The Ten Worst Films of 2012 (#3)


I kinda hate Adam Sandler.

But it's okay. I'm sure he feels the same way about me or any other moviegoer, especially his own fans. That's why he goes out of his way to make sure that anybody brave (or dumb) enough to sit through one of his movies suffers.

And That's My Boy is nothing if not pure torture.

A decade earlier, Sandler surprised all of us when he showed up in Punch-Drunk Love. To say that was the best performance of his career is an understatement. It's the only good performance he's ever turned in. And I guess hearing praise really freaked him out, because he immediately went back to churning out crap, and he hasn't looked back.

From the start, we have an idea of how bad things will become. A young teacher sleeps with her student and gets knocked up. She goes to prison and has his baby. Hilarious, right? Over time, things only get more disgusting. I'm not quite sure who told Sandler to use that horrible accent, but then again, how often is he presented with a terrible idea that he doesn't like?

This is a movie where people use those old "Wazaaaap" jokes like they're still cool. That shows you how much Sandler's humor has evolved.

More than any other movie star alive today (except for maybe Lindsay Lohan), I'm confused by Sandler's status in Hollywood. He's always in movies that do moderate to good business. He's always got new offers. It seems the more popular he becomes over the years, the dumber his films get. How long do we have to wait for him to take a chance and work with another Paul Thomas Anderson?

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