The Upside Down Show

The Upside Down Show

The Upside Down Show on Nick jr.
The Upside Down Show on Nick jr.

The Upside Down Show

The Upside Down Show was an award winning awesome show that kids loved. Yet for some reason or another Nick Jr. canceled. Parents and critics were shocked and many asked why but, never got any answer in return. The show currently plays as reruns on Nick Jr. at night time. My 20 month old son absolutely loves the show. And even though I love cartoons it is nice to have a little variety in the shows we watch together. He actually doesn't like TV all that much but, this is one of the few shows he will enjoy watching every time it is on. The show was only aired for one season with a total of 23 episodes.    


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    Upside Down Show
    Upside Down Show

    The Upside Down Show Clip 1

    The Upside Down Show Clip 2

    Why Cancel an Amazing Kids Television Show

    Basically it played out like this. In 2005 Shane and David co-created the TV pilot for The Upside Down Show. The pilot is well received and for the rest of the year with help from the Sesame Workshop they made a 23 episodes. The show premieres in the UK Canada and the U.S.. The show is a huge hit with kids, parents and critics. It was nominated for the best children's television Drama award in 2006 by the Australian Film Institute. In 2007 it won a Logie award for the Most Outstanding Children's Program. It also won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Main Title Design. Oh then the next year Noggin (Nick jr.) canceled it.  

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