The Unit Theme Song

Some of The Unit TV Show Cast

Fired Up Army Cadence Made Into TV Theme Song

The Unit is a television show on CBS about a U.S. army special forces unit. The unit is top secret. The unit reports directly to the US president. It has become a popular television show. As popular as the action army show itself is The Unit Theme song.

The Unit theme song is a US Marine corps cadence called 'Fired Up, Feels Good'.

Sadly, news is that The Unit has been cancelled. But The Unit theme song will live on for The Unit tv show fans.

The Unit Theme Song with Pictures From the Television Show

The Unit Theme Song Words

The Unit Theme Song is based on the USMC cadence sung by Marine drill instructors. The Marine drill instructor calls out the cadence, and the unit responds in kind. Here are the words for The Unit theme song cadence:

Fired up, fired up.

Fired up, fired up

27, 27.

Fired up, fired up.

Here we go, here we go.

On the road, on the road.

27, 27.

Fired up, fired up..

New The Unit Theme Song Walk the Fire

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The Unit Theme Song Comments 81 comments

Hope Wilbanks profile image

Hope Wilbanks 8 years ago from Louisiana

The Unit has been cancelled?!?! What a disappointment. My husband and I loved that show.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

Hope, I don't believe it has been officially confirmed yet, but it is the rumor that most fans of The Unit seem to believe. No 4th season has been officially announced by CBS. I may have jumped the gun a bit. We'll have to wait and see to know for sure, I guess.

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 8 years ago from Northam Western Australia

We loved that show too. They get a good thing going then they let the public down by discontinuing it. Why

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

Eileen, who knows why? Hopefully The Unit will be renewed again, but so far it's not looking good.

Renee Bayless 8 years ago

Who says it is cancelled? What is your source? That would be horrible, we love the show!

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

Renee, I have read that it was cancelled on several forums. Mind you, it is just a rumor, but I have seen it on more than one website. Also, if you go to the official site, there are no updates or official announcements about information on the show.

Shali 8 years ago

If this show is cancelled I am not supporting any type of televvision anymore. I cancelled cable years ago. Now TV is going to Sh_ _. I specifically make it point to NOT watch new shows because I'm tired of getting interested and then it gets cancelled. I have better things to do with my time than be jerked around. The good old days of long running shows like the X-files is long over. Peace out! : )

BJ 8 years ago

I agree totally. The Unit was one of the BEST shows in a long time. I used to watch JAG faithfully and at least it was finished the right way. I'm so upset that they have taken my favorite show off the air and say it's not coming back??? How stupid is that of CBS? Who's running that Network anyhow,.....some babboon?

Rhonda 8 years ago

I do hope the The Unit is not canceled. I loved that show, and never missed an episode!! This sucks big time. The show acutally made sense, not like a lot on the air, like the empty-minded sitcoms they have, yuck!!! I am very disappointed.

shadow 8 years ago

If what i hear is true, that the unit has been cancelled, i shall make it a point to watch cbs for a week, note all of the commercials they air, then make damn sure i DO NOT ever buy or use the products they advertise

Ian 8 years ago

It is extremely disappointing that CBS would even think of canceling The Unit. This has to be one of the greatest shows. They pulled the reruns that were supposed to air on April 29, and I am thinking that it's not looking good for The Unit... :( This is no way to end the series!!!! First the death of Hector and now they cut it off??!!! Whoever decided that is making a HUGE MISTAKE!!!

Mrs. Madkins 8 years ago

Although I never liked military shows; I loved the Unit and never missed an episode. Not many good enjoyable shows on tv. Disappointed the Unit was cancelled.

Neo 8 years ago

Its back ! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS They announced today that CBS will bring it back for a Fourth season....

Krista 8 years ago

CBS is basically just a lame network. First they cancelled The Unit, then they cancelled Jericho, and now they just cancelled Moonlight, which I was absolutely in love with. I'm done watching CBS.

EC 8 years ago

Totally stoked for having the Unit back - sorely missed although it pissed me off when they changed the theme song. Now all they have to do is bring back that comedy sitcom The Class - not sure if that was CBS ......and perhaps I'll start watching TV again.

