The Ten Worst Films of 2012 (#7)


I don't really get Eddie Murphy.

I remember when Dreamgirls was picking up awards buzz, he seemed much more pumped about Norbit. Fine. He likes making people laugh. Great. I get that. He likes to do comedies. But why does he only seem interested in doing bad ones?

Let me say, though, that the film's current score on Rotten Tomatoes is a little exaggerated. Yes, it's not good, but it's not the worst film ever made, or even the worst of Eddie's career. It's just very, very forgettable.

This is the kind of film where a man pretending to be on the phone with his pregnant wife is able to skip ahead in the coffee line after he acts as if she's having twins. And that's supposed to be funny. Maybe even hilarious. Perhaps it would have been if the lead actor could keep himself from overdoing it. But Eddie Murphy's not exactly known for his subtlety.

When we were younger and watched something that was painfully bad, my sister and I would ask each other, "How did this even get made?" That's what I kept thinking the entire time I watched this. It's a comedy that isn't funny. Not once. It's hard to imagine anyone involved with this was actually proud of what they ultimately produced.

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