The deep-rooted possesion of the music industry

Beyonce rockin' the Baphomet head

"Baphomet" revived in the 19th century as a figure of Satanism
"Baphomet" revived in the 19th century as a figure of Satanism

What are we listening to?

 Tiffany Evan's (singer: Promise ring etc) stated on her Twitter recently "

Man! I really wish I could tell you guys what the industry really is and what stars are apart of destroying this world. The stars who worship satan,and those who have killed to get the respect they have now. You’d be verrrry surprised. Some of your favorite people pretend to worship God but they only do that to save face. Or seem innocent.

Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses influential people…to help influence the world. Think about that. Once u make a certain amount of money. Just know that that’s when they ask u to join. To get in you have accept the beast, worship. Once you join they assist u with ur career.make u huge.only if u agree and obey to destroy Gods word.and his children.

Ppl listen and pay attention. It's a war going on right now between Good and Evil. Evil will rule this world for a min. The people that have this power are the people that RULE the whole world. I’m done I won’t say anymore before I get in trouble."

 This was a very brave "Tweet" because this is the absolute truth. For years, some of the most influential people in music have been spreading downright evil messages, on both conscious and subconscious levels. We have to remember that Satan was the fallen angel of music. Is it so hard to believe that Satan uses people today to spread his messages? Messages of hate, violence, infidelity, and demonic experimentation are being spread by artists we know and love. Jay Z, Beyonce, Rhianna and Kanye West are the ones I must highlight. They were not always on the darkside. Kanye's mother's death followed by a terrible breakup triggered the crack in his spirit that allowed evil to slip in. Rhianna was chasing money and fame and with Jay Z nearby it was easy to find comfort under the devil's "umbrella". Beyonce married Jay Z, and Jay Z married the evil.

19th century picture of the Baphomet
19th century picture of the Baphomet

Rhianna's altered body revealing Baphomet

taken directly from "Umbrella" video
taken directly from "Umbrella" video

How it is being fed to us

 I must give Lenon Honor Films complete credit for waking me up to the truth. He has a documentary titled "The Workings of Evil" where he has dissected Rhianna's song and video "Umbrella" over the course of about an hour or so. I remember before my eyes were opened I always thought Rhianna's change of style was weird and although I listened to "Disturbia" and "Umbrella" I never believed that these songs were about love or whatever she wanted the mass to believe. After watching "The Workings of Evil" and the unmasking of the very strange hidden image in the "Umbrella" video I stopped listening and started trying to spread the message.

Jay Z and his freemasonry activity

It is said that Jay Z is a 33rd degree Freemason. A top secret organization often accused of having a blueprint for a new world order. An organization accused of worshiping Baphomet or Satan. Jay Z's blueprint albums were said to represent growth in his rank as a freemason. None of this is confirmed but just looking at the lyrics he "spits" or the clothes he makes I would have to say that YES he is a Mason.

Ancient Masonic Symbols
Ancient Masonic Symbols
Wearing a shirt with famous Aleister Crowley quote Do what thou wilt
Wearing a shirt with famous Aleister Crowley quote Do what thou wilt
Aleister Crowley: in the 1940s he was said to be The wickedest man in the world, a drug addict, devil worshiper and child molester
Aleister Crowley: in the 1940s he was said to be The wickedest man in the world, a drug addict, devil worshiper and child molester

Be careful

Satan and his demons strive to break up the family unit. They use TV, music, magazines, even friends and family to corrupt God's people. Just be aware and spread the word. It's not just rap music either, it's rock, it's r&b, it's alternative. Don't be blind to their messages and if the New World Order attempts to take over or "Run this town" remember...

Psalms 37:9 For evildoers shall be cut off: but those that wait upon the LORD, they shall inherit the earth.