Adam 8 years ago

Very happy The Unit is back!! Only 1 complaint is the new theme tune??? The older tune was sooo much better, gets you hooked everytime you hear it, but now, makes it sound like a soap!

G.R  8 years ago

It's ALWAYS CBS doing that BS, they did the same thing with Jericho, now they're cancelling the UNIT? I'm sooo damn sick of getting interested in some show and then they cancel it. Know what people? I say we take out a FULL page on Yahoo and make CBS feel like Crap. If they truly cancelled it I hope some other network picks it up.

kevin 8 years ago

last time i looked was bout 5 months back the cbs web site said it was on put on stand by [ hiates] or how it is spelled i yet to find any thing on it but i love the show i hope it comes back i don,t have cable either notheing really to watch on local channels....

kevin 8 years ago

last time i looked was bout 5 months back the cbs web site said it was on put on stand by [ hiates] or how it is spelled i yet to find any thing on it but i love the show i hope it comes back i don,t have cable either notheing really to watch on local i can't look and spell with out looking

Kjake 8 years ago

The Unit is on the fall schedule. So I'm pretty sure it hasn't been cancelled.

Xavier 8 years ago

You have "GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!", are this CBS Executives that dumb to see something good when they have it right in forny of their eyes!!

Bring back "The Unit", I'm X-Military Spec Ops, and "The Unit" is the closest that any T.V. show has ever gotten to being real, and truthful.

Those people that run CBS are bunch of Schmucks!!!

Don 8 years ago

I have not seen that it has been cancelled just people saying it has with no proof.

Kevin 8 years ago

no obviously the unit has not been cancelled they are on sunday nights now and have been for almost a month now. also the words to fired up feels good are not 27,27 it is plenty sun, plenty sun.

Kell 8 years ago

They always cancel all of the good shows! This is my favorite!

jimmy 8 years ago

the unit is back but i heard that they going to kill everyone off

John 8 years ago

don't cancel the Unit! Best show ever!

SSGSAND 8 years ago

Read online that The Unit wasn't canceled. I'm glad because it is the only television show that I watch. Being military and by no means anywhere in the league of The Units characters I still feel a connection to them. This is the first show that depics Army life pretty well. Not saying that its all true but it's the closest I've seen so far.

emopunk182 7 years ago

The Unit is not cancelled. In fact it was moved to the 8 sunday time in place of The Mentalist which was retainging about 14 to 16 million viewers within that slot. A move like that could only mean CBS has very high hopes for the shows delvelopment and are just trying make an ultimate sunday line up. They figure viewers will tune in to Mentalist then upon finding The Unit On instead just watch both shows, (The Mentalist now 9pm sunday) just remember when you first watched. remember all the aspects of show that hooked you? its to have the same affect on new viewers

Steve Lewis  7 years ago

It doesn't get any better than the Unit! What a show and religiously watched by the wife and I here in the UK. Dennis Haysbert is absolute NAILS!!!

The Unit tune whether it is 27/27 or plenty sun plenty sun is an absolute as all fans know and I agree with Adam and EC above, wtf is the new theme all about? PANTS!!!

ed 7 years ago

The Unit is as good as it gets on tv. Jonas is a hard as nails thinking machine. They could really deveop Mac as a more physical character, besides the whole wife/relationship thing. Hope CBS realise the gem they have in their hands. Hope they don't cancel it.

Ivan 7 years ago

The Unit is the best show on television today I never miss an episode! Please do not cancel the show it wouldn't make any sence with such a huge fan base and following for this show. Long live The Unit!!

P.S. I never thought it was a good decsion to have killed Hector off many people around the world was hurt by that. Jonas is the focal point of the show no argument there, but Hector was the heart.

Linda 7 years ago

I can not believe they cbs is taking off one of the best shows on tv. But leave it to the networks to mess up a good thing and keep a lot of junk shows. I just can't understand this way of thinking. What is going through there pea brains.

Jen 7 years ago

My husband and i LOVE that show, like you said, they get a great thing going then they just blow it off. yea we didn't think hector should have been killed either. THE UNIT # 1 show in our home.

