The "Why," ooops, "Y" Chromosone

Why is it that:

· People born before 1945 are referred to as the “Greatest Generation?”

· People born from then until 1965 are the Baby Boomer Generation?”

· People born after that up until 1980 are called “Generation X?”

· And people born from then until the present are known as the “Y Generation?”

Let’s see, maybe because of the questions they ask?

· Why should I get a job?

· Why should I move out and get my own place?

· Why should I buy a car when it’s easier to borrow my parents?

· Why should I clean up my room, wash and iron my own clothes or help buy groceries at home?

OK, those are a few possibities. But perhaps the best answer is illustrated in this cartoon!

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thewritingowl profile image

thewritingowl 4 years ago from Ireland

Excellent. Very funny!

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