The Truth About "Green Zone" Is and Unknown

 Matt Damon's latest, Green Zone, has been rated 3-4 stars. It is a war slash political thriller based on some truth. There is no doubt the buzz on the blogs is either it is factual or it is out in la-la land with Demi Lovato.

The whole central theme is why America went invaded Iraq. Recall that in 1991, the US stopped short of going into Baghdad and beyond in fear of what a mess it might become. George Bush, Jr. like many Americans were angry of not completing the job by George Bush Sr. His son, no doubt sought to finish the job.

To do this, Bush Jr., based on information he received from the NSA, CIA, claimed that Iraq had WMDs, weapons of mass destruction (nukes, poisonous gases, bio-warfare). Bush and those under him all bought this and as we all know, went to the UN to state their case and convince. They did this. I suspect that even they did not know at the time that the info given to them by the NSA, CIA was, in fact, wrong. The hysteria and tension was much too high for further waiting. America did not rush into war at all, it was a long drawn out process. As to the intelligence the CIA and NSA had acquired, there is a good chance that many handling this info were also convinced it was, in fact, real, as pieces began to fit. Maybe the pieces still lacked real substantiation, but some were true-Iraq did have poisonous gases.

We all know now that the case presented about Iraq's WMDs to go to war was incorrect, perhaps some was intelligence were simply lies given by bad informants on the ground. Maybe these informants had their agenda also, as in, wanting the US to invade to remove Saddam. But, we would never know this.

In Green Zone, Damon is going WMD sites with his team finding nothing. This part of the movie is factually correct. That is what happened over and over again. It is true that WMD's did not exist. So, that is true.

The "unknown" in real life and in the movie is, did an Iraqi army general or General Ahwari meet secretly with a US diplomat in Syria or anywhere to discuss WMDs and second, did the Iraqi official state that no WMDs existed in Iraq, and third, did the US official tell the CIA or President a lie, opposite of the truth (which is they never existed) in order to provide data the President wanted to justify going to war? 

In the movie, that is conveyed as "fact", when no one really knows if any of the three conditions did occur.

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nicomp profile image

nicomp 6 years ago from Ohio, USA

"It is true that WMD's did not exist. So, that is true."

No. It is true they didn't find any WMDs. It cannot be proven that there weren't any WMDs to be found. Iraq is the size of California: 438,317 sq km to 423,970 sq km. They weren't searching an office park.

perrya profile image

perrya 6 years ago Author

Both statements are true and support one another.

OpinionDuck profile image

OpinionDuck 6 years ago


The Green Zone was a mockumentary, in the Michael Moorish style.

If the movie had any real facts, then President Obama and the Congress should investigate it.

The invasion of Iraq could have been easily averted if Iraq would have not been so defiant about being investigated, especially when that was the agreement after their 1991 defeat.

Either the makers of the Green Zone preface their film with a statement about the truth of the facts presented in the film, or they label the film as pure fiction.

Again, if there is a solid basis in fact, then the government should investigate until there is a factual conclusion.

Movies should not be used as mind control for political ideology.

my opnion...

perrya profile image

perrya 6 years ago Author

The movie does have some factual truth, as pointed out and some fiction, which may end up being the truth. Still, a great flick.

OpinionDuck profile image

OpinionDuck 6 years ago


Again, if there is a solid basis in fact, then the government should investigate until there is a factual conclusion.

Theflck was well acted, but I wouldn't say it was even a good flick.

my opinion..

Straight up Jack 6 years ago

Your opinion means jack sh*t!

Joe Shmoe 6 years ago

Truth is that the whole intelligence was a grand mistake. No one has really been held accountable and in my opinion just saying, "we were wrong" is simply not good enough. To justify an intelligence error that led to a start of regime change and war, is completely unacceptable to preventing it in the future. This movie and this director have every right to question authority as this movie does. Whether it's true or not, may be a question, but you can't blame people for doubting the most hated administration in US history. Not to mention that their record isn't exactly clean and therefore fuels suspicions of foul play.

Josh 6 years ago

Great movie, did a great job of keeping me drawn in. Even got me to search the net looking for holes in the truth of it which led me to this board.

No WMD's were found, the intelligence ultimately was faulty due to the fact that we didn't find anything. Our intelligence was however correct in that we were able to find and remove sadam from a hole in the ground.

If the original intel was correct or not is another story, but no WMD's were found. So, without proof that they exist, we can say they do not. Or you can look at it in the agnostic way, which is without proof they don't, you can't say they don't either.

Either way, it was a great POV, I enjoyed it. Very enjoyable movie. Politics aside.

robbiecnote 6 years ago

Whether the move has any truth or not doesn't really matter. The move isn't going to provoke the government to do anything, IT'S JUST A MOVIE!! How many movies have been made about the Killing of JFK and the potential of a conspiracy behind it? THERE JUST MOVIES!!

perrya profile image

perrya 6 years ago Author

everyone is kinda right.

GreenZone King 6 years ago

Just watched the movie, entertaining definitely, it's just a movie. The U.S. Intelligence knew very well that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, they only had chemical weapons(which were actually supplied by the US contractors during the Iraq-Iran War). After 1991, we kept a close watch on everything Iraq had, including their oil for food program. The only reason we went to war with them was because Saddam Hussein was slowly becoming a bully and would have cut off the oil supply as well as convince other arab countries to follow pursuit, oil from the middle east is important to the US and its allies, so we naturally went in, took him down and fabricated a lie, it's a very simple story, hope all of you guys read more about middle east history and you will find out the truth.

Leroy 5 years ago

Just saw this movie on MAX, puke! Well at least they didn't say Bush was stupid, just a criminal. Maybe stupid will be in the sequil. This Damon portrays himself in real life as a real liberal and must have loved his role. Yes it was well done, good sets, costly. I hope those liberal backers don't loose money. But on a somber note I certainly did perceive too few minorities in leading roles and I feel the female reporter should have been cast as lesbian but with all the action and shooting there was just too little time for character developement.

Ben 5 years ago

Just a thought, why would you go to war with a country you believed had 'weapons of mass destruction'. I would avoid those ones I think.

Dr13Slinky 5 years ago

So I am guessing that they are implying that there is no possibility that anyone could have just drove off with the WMDs or something like that. If the intelligence is so retarded than I don't think they would be able to even stop them from doing so.

The Truth 5 years ago

If everyone on here really thinks that the Government deciding to go into Iraq on some kind of false information, then you are all really missguide! Watch everything by John Pilger and open your eyes!

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