Too bad, i read today it had been canceled. dang, that's a great show, a lot better than some of those idiotic shows that are staying around.

Riko 7 years ago

It will continue!!! :) One more season.

Michael 7 years ago

Yahoo said that The Unit got cancelled, I'm so pissed that CBS would end such a great show.

timothy 7 years ago

we need to write to the station to get this show back on the air it is to good a show to go out like that. I 'm ea military Ranger and that show to me was the next best thing to being back in

snakedoc 7 years ago

as far as i know the unit is not being the uk and ireland there only half way through season 4 and a fifth season is planned from what ive heard...if they can this show then it proves that tv bosses DO NOT KNOW A F@$*IN THING ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO SEE !!!!!!,and if it is a thing they stop it do what fans did with fanily guy.....send petitions after petitions to cbs DEMANDING its return....any feature ive seen about the cast and crew you see em all sayin they love workin on it why take that away from them ???????????

Barbara 7 years ago

The Unit is cancelled and I am COMPLETELY through with CBS. They're idiots.

Carla ~ CK Crochic 7 years ago

I am so disappointed that The Unit has been canceled. It is the one show that my husband and I are happy watching together. Since I heard the news I have not watched a single show on CBS, nor will I again. The take off all the great shows and leave the junk on. We all need to go to and leave feedback about how unhappy we are with the cancelation of The Unit.

hopeforall 7 years ago

I agree about Hector(Hammerhead) I think the charater had a bigger fanbase then CBS thought..., and killing him off the show, may have hurt the show little....

Mike 7 years ago

This sucks they cancelled The Unit. What are they going to replace it with? More bullshit reality tv. I thought it was cool the show was based on real missions.

Tony 7 years ago

It seems that the top execs at CBS, and other tv stations, get a thrill out of starting good tv series and just when the ratings are up, either change the day and time it plays or cancel it all together. Someone please explain to me how an excellent show like The Unit gets canceled but all that other crap stays on the air?

The Unit was an excellent show. I have the first three seasons on DVD. I've read your postings and there are some great ideas for protest. Has anyone followed through yet? If so, what's the link and how do i help?

G-Force1 7 years ago

All I want to know is the show really cancelled or what? If it is, then we as a people and fans should all write CBS and ask what was the problem. If they don't want the show, give it to another network. FOX would take it and make it bigger than what it already was!

A.J 7 years ago

the unit is now on channel 23

Rooster 7 years ago

My boss turned me on to the Unit and I got the first season via netflex and love it. Great action not just for me but my wife loves the wives part.

Jackie Lou 7 years ago

So sad. I hope they come to their senses and get it back on the air. my husband and I Loooove this show! Among the amerian idols and other reality tv shows theres nothing good to watch, Then the Unit was created. Best show to date!

7 years ago

Will they have a season 5??

Specnaz 7 years ago

I am from Germany and We Love The Unit!!!!!!

mikey 7 years ago

What were they thinking of. The show is and was a awesome hit. It seems as if every time they get a great and awesome show they candel it. Why? All the actors were awesome and believable. My heart is sadden. I hope to see the cast team up for something else great.

benhallen 6 years ago

are you all crazy? This show was terrible! Worst writing on TV! I'd rather watch HSN.

John Coleman 6 years ago

The Unit cancelled, this is why CBS is on the bottom of the network pile!

JERI S 6 years ago


Norma 6 years ago

CBS made a bad mistake in canceling THE UNIT. It was the best show on TV and was all American. Could that be why they cancelled it? I will not turn CBS on my TV again!

Bill 6 years ago

Has anyone heard if maybe another network will take the unit and keep a great show going?

