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La la la la la la...It's the Smurfs! They're the small, blue, famous cartoon characters with white bonnets and trousers who used to invade Saturday morning TV from September 12, 1981 – August 25, 1990, capturing the hearts of many fans. A Smurf is approximately the height of 3 apples, and lives in a secluded mushroom village called "Smurf Village", far away from the evil wizard Gargamel. They are a peaceful, nature-loving bunch of creatures but tend to try to act human, and that's when the problems start!

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The Smurfs, created by Pierre Culliford aka "Peyo", still have plenty of fans to this day as people are still seeking Smurf collectibles regularly. You can find the Smurfs in small figurine form, as stuffed dolls, pillow and bed sheets, drinking glasses and many more collectible items!

On this page you'll find some more information about these lovable blue characters including the smurf names and descriptions, as well as cool Smurf collectibles!

A variety of smurf figurines are currently on the market for collectors!
A variety of smurf figurines are currently on the market for collectors!
Smurfs appear in front of the Washington monument!
Smurfs appear in front of the Washington monument!

Smurf Cartoon Character Names

Smurf Character Names

Here are the names of many of the original Smurf characters, including two of their sworn enemies, Gargamel and his cat Azrael.

Azrael - This is the evil wizard Gargamel's pet cat. Azrael patrols outside Gargamel's cottage looking for lost or wandering smurfs who've gone too far from their village.

Baby Smurf - This baby smurf, the youngest of them all, was brought to the village by surprise. One night while the smurf villagers were asleep, a stork brought Baby Smurf and left him. The Smurfs adopted Baby and he's been a permanent member of the village ever since.

Brainy - Brainy is the smurf with plenty to say, mostly to show off his intelligence. He's constantly seeking the advice and wisdom of Papa Smurf and preaching to his fellow smurfs, also spitting out various quotes.

Cook Smurf - Cook smurf is notorious for baking and cooking some of the most delicious meals and treats in all of Smurf village.

Farmer Smurf - The farmer is a bit of a social recluse as he prefers tending to his crops. He's also known for his foul mouth, so smurfs do best to cover their ears when in his presence.

Gargamel - The evil wizard and arch-enemy of the smurfs. He lives in a cottage deep in the forrest with his pet cat Azrael. His tagline is "I hate smurfs!" and he'll do anything to catch them, although he rarely has luck due to his low level of intelligence.

Greedy - All Greedy thinks about is eating and making sure he gets all the food available. He does his best to sneak away with any and every treat he can from Cook Smurf, because this smurf really loves to eat!

Grouchy - This most disagreeable of all smurfs, Grouchy always has a negative remark or oppositional comment to say in the discussion. Despite his seemingly negative disposition, he's said to have a "heart of gold".

Handy - Always seen in blue overalls, and always busy working on his latest project, Handy is just that. Handy develops thousands of useful devices for smurf village and is able to fix just about anything.

Harmony - Unfortunately for this Smurf, his name is not fitting. He seems to love playing musical instruments but the sounds that come out are not pleasant to the ears of fellow Smurfs nearby.

Hefty - The strongest of all the Smurfs, Hefty loves competition and practicing each and every sport. He keeps fit always, and loves to excel in athletics. His strength and skill allow him to be quite helpful when the smurfs need him.

Jokey - Jokey loves to play practical jokes and pranks on the other smurfs, who often are angered by his humor. Sometimes his jokes work, other times the joke's are on him!

Lazy Smurf - Lazy loves to nap, and anywhere he can find a spot to, he'll do so. Lazy gets tired just from thinking about work, so his overall plan is to avoid it by sleeping.

Papa Smurf - He's the eldest smurf (at over 540 years old) making him head Smurf in charge. Papa is easily distinguished by his white beard, red cap and red pants. He's very wise, an alchemist and able to use his intelligence to save fellow smurfs from danger.

Poet Smurf - Sensitive and artistic he's known from creating beautiful poems, mostly by wandering through nature. Poet often has trouble making rhyming poetic verse, until he stumbles or something "hits him".

Smurfette - The prettiest and most sought after smurf in the village is the beautiful Smurfette. She was originally created by Gargamel as a trap for the smurfs, but Papa smurf worked his magic to make her the beautiful creature she is. With her flowing blond hair and feminine charms, Smurfette has many admirers within the village fighting for her attention at all times.

Vanity Smurf - Vanity may also be known as "metrosexual smurf" as he is meticulous in his grooming and appearance. He's a delicate and sensitive smurf too, and loves the mirror!

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this is realy neat i thought only selec had this stuff

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Smurfette is awesome

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trusouldj 5 years ago from Indiana

My 7 year old son is Grouchy Smurf most of the time and Jokey Smurf the rest of the time.

kittygirl41 5 years ago

i love smurfs!!!!!! for Halloween i am going to be greedy.


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I have loved the Smurfs for years!! Couldn't wait for the new movie. I knew it was coming bc of all the other remakes of childhood faves....

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I love smurfette. I am so glad she is wining. I made her at build a bear. She is the best and my fav smurf.

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i love the smurfs one time i dresed up as a sleepy and i went to school haha it was haloris

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I had watched the smurfs movie!It was very nice.The smurfs had gone to new yourk and they find the blue moon to get back at the smurfvillage

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La la la la la la la la la la!!!!!!!!

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smurfette you are the prettiest smurfs in wordls of smurfs

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i love the smurfs i have got all of the dvds

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I love papa smurf because her is wise and very nice!!!!!:)

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i love smurfette se is cool and nice!

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love sdmufette

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i want to be smurfette for halloween

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trusouldj 4 years ago from Indiana

Back when there was such a thing as a Saturday morning lineup.

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