The Ten Worst Films of 2012 (#5)


I'm fairly convinced that everybody involved with this film had the same goal in mind: to make the movie as unfunny as humanly possible. I have to believe this. Forget the fact that what makes it onto the screen is terrible. The outtakes are crap, too.

Madea is so out of the loop, she confuses "Wi-Fi" for "waffle," "Yoda" for "yoga," and refers to a helicopter as a "helichopper." And these are probably the best jokes.

Everyone on screen manages to completely embarrass themselves at some point. Tyler Perry does this as an actor, director, producer and writer. Eugene Levy is clearly just there for the paycheck. Denise Richards doesn't quite know how to act in a comedy, and Romeo Miller doesn't quite know how to act, period.

Nevertheless, Perry still has his fans, and even if his films produce few genuinely funny moments, he's still laughing his way to the bank. I've talked with people who say that "Africant Americant" is a hilarious line, and that this is easily one of the best movies they've ever seen. These people scare me. Really.

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