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Shamonj profile image

Shamonj 7 years ago from Detroit

You are so right about Jay Z. We as Christians have to be careful and now allow the devil to put these things in our minds.

stacy 6 years ago

god don't sleep

Church Boy 6 years ago

This is ALL RIGHT the devil is trying to get all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to listen to that GOSPEL MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!! If you like hell then keep listening to that awful music!!!!!!! I'm going to heaven so im good!!

karatekidjmt profile image

karatekidjmt 6 years ago

will you link my related link to this?

ebi 6 years ago

tanxs 4 ur msg. we need to help one another in these last days bcos the devil is out to destroy God's children. lets always pray for God's grace to run this race to the end.

ebi 6 years ago

tanxs 4 ur msg. we need to help one another in these last days bcos the devil is out to destroy God's children. lets always pray for God's grace to run this race to the end.

nash 6 years ago

It's a fact; wa have to choose DARNESS or LIGHT! Our choice will be consequent on our future heritage (Hell for Darkness and Heaven for the light)! The only way to walk in the light is by JESUS-CHRIST! Follow his teaching and apply it to your daily life! God Loves you and he wants you to be a soldier of Light!!! Keep the work soldier!

so_5ure 6 years ago

Ok so I knew of the spirit of hip-hop. However, i heard rihanna's voice singing her song, "Please don't stop the music!" That's the music that's influencing you and the devil has her singing, please don't stop the music!! WAKE UP BODY OF CHRIST.. This music is trancing people and causing them to sleep or become a zombie state of mind. Jay Z is the key leader. Mike Epp is apart of this clan. Kanaye even said I sold my soul to the devil and Jesus Christ can't help you and life starts when Church is over... open your hears: once the rapture takes place, jesus christ can't help you because the life of the antichrist will be the moment the rapture takes place!!

so_5ure 6 years ago

I'm sorry but I meant Jay-Z is said in "Empire State of Mind" at 3:06 on the track that hail marry to the city of sin, Jesus Christ can't save you and life starts when the Church is over! When the Church is Raptured, That's when the Antichrist going to show and at the time, Jesus Christ can't save you!!! Listen body of Christ. Save your children from the hip-hop music. Its feeding them the spirit of Greed to chase money and girls/boys! (fornication) And guess what, the music (hip-hop) is everywhere. Playing in the car, grocery stores, iPod, Ipad, friends,/realtive house, That music is everywhere. If need be, by some old stuff that kept you're mind back when it did when you first spoke in tongues! We must pray and intercede that God would send help for us until the day of his returning. Don't fall asleep. WHen the bridegroom came... 5 foolish were sleep when he came back for them. Don't let it be said you... read Isaiah chapter 1. All of it. It is how the last great revival will come to the church!!!

M. Johnson 5 years ago

I love hip hop, R&B but this revelation has given me bad impression American artists.

john akinbinu 5 years ago

It's a crazy idea to snub this talk not after i watched a video clip highlighting this wicked music industry. i was compel to delete every non-gospel music on my phone including hip hop which is my favourite.

Yakson 5 years ago

The world is gone in every home street all over d corners of d earth as been corrupted by dis evil lyrics it makes me sad,run 2 day & save ur heaven flee 4fm listin 2 dis satanic voicies jesus dway d truth & life we must not bow 2 any not becos of money or fame sold ur soul 2 d devil be watchful & careful 4 nothing

Blessing 5 years ago

This is very true, me myself, I used to listen to this world music but by the grace of our precious Saviour I got delivered from that dark world...the music would cause me to go and search for girls, do bad things, but today I can freely say, 'I'm a new creation, tried and true, because my phone now is loaded with gospel music only, not that one which sounds alike with that of the world'. Of course in public transport, places you could hear that music, but you just got to pray to the Almighty so that you cannot backslide...God bless you, its really a good message!!!

An Idea! 5 years ago

Fear not, for fear itself shall come unto you like the swift wings of the fallen angel, for fear consumes and confuses. It will let the door open for men to rule your mind. Do not fear that which you do not know or understand. Instead understand that what is not your way, as being the way not to be.

