The Wonder Stone



The Wonder Stone is a sci-fi action documentary movie which carries high quality visual effects. The movie is about six most ordinary kids and their encounter with a super sonic alien stone which changes their lives completely for one day.

The Movie has been directed by Varun Mehta, The Indianinjas Fame. The Movie has a talented cast and great visual effects.

The Cast and Crew :

Arya : Namrata Joshi

Mansi Sharma : Jyoti Sharma

Umang Pandey : Suraj Dutt

Mohit : Raj Suri

Nishant Singh : Prashant Tyagi

Rajat Sharma : Dweep Singh


Directed By : Varun Mehta


Evolution The Music Video & The Snake Man

Especially to promote the movie a music video was shot with the whole cast. The music video had stylised effects and presented the whole cast with the forms of universe.

The Snake Man was a teaser made to promote the film without  divulging about the content of the Movie. The snake man was played by Rajat Sharma


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