violating Campaign Finance Laws.


Because Sandusky, like Edwards, is a Caucasoid-Reptilian-Elite at the top of the United States Governmental-Bureaucratic-Corporate-Food-Chain. Caucasoid-Reptilian’s at these ELITE-ECHELON’S are NEVER convicted of any crime.

Hell, these Caucasoid-Reptiles run the world.

Surely, something must land on this F%CK-UP Planet and F%CK these Caucasoid’s Up.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

Jimmy of the reptilian world, Sandusky is soooo guilty there should be no trial.

Jimmy 4 years ago

I am not of the Reptilian world. I have dedicated my life to exposing them for what they are.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

ah ha!

Jimmy 4 years ago

Just ask my brother Old Poolman. He has joined me in the struggle.

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