The Ten Worst Films of 2012 (#8)


The only thing worse than a brainless Michael Bay action film is a brainless Michael Bay action film impersonation.

As you probably guessed from the trailers, this is essentially Transformers at Sea. Lots of stuff blows up. Aliens/machines appear out of nowhere. The girl is kind of helpless without the alpha male. Blah, blah, blah. Not a lot here to get excited about.

Truthfully, I was kind of prepared for a lot of this. One thing that caught me off guard was the performances.

I hate talking badly about Taylor Kitsch. I loved him in Friday Night Lights, and I was excited to see him headlining three different films in 2012 alone. But if last year taught us anything about him, it's that he's not quite movie star material. He's not as charismatic as he's supposed to be here. He delivers his lines like that kid in your acting class who'd obviously rather be somewhere else. Maybe he realized what most of us already assumed: this was a bad idea.

Rihanna won't win any major awards for her performance (although she might win a Razzie), but here's the crazy part: she's not nearly as bad here as Liam Neeson.

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