The Ten Worst Films of 2012 (#4)


David Cronenberg said that he thought The Dark Knight Rises was boring. David Cronenberg clearly hasn't seen his latest film.

Not only is Cosmopolis boring, it's also incredibly pretentious. And nonsensical. And extremely uninteresting.

Outside of Paul Giamatti and, to my surprise, Robert Pattinson, the rest of the performers here are all uniformly terrible. Juliette Binoche does nothing more than slut it up in a limo for a few brief moments. Samantha Morton only speaks if she can say "future" at least 300 times in a single sentence. Sarah Gadon is on a whole other level. She's so bad you can't help but laugh as soon as she shows up on screen.

The big loser here is the script. Many thought an adaptation of the book wasn't possible, and they were right. It's so awkwardly written ("And we will. We SHALL"), I'm surprised it attracted so many stars. The entire third act is ridiculous (and if you're brave enough to sit through the first ten minutes, that's saying something).

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