The Top 5 Best Television (TV) Stations in the Philippines

The Philippines is a celebrity-crazy country. This explains why majority of it's most well-known and recognizable faces are those of movie, Tv, and music stars. This could also explain the strong competition among Philippine Tv stations. If you look at the Philippines' roster of Tv stations, over 50% of their original shows are geared towards building the names of the celebrities they have under their wings.

Appropriateness and suitability are thrown out the window. If you have a pretty face or a big name, you can do pretty much everything. Hosting? Check. Commercials? Check. Sing? Check. Do drama? Check. Filipino celebrities are a crowd of Supermen and Wonderwomen.

Fantasy Tv series are all the rage nowadays on Philippine Tv. Locally, these shows are referred to as fantaseryes. Tv producers have come up with their own versions of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc. There is this one particular show called Alakdana where the heroine, a young and quite charming girl, has a well, scorpion's tail. I don't know if people actually liked watching this show. Don't ask me, I don't watch it.

Anyway, as the title of this article promised, here are the Philippine's current crop of Tv stations.

1) ABS-CBN – They call themselves the Kapamilya Network and their supporters as kapamilyas.

2) GMA – The Kapuso Network.

3) Tv5 – The Kapatid Network.

4) Studio 23 – The Kabarkada Network. This station is a subsidiary of ABS-CBN.

5) Qtv – The ...... just call them Qtv. This station is a subsidiary of GMA.

Here's to give you an idea of the types of shows these Philippine Tv stations offer.

Mornings start with the typical morning variety shows.

Noon time shows follow. Dancing girls. Prizes being given away. More dancing girls. More prizes being given away.

Afternoon drama shows. The usual boy meets girl things. Or love triangles. These sort of things. Just boring stuff.

Evening news.

More drama shows. Here's when most of the fantaseryes come in.

Late night news.

Signing off.

Yes, that's just about it. It gets a little bit more interesting on Saturdays and Sundays but the above is pretty much everything that makes Philippine television.

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