The Top Five Oscar Worthy Movies Worth Watching 2014 (Emunah La-Paz's Picks)


Every year a fleet of movies debut aiming to win your approval,Here are a list of Oscar Contending films that are worth your time.

1. 12 Years A Slave

Cover of 12 Years A Slave.
Cover of 12 Years A Slave. | Source

Lupita Nyong'o Portrayed The Role of Patsey, Winning Best Supporting Actress

Image of Actress Lupita.
Image of Actress Lupita. | Source

Directed by Steve McQueen

12 years a slave took home three Oscars which included best film.

The history which surrounds this movie is troubling as it dates back into the oppression of slavery. What may be the most heart wrenching piece to digest is that Solomon Northup played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, was born free in New York state a talented violin player who ended up being kidnapped, and sold into slavery. Kept in bondage for 12 years in Louisiana before the American Civil War.

Northrup's journey through captivity was a living nightmare. His name was changed to "Platt" He was beaten repeatedly, his relationship with plantation owner William Ford was respectful, as Nothup was able to transport logs successfully, giving him favor with Ford. In appreciation Ford gives Northrup a violin.

However Carpenter John Tibeats who is influenced by prejudice and hate, begins to verbally abuse Solomon, which leads into a physical altercation. Northrup protects himself from Tibeats violent abuse which leads to retaliation at the hands of Tibeats and his friend.

In order to spare Northup's life he is sold away.

In spite of the truth which surrounds the fact that Northup is a free man the trails and tribulations of slavery bind him into a world of mockery and hate

'12 Years A Slave', paints a painfully vivid picture of slavery, yet through sorrow the redemption of Solomon Northup's story reveals the truth.

The movie granted actress Lupita Nyong'o The Oscar for best supporting actress. Lupita plays Patsey, a slave who is burdened by her abusive owner.

12 Years A Slave

2. Gravity

Image Cover of Gravity
Image Cover of Gravity | Source

Directed by Alfonso CuarĂ³n

A medical engineer played by Sandra Bullock and an astronaut played by George Clooney work together to survive after an unexpected accident leaves them afloat in space.

Astronaut Matt Kowalski is commanding his final expedition, his mission does not go as expected. As an untimely event takes place, which destroys their entire crew.

The special effects are beautiful in this movie and terrifying at the same time. Gravity has a 3D feel that keeps the audience enthusiastically entertained.

Gravity took home seven Oscars.



Cover of the movie, 'Philomena
Cover of the movie, 'Philomena | Source

Directed by Stephen Frears

Actress Judi Dench plays Philomena, a woman in search of her long lost son.

In the movie Journalist Martin Sixsmith looses his job as a Labour government adviser, and is contemplating writing a book on Russian history his plans change when he is approached at a party by the daughter of Philomena Lee, who suggests that he write a story about her mother, who was forced to give up her infant son, fifty years ago.

Sixsmith eventually agrees to help Philomena find her son.

In 1951, Philomena became pregnant and is sent away by her father to a convent, Sean Ross Abbey in Roscrea in Ireland.

After giving birth, she is forced to work for four years to pay for the cost of living.

Philomena discovers that the nuns have given her son up for adoption without her consent.

Philomena had kept her adopted son secret from her family for fifty years, but continues to frequent the convent to try and locate her son's whereabouts.

This a touching story of a woman seeking to find her son. Mislead by the world her passion to find her son creates a moving plot. Judi Dench gives an Oscar worthy performance.


4. Frozen

Cover of the movie, 'Frozen'
Cover of the movie, 'Frozen' | Source


Director Jennifer Lee, and Chris Buck

Frozen is another Disney Classic. Among Lavie's Picks, Frozen took home two Oscar for Best Animated Film and Best Song 'Let It Go' Indina Menzel.

The movie is about two sisters Anna and Elsa. The two sisters try to keep their bond united, due to Elsa's powers their close relationship suffers. Which causes Elsa to retreat into a remote ice castle. Elsa's cold heart unleashes a chilling spell over the land.

Frozen is another Disney Classic that the Entire Family Will Love.

5. Nebraska

5. Nebraska

Cover of Nebraska
Cover of Nebraska | Source

Directed by Alexander Payne

This funny movie is about Woody Grant played by Bruce Dern, who is determined to collect his million dollar winnings in Lincoln Nebraska.

Woody is picked up by his son, David played by Will Forte, who discovers that his dad wants to go to Lincoln, Nebraska to collect a $1 million sweepstakes prize he has won.

When David sees the sweepstakes letter, he realizes that it is a mail scam magazine subscription.

However Woody is determined to collect his winnings, even if he has to walk all the way to Nebraska to obtain his prize. His strong will finally gets the best of his son, who agrees to accompany his dad to Nebraska in search of his winnings.

'Nebraska', is a very funny and enjoyable movie, the dialogue is witty and entertaining.

Nebraska (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)

Oscar Worthy Movies

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