UPDATE-The Top Five (six) Movies That Make Men Cry-Well They Make My Husband Cry Anyway

Crybaby man
Crybaby man

I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard talk show host John Gibson talking about movies that made men cry. He was reading a list that a man made where he told about his top ten tear jerkers. The man listed movies like Terminator 2, Shawshank Redemption, and Good Will Hunting. I started to think about my husband and the movies that caused him to tear up over the last 22 years. Now before I list the movies you have to understand a few things about my husband. First of all, if he found out that I wrote this hub he would be absolutely livid. I am talking upset. The love of my life is a very manly man. He is a former military man, a current firefighter, and a part time hard ass. He thinks tears are for "sissys" and are simply a sign of weakness. He has only cried 3 times in our entire marriage-once when his beloved grandfather passed away and once for a different but equally sad reason. The third time he cried was at the end of a movie.  I saved the name of that movie for last.  Now you have to understand that during the other movies he didn't "cry", but he did tear up-to the surprise and astonishment of both of us (actually if I was being truthful I would have to say I was delighted!).



I had no idea that going to the movies to watch an animated feature would make my husband misty eyed, but it did. I don't know how I got him to go to the theater to watch this movie- it is definitely not something he would normally go see. If you have ever watched UP you know that the beginning of the movie is very cute-it shows what the old man in the movie was like as a child and how he meets his wife. It shows how their life together progressed, the hardships they went through, and the joyful times they shared together. It also shows the illness and the eventual  DEATH of the character's beloved wife and the bleakness and despair the old man experiences when he looses her. I have to admit I bawled like a baby during this sequence-as any normal female would. I was shocked when I heard a sniffle come from beside me and was equally astounded when I looked toward my husband and saw him hurriedly wipe his eyes. I couldn't believe that a cartoon could make him cry!  This movie will go down as one of my absolute all time favorites-not for the movie itself but for the reaction  it got from my hubby.


Mels a Hottie
Mels a Hottie

Forever Young

How many of you remember this gem from the 90's?  The movie was made in 1992 and starred Mel Gibson, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Elijah Woods.  It is about a 1939 test pilot who asks his friend (George Wendt) to freeze his body in a cryogenics experiment after he witness an accident that leaves his beloved in an irreversible coma.  He wakes up in 1992 and tries to cope with the all of the changes that have taken place during the time he was "asleep".  He eventually discovers that his first love did not die but is still alive-and he reunites with her at the end of the movie.  When I asked my husband why he teared up at the end of the movie he explained it simply by stating-"It's sad they lost all of that time together."  What a guy.

Joe and Simon
Joe and Simon

Simon Birch

I don't remember this movie being out in the theater. We rented it at the video store because we mistakenly thought this was a comedy. Boy were we wrong. The movie had some cute scenes, but it had an overall feeling of sadness. The movie tells about the friendship of two boys-one of them being the dwarf Simon Burch. Simon is neglected at home so he spends a lot of time with his friend Joe and Joe's mother. Simon develops a strong bond with Joe's mom. Joe doesn't know who his real father is and the two boys spend the majority of the movie trying to discover the identity of Joe's dad. The scene that made my husband cry was when Simon and Joe are playing in a baseball game and Simon gets his first hit. Sounds innocent right? Wrong-the ball that Simon hits accidentally strikes Joe's mom in the head and kills her!! When I asked my husband about his reason for tearing up he replied that it was more shock than anything else. He thought is was screwed up the way this poor kid had to deal with his messed up life-and on on top of it kill his best friends mom! OH-by the way-Simon drowns in the end of the movie at the age of 12. Some comedy.


Richard Gere and Jodie Foster
Richard Gere and Jodie Foster


I had forgotten how much I liked this movie until I started writing this hub. I think I may rent it to watch again very soon. Soomersby came out in 1993 and starred Richard Gere and Jodie Foster. The movie takes place in the post civil war era and is about a man Jack Sommersby who leaves to fight in the war but does not return. He is presumed dead and his wife (Jodie Foster) isn't exactly unhappy as her husband was an abusive jerk before he left. One day Richard Gere appears on her front steps claiming to be her husband. Foster doubts his claim as he doesn't act the way Jack Sommersby acted before he left. This new hubby is kind and thoughtful and Foster soon falls in love and becomes pregnant by him. Townspeople doubt Sommersby's identity and trouble ensues which all culminates in Jack being arrested for a murder committed by the real Jack Sommersby. The part that got my husband was when at the end of the movie the "imposter" Jack has the opportunity to deny he is the "real" Jack and thereby escape death in gallows. The "imposter" instead chooses the gallows to spare his "wife" and child the shame of being called an adultress and a bastard child. Hubby teared up over the shock of watching one person sacrifice his life for the sake of his family.

The Number One Film That Makes My Husband Cry

 Ok, now the time has come to announce the number one movie that has made my hubby cry:  The Notebook.  Who hasn't seen the movie The Notebook?  It was wildly popular when it made it's debut in theaters and you can hardly turn on the television and not see it playing on some cable channel.  I'm not going to go into a synopsis of the movie.  If you haven't seen it-rent it, it's worth the rental fee.  The part that made my husband actually cry during this movie was at the end when the two elderly characters lie in bed together and DIE!  Yes I said DIE!  The story is wonderful, the ending is sadly wonderful and it touches my heart that this flick did the almost impossible and made my hubby cry real tears. 


 Ok my husband and I recently watched the movie The Road and although he didn't cry in front of me during the movie, it definitely upset him. The Road stars Viggo Mortenson as a father who is forced to travel with his young son through a post apocalyptic world where they are hunted by cannibals and others who intend to do them harm. The story focuses on the hardships they must endure and the relationship between the father and the son. 