Kate 6 years ago

Yeah guys, CBS have cancelled The Unit. I really can't understand what's wrong with them, to put down a perfectly good show and substitute it with what? Some other reality crap? This is outrageous, I just recently saw the confirmation that they are trully done with it. Well stupidity is said to be human feature and I swear I'm never watching anyting CBS again... if only I could I would've made their stock in the market drop to - rate

MONICA 6 years ago


Mr Unit 6 years ago

I agree with everyone else. The Unit was one of the best shows period. It was one of the few shows that I absolutely can't get enough of. In fact, I'm watching the DVD for season 1 now. I can't believe CBS cancelled it.

bumps 6 years ago

how could you CBS shame shame i hope nothing comes out of your new plans. make a movie please

barbara 6 years ago

the best thing that happened to CBS THE UNIT I live for the unit really loved that show please bring it back

Ben 6 years ago

Best show i've watched on tv. There was no need to change the theme song for season 3 and 4, and no need to cancel the show. Nice work CBS for ending the only show worth watching you bunch of ass clowns.

Billy 6 years ago


1st class 6 years ago

pull ups, (pull ups)

light it up, (light it up)

plenty of runs, (plenty of runs)

chin up, (chin up)

on the go, (on the go)

not for pokes, (not for pokes)

plenty of runs, (plenty of runs)

chin up, (chin up)

kane 6 years ago

ok long bring em back long enough GO FOR BLANE

skde03 6 years ago

can you all please bring back the unit

at least to tie up the various sub plots

cant believe you guys stoppd a great show like this

my two kids and i loved the show and always looked forward to watching it together

Hoss 6 years ago

Bring The Unit Back!!!!! THis was a great show.

focused 6 years ago

I agree, i own all four seasons and after the fourth it just kinda stopped..... i think a 5th season and more would be great.. heck if the stars don't come back start it by shooting them or blowing up in a plane or building kinda like on XXX 2..... anyways, i love this show and also want it back!

Nicholas 6 years ago

The best TV show ever.

Will they ever make a movie

or another series on another network done the same way

how about HBO

I am going to cancel my HBO, they should have purchased and kept the show alive for another 6 seasons at least

Hopelessy In Love 6 years ago

I love this show! just found out about it and bought all the dvd's!! I can't live without Dennis Haysbert's voice...and Dirt Divers voice!


Ken McMillan 6 years ago

I just got back from overseas...American TV sucks! The only show I looked forward to was "The Unit"...Now it's gone. No wonder renting DVDs is such big business which such lousy programs. Yeah, yeah, ratings-the %$#@&^% numbers when are you idiots going to wise up! That's OK...Going back overseas...I won't be back...I'm in "The Unit"...

Melinda 5 years ago

"The Unit" was always entertaining, with well-developed characters and excellent writing, acting and video work. At all levels, this show is nothing but quality. I enjoyed it when I could and am watching it again through my Netflix account. It is so much better than many shows currently on television!

Chris 5 years ago

I love how no one can post a youtube video without 20th Century Fox placing a copyright claim on the lyrics, if they seen how many people still love watching this series you would think they bring it back being that it has been a couple years since they yanked it off air guess that's not happening.

suzie 5 years ago

Please bring it back

jam 5 years ago

the unit was by far best tv series around miss it badly do hope they bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Britney 5 years ago

That was the best show to date. I hate CBS and haven't watched it since.

Vinnie 5 years ago

This was definitely the best show on tv and they cancelled it. I watch the reruns that come on late night Sundays. They really should redo this show.

BA 5 years ago

Please, please, please bring back The UNIT!!!! You guys left us all hanging!!! Hate that Hector was killed off the show and balled my eyes out watching the 'Play 16' episode (showing how the group dealt with his death). We really need closure if you don't plan to continue the show.

Joop 4 years ago

Please make à new season ( or more ) its so top

Sgt 4 years ago

this was the best TV show out there no one does story TV anymore its all about the stupid reality shows now. Who cares about desperate house wife's or real world i want something with action and adventure. Make a 5th season CBS like asap

Hammer_DallasI 4 years ago

Shows that actually require a sophisticated audience get cancelled. We are just not a big enough demographic. Reality tv shows and stupid sitcoms seem to be the play of today. I am truly saddened and still 'mourn' the show and characters everytime I see a rerun. Since the cancellation I have decided to never allow myself to get connected to a tv show again.

damitha 4 years ago


Joe 3 years ago

The Unit theme song is NOT a US Marine corps cadence. It is a US Army cadence long before the jar-heads stole it from us.

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