So Bad They're Funny Local T.V. Commercials

Wish He Would Shut his "Poker Face"

I can't decide what the worst feature of this ad is; the fact that they barely show you any flooring products, that I have no freaking clue how much I'm going to "just save" at this store, the bulbous protrusion that is the salesman's stomach or that an adult man was delusional enough to believe this was an effective television commercial. Just think if you lived in Montana you could visit his store and "just save" the night away together.

More Mad DANCE Skillz

Ladies and Gentleman, our nation is clearly suffering from an epidemic of men that think their homemade dances are cute and clever. In spite of continual public mocking they continue to pollute our airways with their middle school dance moves. This man appears to give himself simulated lap dances in the mirror as evidenced by his pretend tassle twirling dance moves.

That's some Serious Hardware

This man takes his rat killings seriously; he also takes popcorn, paint, tools, carpet cleaning and putting his employees heads on a stick seriously. Add his apparent sexual attraction to chrome and you have what may be the world's greatest eharmony profile.

The Right Bowel Movement

Can you imagine having to haggle with this man? Customer: "Can you take 50 bucks off because of the chips?" Owner: "Uhn-Uh!" Customer: "I'm sorry sir did you just crap yourself?" Owner: "Uhn-UH!"

On a Compassionate Note

 I understand that running a business especially a small local one is not an easy task. When I make jokes about these commercials I intend to make fun of the idea and execution behind the commercial not the people in them.

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kids-toy-box profile image

kids-toy-box 6 years ago

LOL..these are hilarious:)

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

Hi, ha ha love it! that pizza man would have ended up with it on his head!, he was sooo annoying! hee hee thanks for the giggle, cheers nell

Sue Bond profile image

Sue Bond 6 years ago from Vancouver, BC

The pizza one was funny... but now I'm craving pizza more than I was yesterday!!

There are some funny ones for Dodd's furniture in Victoria, BC on youtube. The owner sometimes dresses up in super hero costumes. They're so silly but they work as I remember their name and I've never been to the store and I don't even live there!

AliciaC profile image

AliciaC 6 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

Thanks for the laugh. Silly advertisements do work - I live in British Columbia and I know about Dodd’s furniture store too through their bad ads!

Jo Deslaurier profile image

Jo Deslaurier 6 years ago Author

Sue Bond and AliciaC - I youtubed Dodd's furniture, those are some ridiculously bad ads.

Titus Nachbauer 5 years ago

Hi Jo, thanks for sharing! The pizza guy is hilarious, you might also like this one:

A few friends of mine mad it and it would be so funny to get it to go viral! Hope you will put it in your list ;-)

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