There were several scenes in this movie that upset my husband.  The first was when the Viggo Mortenson's wife decided she couldn't go on any longer and kills herself.  The next scene that did him in was when the father and son entered a house only to find it was inhabited by cannibals who kept the basement stocked with humans that they would kill and eat.  When they think they are about to be caught the father decides the best course of action is to kill his son to save him from becoming that nights dinner. Luckily they escape but the pair are forced to spend the night in the woods where they are forced to listen to the screams of the humans that are being killed and eaten by the cannibals (this was a really really nasty scene). The last scene that upset my husband was when the father dies at the end of the movie virtually leaving the son to fend for himself.

This isn't a feel good movie.  It's very disturbing and you worry throughout the entire movie that the little boy is going to be raped, killed, or eaten at any time. Hubby swears he will never watch it again-and regrets watching it the first time!!

In Conclusion

Well there you have it. The top five tearjerkers of my manly man husband. As I look back at these movies I am touched by the feelings they evoke from me-not about the stories but about my hubby. I also noticed that each of these movies have one thing in common-at least one person dies! I guess that says something else about him-what exactly that is I haven't figured out yet!

What Movie Made You Cry?

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Comments 21 comments

G-Man 6 years ago

lol I cried in the notebook too :'] I love that movie it just moves me! (I'm a guy 2)

mikicagle profile image

mikicagle 6 years ago from Oklahoma Author

My husband won't watch it anymore!!

Mavrek's Mayhem profile image

Mavrek's Mayhem 6 years ago

Very interesting read. I dare anyone to watch the first 20 minutes of UP and not feel anything. Gut wrenching, powerful, and amazing.

mikicagle profile image

mikicagle 6 years ago from Oklahoma Author

that's the part that does it every time

profile image

atbendin 6 years ago

The end scene of "Rudy". I have no idea why it gets me do bad, but it does. That's the general consensus from several other guys I've talked to as well. Good read.

Metalhobbit7 profile image

Metalhobbit7 6 years ago

i can't think of many films that made me tear up. i didn't even cry in "passion of the christ". one film that did make me cry was a hayao miyazaki film called "only yesterday", not becuase it was sad but because it was such a happy ending.

TomNeil 6 years ago

For years I couldn't watch Field of Dreams without tearing up at the end when he asks his dad to play catch. Just a wonderful ending to such a hopeful movie.

mikicagle profile image

mikicagle 6 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Thanks for adding your own movies. I am going to rent the boy in the striped pajamas and make my hubby watch it to see if the ending gets him. Oh we recently watched the movie "The Road" and although he didn't cry my husband was very upset by the movie-I don't think he'll ever watch it again.

charanjeet kaur profile image

charanjeet kaur 6 years ago from Delhi

I actually laughed when I read about you sharing that men dont cry. My hubby acts all strong whenever he is watching movies, me on the other hand cry even if there is a remote sad element to the movie. lol. Cannot name one which made him shed a tear.

UP though being an animated movie was one exceptional movie saw it just this weekend. Since I had no expectations from this one it got me blown away.

suny51 profile image

suny51 6 years ago

Hello-I too cried once during a movie,but that was due to the girl sitting with me and she was crying so much so just to keep the company,but that was 40 years before and that was my first movie with a girl.

mikicagle profile image

mikicagle 6 years ago from Oklahoma Author

too funny!!

gksquire9 profile image

gksquire9 6 years ago from America

Not some I would have chosen, but am always glad to learn there others who shed tears during beautiful films. The beginning of Up got me, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing.


Bisaya Films profile image

Bisaya Films 6 years ago

Up's oddly depressing, too. If you think about it. But ofcorse, entertaining all the same. You can't be depressing and not entertaining at the same time, can you?

mikicagle profile image

mikicagle 6 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Up is depressing-from the man losing his wife to the little boy's dad leaving him and not wanting anything to do with him. Now that I think about it-my husband's father abandoned him when he was 4-huh no wonder the movie upset him

agvulpes profile image

agvulpes 6 years ago from Australia

I don't think I have seen any of these movies but like your hubby I rather enjoy a good 'weepie' I will try and get 'The Notebook' and report back.:-)

movies star 6 years ago

Okey , thank you for your information...

I will try to watch some of them, ....

profile image

ruffridyer 5 years ago from Dayton, ohio

Up really got me teared up because my wife of 30 yrs had died several months before I saw the movie. I always tearup watching Dumbo when he visits his mother chained up in the trailer, Has anyone noticed the mouse and the Crows are the only nice creatures in that movie. Even the kids and the clowns are jerks.

mikicagle profile image

mikicagle 5 years ago from Oklahoma Author

ruffridyer-I am sorry to hear about your wife. The opening of UP will make anyone tear up-unless they are made of stone

Jesse 5 years ago

Definitely great picks and agreed on Up. I'd like to add a few more, like Saving Private Ryan, Field of Dreams, Miracle, Rudy, basically all of the movies listed at http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/top-tearjer... LOL. Great work though.

rjbatty profile image

rjbatty 4 years ago from Irvine

Oddly, none of your suggestions pulled at my heartstrings. I think of films such as Franco Zeffirelli's "Romeo and Juliet", "Miss Potter", "Cool-Hand Luke", "Finding Neverland", "The Ciderhouse Rules", "Deliverance", "The Last Temptation of Christ", "The Razor's Edge (with Bill Murray and Thresea Russell", "The Natural," and a bunch more eye-glazing, lump-in-the throat flicks. I'm not made of stone, but most dramas just seem predictable to me and don't leave much of an impact. The same holds true for comedies -- maybe more so.

mikicagle profile image

mikicagle 4 years ago from Oklahoma Author

RJbatty-I understand some of your movie choices but Deliverance? Really? I am curious as to what scene made you cry.

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