Simple huh, now just live this way so we can all get along. Thanks

Nii 4 years ago

O my God, what am i reading? Saten really means business.

Favour 4 years ago

Dis ppel re very wicked, heartless, nd so God we serve will definietly pay dem bak wit their own coin n mak dem pay 4 al de harm nd demages de hav cost in dis world.Amen.

Bulus 4 years ago

Txns be to God. His‘word never fail. Everyone has a choice to make. Light or darkns, Jesus or devil. O Lord helps ur church!

Okoi Patrick omini 4 years ago

It is really sad to some of us who re' lovers of hip hop music. It is disheartening to sell ur soul to devil cos of fame' what shall be ur inheritance after life. Who shall u sale ur soul to?

Okoi Patrick omini 4 years ago

It is really sad to some of us who re' lovers of hip hop music. It is disheartening to sell ur soul to devil cos of fame' what shall be ur inheritance after life. Who shall u sale ur soul to?

vonthirteen 4 years ago

Wow, are you guys white supremacists too? All the music stars you used for this example were black. Rhianna, Jay Z, Beyonce, Kanye West. Hey, I think their music is shit, but for other reasons; like no talent, and being media whores, not for being satanists. Anyway, you guys are so far off the mark it isn't funny. Only christians would be out fighting and industry who is already dying. Just remember when the music industry finally dies it won't be due to your efforts. Rather it will be because of internet piracy and illegal downloading.

smf 4 years ago

wat shall it profit a man when he gains de whole earth n losses his own soul. open ur eye church and believer. wat do u fill ur spirit wit.

Opan nyirenda 4 years ago

Guyz watch out

John 4 years ago

Hi. I've been in the music business for about 38 years. Most of you folks are only scratching the surface. But I will tell you that what you have seen in the truth. And sadly, the gospel music industry has been "infected" as well. The problem is NOT the music in and of itself. It is something far deeper and far more pervasive. There is a spirit that governs the music business itself. THAT spirit is where the problem lies. It has it's original at the top of the corporate music industry ladder. But I'm sure you all know this already. If you are a true follower of the Messiah and understand your scriptures, it wouldn't be a stretch or a surprise for you to know that the ENTIRE entertainment business is under the influence of this same spirit. It is not important for you to know the details about what the people do in secret. It is important that you recognize the power of the word "no" to what is clearly evil and BOLDLY proclaim Christ. It is written: Do not be afraid of the one who can kill he body. Be afraid of the One who can throw the body AND the soul into hell. Satan doesn't have power that you don't give him. Focus on God and embrace Christ. Only then will you never have be concern about "the end" for if you are truly living for GOD, why worry about the end. The entertainment industry offers not much more than things that eventually you will either toss in the trash OR on the occasion of your demise, things you will only end up leaving to people who didn't do a lick of work to get it.

profile image

Lybrah 4 years ago

It's hard to believe celebrities would be so rebellious to God. Why would you pledge yourself to Satan when his destiny is to burn in the lake of fire? Check out my hub on this topic if you have the time.

Awilliams954 profile image

Awilliams954 4 years ago from Deerfield Beach, Fl Author

Just wanted to thank you all for reading and taking the time to comment :)

Trisha ( Trinidad) 4 years ago

The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is near. No man no's the day or hour, so let us keep our eyes fixed on Him. The end time Prophesies are being fulfilled, Pray an seek God's Forgiveness that he will keep us safe until we meet him in Glory

dd 4 years ago

Hmm!!! God save has.

dd 4 years ago

Hmm!!! God save has.

the beast 3 years ago

This is beyond retarded. Absolutely zero objective analysis. Guess you cant expect much from a group of people who believe blindly in a book written thousands of years ago by other ignorant folks. Oh well, guess its time for me to engage in some pre marital sex, drugs and satan worship. Have fun making stupid connections that dont exist.

SINDI 2 years ago

LETS PRAY FOR THEM TO SEE THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ha, It feels good to be awake
    Ha, It feels good to be awake
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